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Three Hundred Copies 

of this Book have teen printed and tJie^ 

type then distributed. 




Catalogue Raisonne 





{lion. Secretary Soc, Roi. in Angliti). 

VOL. I. 

IRostcructan Books, 




(M, W, Supreme Magus Soc, Bos, in Anglia), 

%ont>on : 


19 03. 

Printed by GREEN, UMFUS <&• CO., 254a, High Holbom, Lo$idoHy M'.C. 



» I 

f I 

N bringing before the public a work pf this description I feel it 
necessary to say a few words by way of Preface. The n^me 
of " Rosicrucian " d!oes not appear to have been known 
until the commencement of the Seventeenth Century, when Europe 
was beginning to emergie from the depths of the intellectual dark- 
fiess of the middle ^ge^o The Reformers, notably^ C^vii) and Luther, 
had to a great exteijt ,brjpk^n up the ground preparatory, to a new 
■era. This welcopji^, change did not, however, prevec^t religious 
fanatics of m^ny^rts from trading on the credulity o( thp masses, 
as is- witnessed, by the number of quacks who extorted money 
under the pretence of being able to tell fortunes, and to perform 
transmutation, even by means of a compact with the evil one. It 
seemed as though a horde: of], sharpers was let loose, and they gulled 
people in a wholesale ijj^nner. Things were in tjii^ state when in 
the year 1614 two anonynaous pamphlets appeared,^ the one called 
The Universal and General Reformation of the whole wide Worlds 
a,nd the oiher The Fatna Fraterni talis ^ or Brotherhood of the Praise- 
worthy order of the Rosicrucians^ a message to the Governments^ 
Nobk^yflnd Scientists of Europe, These work? caused an immense 
excitement, and were translated into several languages ; a large 
number of pamphlets were circulated in reply, and the whole of 
Christendom was stirred to its utmost depths. This state of things 
,w.ent on for some considerable time, and finally seemed to exhaust 
itself ; but curiously enough fresh evidences of interest in Rosicrur 
<:ianism crop out at intervals. In the Encyclopedia Metropolitana it i$ 
stated definitely that in 1630 there was a London College of Rosi- 
<:rucians. Another remarkable instance occurs in the work No. 132^ 
by a Count Eckhoffen, who wrote under the Pseudonym^ of Fianco 


and Phcebron ; in this work a very important Folding Table appears ; 
this was translated into English and published by Kenneth Macken- 
zie in his now scarce work The Royal Masonic Cyclopedia (p. 617), 
it contains the full details of an order based upon Rosicrucian design. 
JTit Places of Assembly^ Consulates^ Countries^ Symbols , etc., are 
given, and the contents of the work reveal to my mind sufficient 
evidence that about 1750 sucK an Order undoubtedly existed, and 
was worked on Kabalistic lines. In further confirmation of this 
actual existence of the Order I must refer my readers to an 
article that appeared in a German publication called The Sphinx^ 
published at Brunswick, and a translation of which appeared in the 
TheosophiU^ for April, 1886 ; it is written by a certain Karf 
Kisewftter^ who states that be found amongst his great grandfather's 
papers documents shewing that he was the then Imperator of a 
Rosicrucian Lodge (1769) ; he goes on to say that in 1792 ft was 
derided to release the Brethren from their oath of secrecy, and to 
destroy the Library and the Archives, Whether this was done or 
not, there is no evidence forthcomfng, but he dwells at length on 
the ** innumerable secret arts with which the Rosicnicians were 
acquainted/' In the present day we have an organisation of 
Masonic Students, who are joined together under the title of 
^ySocietas Rosicruciana in Anglia** and whose ramifications extend 
to Germany, and abroad to India and the United States of 
America, and in whose service I have the honour to be Secretary to* 
the Supreme Council, and of wWdi my worthy colleague, Dr. W. 
Wynn Westcott, is M.W. Supreme MagUs. We have a number of 
earnest and thoughtful students and Literati in our ranks. 
Considering alt of the collected evidence it is certainly a fact that 
the Rosicrucians did exist. They did work Lodges, and were in 
possession of knowledge that was not accessible to the man in the 
street; neither did they adopt the modern scientific method of 
making every discovery public property, the propriety of which 
many even now question. They evidently adopted high ideals, as- 
they worked unselfishly for the good of the world and accepted 
no remuneration for so doing; they made no display from 
motives of vanity,, and worked unknown and unostentatiously^ 
leading quiet and secluded lives, secure in their own knowledge 
which was not to be obtained by any but woithy people. This- 


knowledge wjs also not to be purchased for mohey^ but descended 
ffom lovers of the Hermetic art to others who tl%d in the same foot- 
steps. " We wrap ourselves in mystery," says one, "in order to avoid 
the censure and violent importunity of those who r^ard us as no 
philosofi^ers but wanting in common prudence, except we employ 
oar knowledge to some worthy use and profit." Whether as some 
writers suggest, this knowledge has descended from the Ancient 
Philosophers of Egypt, the Chaldseans, the Persian Magi, or the 
GymnQsipphists^ofiliittia, it hardly, falls <-wuhin my province to dis- 
cuss, but I may mention en passant that the Rose and Cross are 
Symbols of Great Antiquity — the former was dedicated to Vcpus as 
the Symbol of Secrecy and Immortality and is sacred both in Life 
and Religion ; the latter according to the Christians is well known 
to typify Salvation ; but it is of much greater antiquity than 
Christianity, and amongst the ancient Egyptians it symbolised 
^* Life." According to Masonic Tradition it was foreshadowed in 
King Solomon's Temple ; again the Rose and Cross combined 
were the badge of a Knight Templar. Robert Fludd or his friends 
who wrote the *' Summum Bonum "state its meaning to be ^ the 
Cross sprinkled by the rosy blood of The Christ,** which is a purely 
religious illustration. Again there is the Rose of Sharon, and 
amongst the Indians, the Mystical Rose is continually met with in 
legends ; so that we may have to look to the East for its origin. 
Lord Beaconsfield declared that the Secret Societies and the Papacy 
were the only two Institutions endowed with permanency ; and this 
is possibly the reason why the latter has always been so persistent 
in its intense hatred of the former. In fact any Order that is 
possessed of real Occult knowledge is hated by the Church of Rome, 
which brooks no rivals ; its history is one of unrelentless cruelty and 
spiritual despotism ; its pathway is strewn with the human wrecks 
whom it has used as its tools in the service of its restless ambition ; 
power was its one goal, and achievement was desired irrespective 
of cost; the end alone justifying the means. 

As in the present day I have no desire to perpetuate the 
follies of the middle ages, nor to suggest to anyone the necessity of 
yielding up his freedom of thought and will to any Imperator, 
Magister, or to the Chief of any secret society, however high sound- 
ing and high falutinga title may be assumed, rightly or wrongly ;so 


I think it advisable at thip !poij!ft.-to caution any would-be; aspirant 
in mysticism agaiiftt$f$f|i5rfeich I. kiiow to be current at the 
present dayi,^ . Ce^taifiquaSj Secret Orders, which pretend to 
impart -^cult knowtedg«i)>r^irt -which possibly , do possess some 
sligb,t.j aualificajt;i9n5. $ufl|Qientif,to.::ius^ify their existence, are 
used^sijij^lyj^St^ •mea.DSQf pb^ainijig ntoney. I am infor^ned on 
<:redible atl^hpnity th^t. the daughter of an English nobleman 
recently applied, lor admission to such a society as J have described, 
and after .itkei ceremony had taken place: itbQ chief had the 
i^udacity ; t(J\;i[lemand a sunrt; of money approaching fiy^ and 
twenty pourtqk ; fortunately ...bath .-ihe mother and daughter were 
not such pigeons as theyi were /supposed to be, and J, do. not 
suppose they troubled the> gentleman again. I merely mentip;) ibis 
case to impress upon my readers the fact that true Rosiqrliiq-i^ns 
have always taught *'\That JDivine wisdom is. .not to be ti^^ht^ 
nor sold fir private gain'^ l>y^\i\\ regard the*' compilation of 
this catalogue, I may say that I have been collecting books on 
Rosicrucianism and other, :niysticalriiubjects for upwards of twenty 
iive years, and , consequently possess a library of some magnitude*- 
The volumes here* catalogued Uiat I do not possess, and which 
I was. unable to obtain at the British Museum, I have chiefly 
taken '/from that excellent though now exceedingly scarce work 
by J^^. George Kloss^ " Bibliographie der Freimaurerei^^ published 
at Frankfurt am Maine, A.D. 1844 ; it is indeed a store-house of 
Masonic literature and it also contains a great number of Rosi- 
<:rucian works. Owing to the rarity of the Kloss Catalogue, 
coupled with the fact that there were a large number of other 
Rosicrucian works scattered in various places, I thought it would 
be useful, and in fact a necessity for our descendants to be able 
to' refer to a work such as this of mine, in which I have 
endeavoured to collect in one volume the titles of all the literature, 
of this subject. I do not pretend to say that it is complete* 
and I shall be very grateful to any of my literary coadjutors for. 
any hints and corrections they may think fit to make, for use in 
any future editions ; but as hitherto no such work as this has beclq, 
available, I thought I could not do better than set to work and 
present this Catalogue .in its present fornu 

I should like to say a word as regards its arrangement I have 


endeavoured to adopt the method employed by our National Library, 
and have arranged the books under authors' names, but where 
only initials have been used I have taken these in full and placed 
them under the first initial ; where any book fails to fall under either 
of these categories I have taken the first word of the actual title, 
discarding all small articles ; again where there have been a number 
of works written by some authors such as '* Robert Fludd," 
" Michael Maier," " Thomas Vaughan," &c., I have arranged 
their particular works according to chronological order, because of 
the special interest attached to any particular controversy which these 
writers may have had with any opponent, such as was frequently the 
case. Kloss has adopted this latter plan entirely in his work ; but 
this renders reference to any particular author exceedingly difficult ; 
whereas by following my method you can turn up any author or 
work at once without trouble. 

In conclusion I trust to merit the grateful memory of book 
lovers in the future, for having collected in a permanent form the 
hitherto scattered fragments of a literature that embodies the beliefs 
and ideals of the older Rosicrucians which are cherished by a small 
but select group of thinkers on this most interesting subject in the 
present day. 


14, Marlborough Road, 


London, W. 




npHE history of the Rosicrucian Fraternityt the date and manner 
of its origin, and the peculiar doctrines and pursuits of its 
members have always been subjects of the greatest interest to siich 
literary men as find a charm in tracing the developments of genius 
along what are now considered somewhat erratic lines. 

The proceedings of those societies which are credited with the 
pursuit of a knowledge of the Occult world, of magic and of alchemy, 
in secret assemblies and with solemn ceremonials, have always 
attracted certain students who fiiil to find full satisfaction in the pur- 
suits of common life, and the subjects of general literature. 

The Rosicrucian Fraternity was brought to public notice in 
Germany by means of two tractates, the " Fama Fratemitatis," and 
the ^* Confessio Fraternitatis,'' which were printed at Cassel in 1614 
and 161 5. 

The former work, the '^ Fama," narrates the history (or as some 
critics say — ^the myth) of the fouhding of the Fraternity by one 
Christian Rosenkreuz, who appears to have been born circa 1378, 
and who was educated in a monastery^ He is said to have started 
upon a tour in the Holy Land as companion to a learned monk, his 
master and teacher. This brother died in Cyprus, but Christian 
Rosenkreuz continued his travels, visiting many countries, of which 
the Holy Land and Damascus, Egypt and Fez are mentioned, and 
sought out in every place " such as were learned." In this manner 
he gained great wisdom, and studied the ancient Chaldean religion, 
tne theology and ms[gic of Egypt, the philosophies of Alexandria, and 
the Kabalah of the Hebrew rabbis. 

From Africa he returned by way of Spain to his native land — 
Germany, and there settled down to form a society of learned men, to 


which he might impart the resuhs of his long and laborious researches 
in foreign lands. The narrative goes on to say that he first chose 
three fratres, in the year 1408, and with their aid a dwelling and 
temple for the home of the new Society was erected and named 
•* Domus Sancti Spiritus." ' I TV 

These fratres, under the tuition of C. R., wrote a Dictionary of his 
occult lore, and composed a ritual of instruction called the Book M. 

In 1410 tour more fratres were admitted to the private studies and 
practical researches of the Society. Peace and prosperity appear to- 
have blessed the new venture, and after a time of probation some 
fratres went away on travels of benevolence, using healing arts and - 
comforting the afflicted. . u;;'. . 

In view of his approaching death^^ahd wheh of great age, C. R.. 
designed a Vault for the reception of his remains. He collected 
in it all manner of symbols representing the hidden truths of 
nature, and the occult relations of the planets and stars to man ;. 
and many marvellous devices. Above all, it is noted that " into 
this Vault the sun shineth not, yet was it illuminated by another 
light placed in the flat heptagorial ceiling." 

In the year 1459 was written ^byC. R. the extraordinary volume, 
entitled the Chymische" Hochzeit, or "The Hermetic Romance of 
the Chymical Wedding." 

In 1484, the Founder, Christian Rosenkreuz died, fulL of years and 
honour, and was buried by the survivors of the early adepts in a 
private manner in the Vault so long prep^lred for his body. C. R. 
appears to have wished that this Vault • s{i6uld remain closed 
for one hundred and twenty years, after the expiry of which time, if 
the Society survived; the Vault was to be opened, the existence of 
the Society declared? arid a fuller admission of students to member- 
ship should be invited. 

This long period passed away; the. Universality of Catholicism 
had been wrecked, and the Reformed religion had become notable \. 
the Vault Was opened, and the embalmed body with its curious sur-^ 
roundings Svas displayed to view. 

The survivors, or their nominee, who is now generally thought to 
be Valentine Andrea, a German theologian and mystic, published the 
** F^ma " to the worid ; and next year republished the ** Fama " with 
the " Confessio." This latter tract explains the aims of the Society^ 


mi?ny ofits doetrifife' and 'its attitude to the outside tsrorld, and gives 
the prifti^y Allies. ' ^*^ i> ;.: . 

TWe^^Fama" Viiews Cfcrtstianity as contrasted with Paganism' and 
Mohammedanism, while the " Confessio " adopts the views (3rf the 
Reformed Lutheran religion. 

The publication qf these fwo works caused a- storm among the 
learned ; intense interest was excited, and the land was* flooded with 
pamphlets, /some written against the possibility of the existence of 
the Fraternity and others loudly welcoming the foundation of such a 
home of learning and benevolence. 

Do these works refer to a myth, or do they narrate a history > 
Each alternative has been supported by men of great eminence, but 
no final decision has been arrived at ; no Domus Sancti Spiritus has- 
even been seen by the uninitiated ; that much is certain ; but how 
many persons were received into the Society no one can say. AU< 
that can be stated is that from 1616 onward there have been always- 
some persons who claimed to be Adepts of the Rosicrucian Fraternity. 
Some few of them have issued printed works relating to Rosicrucian 
subjects ; others have signed themselves with the official motto, 
R. C, and others appear to have written in defence of the Society 
anonymously, or under the guise of a Latin Motto. 

The Soc. Ros., in Anglia is composed of Freemasons alone, 
and derives its title from some descendants of the older Rosicrucian s- 
of Germany ; it does not profess Magic, nor claim the possession of 
the Philosopher's Stone ; but ** The aim of the Society is to afford 
mutual aid and encouragement in working out the great problems of 
Life, and in searching out the Secrets of Nature ; to facilitate the 
study of the system of Philosophy founded upon the Kabalah and the 
doctrines of Hermes Trismegistus, which was inculcated by the 
original Fratres Rosae Crucis, of Germany, a.d. 1450 ; and to inves- 
tigate the meaning and symbolism of all that now remains of the 
wisdom, art and literature of the ancient world.'* 

It numbers about five hundred members, who carry out, so far as. 
may be, the objects of the Society. On their behalf primarily, and 
for the assistance of literary men in general, my Frater Gardner has 
taken very great pains to make this Catalogue of Rosicrucian books, 
a most arduous task, but one after his own heart. 

The Catalogue will be of the greatest use, not only to those^ 


interested in the recondite studies of the Roticrucians^ but also to the 
student of Freemasonry, for it is to the tenets and dicta of the Roci^ 
cnicianf, that many Masonic authorities look for the source of much 
of Masonic ritual and symboliBm. 

Wm. WYNN WESTCOTT, M.B., Univ. London, 

IX*. S.M. of the Soc Rosic, in Anglia, 

P.M., P.Z., P.G.D., JO*. 



^-•♦•— <- 

1 A, 0, M, T. W- Fraternitatis Rosatae Crucis Con- 

fessio Recepta das ist Kurtzer nicht anwolmeinender 
doch griindlicher Discurs betreffend fiirnemlich der 
Fratrum, R.C. . . . von A. O. M. T. W. Besondern 
Liebhaber auch numehr studioso der pur lautern so wol 
Theologiae als Theosophiae. 8vo. 1617 

Colin tion 88 pp. 

2 A. 0. M. T. W. Synopsis qua Fraternitas r.c. 

generalissime adumbrata est in hoc tractatu. One quarto 
sheet. 16 17 

3 A. W. B, D. S. F, Colloquium Rhodostauroticum 

das 1st Gesprach dreyer Personen an der vor wenig 
Jahren durch die Fatnam et Confessionem etlicher massen 
geoffenbarten Fraternitet des Rosen Creuzes. • i2mo 
N.P., 162 1 

Collation 134 pp. 

4 AbSChiedsrede eines Bruders wahrer und achter 

Maurerei alten Systems, gehalten am Ende des gegenwar- 
tigen Decenniums. 8vo. (Leipzig, Bohme), Philadelphia, 
1787 — Collation (iv) 93 pp. — Eine Abh iiber diese 
neuenR.K. steht im deutschen Zuschauer. Band PV., 1787. 

5 Ad Fratres Virtute illustres nee non doctrina 

sapientes po8ocravp(c Epistola per Sadrach, Misach, 
Abednego, Pegasum, Aristaeum, Serpentarium exarata, 
4to. N.P., 1 616 

Collation 8 pp. 

6 [Aegidius (Gutmann)] Offenbarung Gottlicher 

majestat darinnen angezeigt wird, Wie Gott der Herr. 
AufangHch, sich alien seinen Geschopffcn mit Worten und 
Wercken geoffenbaret. . . 4to. (Frankfurt) J. W. Dasch, 
1619 (Another Edition, Amsterdam, 1675) 

Collation Part I (x-xviii) 530 (xiii) pp. ; Part TI 514 (xv) pp. 

2 Bibliotheca Rosicruciana. 

WORKS by AGNOSTUS (IrensBus). 

7 Fortalium Scientiae das ist die unfehlbare volkom- 

meliche unerschazliche Kunst aller Kunsten und magna- 
lien, welche alien wurdigen. . . . hocher leuchte Bruder- 
schafft des Rosencreuzes zu eroffnen gesandt, &c. 8vo. 
(13 August, 1617), 1618 

Collation 45 pp. 

8 Clypeum Veritatis das ist Kurtze jedoch Grundliche 

Antvvort. . . auff alle und jede schrifften und Missiven 
welche an und wider die hochlobliche seelige Fraternitet 
dess Rosencreutzes bisshero in offendlichen Truck gegeben 
und ausgesprengt worden, etc. 8vo. (21 Febr.) 1618 

Collation 77 pp. 

9 Speculum Constantiae, das ist eine nohtwendige 

vermahnung an die jenige, so ihre Namen bereits bei der 
heiligen, gebenedeiten Frat. dess R.C. angegeben. . . Meh- 
rentheils auff den ^^ Speck auff der Fair' (vide Art. 
Christophorius) so wider diese Frat aussgangen gerichtet. 
8vo. (5 August), 161 8 

Collation 40 pp. 

10 Fons Gratiae das ist Kurtze Anzeyg und Bericht 
wenn zu welcher Zeit unnd Tag dfer jenigen so von der 
heiligen gebenedeyten Fraternitet dess Rosen-Creutzes zu 
Mitbrudern auffgenommen. 8vo. (i Januar), 1619. 
(The Author subscribes himself as Indigus Notarius) 

Collation 37 pp. 

1 1 Thesaurus Fidei das ist Ein notv^rendiger Bericht 

und Verwarnung an die Novitios oder junge angehende 
Discipel welche von der hochloblichen gesegneten Frat. 
des R.C. auff und angenommen, etc. 8vo. (2 Martii), 

Collation 36 pp. 

12 Frater non Prater das ist eine hochnothdtirstige 

verwarnung an die Gottselige fromme Discipul der H. 
gebenedeyten Societet des R.C. das sie sich fiir den 
falschen Briidern und Propheten fleissig vorsehen so 
. unter dem Namen und Deckmantel wohlermelter gesellsch 
afft ad S.S. in der welt herumbstreichen. 8vo. N.P. 
(16 Marz), 1619 

Collation 40 pp. 
At the end of the 3 preceding works and also the one entitled " Epidmia 
Fr. R.C," appears to be a separate tract (although bound up and included 
in the pagination) by F. G. MenapiuSy it is suggested that this Pseudonym 
together with those of ** Schweighardt " " Agnostus (1.) " ** Valentia " and 
**Alberti" are those used indiscriminately by Andreas (J. V.) nnd his 
friends ; it is certainly a curious fact that two of these pseudo authors 
should issue works bearing both of their signatures whereas no one else 
appears to have done so. 

Bibliotheca Rosicruciana. 3 

13 Tintinnabulum Sophorum das ist Fernere grund- 

liche entdeckung der gottfeligen gesegneten Briider- 
schaft dess lobl O. des R.C. Mehrertheils wider Hisaiam 
sub cruce Atlieniensem, so wider das Seculum {sic) Con- 
stantiae sehr spottisch und narrisch geschrieben, gerichtet. 
8vo. (13 June), (Nurenberg S. Halbmeyer), 1619 

Collation 48 pp. 
A reply to Wehe's pamphlet vide No. 572. 

14 Regula Vitae das ist eine heylsame ntizliche und 

nohtwendige Erinnerung an die Jenige welche nach der 
hochberiimbten Tugendhafften Frat. des R.C. ein sehnli- 
ches. . . . 8vo. Dordrecht ([6 August), 1619 

Collation 40 pp. 

15 Epitimia Fr. R.C. das ist Endliche Offenbahrung 
oder entdeckung und verrbindigung des hoch Ordens des 
R.C. i2mo. Staden bei Friedberg (25 August), 16 19 

Collation 46 pp. 

16 Vindiciae Rhodostauroticae das ist Warhaffter 

gegenbericht der Gottseeligen Frat. des R.C. 8vo. (5 
Sept.), 1619 

Collation 47 pp. 

17 Apologia F.R.c. das ist Kurtze jedoch wahrhafte 

und wohlbegriindte Ablehnung aller der Beschuldigung 
... (21 October, 16 19). 8vo. (Niirnberg), 1620 

Collation 72 pp. 

18 Prodromus Fr.R.c. das ist ein vorgeschmack und 

beylauffige Anzeig der grossen aussfuhrlichen Apologi 
welche baldt folgen soil gegen und wider den Zaubrecher 
und Fabelprediger Hisaiam sub Cruce, durch I. Agnos- 
tum. 8vo. (13 April), 1620 

Collation no pp. 

19 Liber T. oder Portus Tranquillitatis das ist ein 
herrlicher trostreicher Bericht von dem hochsten gut 
welches diejenige so von Babstumb abgewichen und 
in den Orden und das Collegium des R.C. auffgenommen 
worden, diese kurtze Zeit iiber erlangt und bekommen 
haben, durch I. Agnostum. 8vo. (20 Julius), 1620 

Collation 55 pp. 

20 Albrecht (H. C.) Geheime Geschichte eines 
. Rosencreuzers aus seiiien eigenen Papieren. Illustrated, 
8vo. Hamburg, 1792 

Collation (x) 294 pp. 

Contains a mystical plate of the alphabet purporting to have been used by 
the order. This work is really a criticism on other works that have 
hitherto appeared. 

4 Bibliotheca Rosicruciana. 

21 Alchymistisches Bruchstuck aus der Verlassen- 

schaft eines verstorbnen Mitglieds des ordens der Rosen 
und Goldnen-Creuzer. 8vo. Leipzig, Beygang, 1788 

Collation 93 pp. 

WORKS by ANDREAS (J. Valentine). 

22 AUgemeine und General- Reformation der ganzen 

weiten Welt. Beneben der Fama Fratemitatis des 
loblichen Ordens des Rosenkreuzes an alle Gelehrte und 
Htiupter Europa geschrieben. Aucheinerkurtzen Respon^ 
sion von dem Herrn Haselmeyer gestellt, jetzo ofTentlich 
in Druck verfertiget, und alien trewen Hertzen commtt- 
niciret worden. 8vo. Gedruckt zu Cassel durch 
Wilhelm Wessel, 16 14 

Collation 147 pp. 

23 Allgemeine und General Reformation der ganzen 

weiten Welt. Beneben der haina Fratemitatis des 
loblichen Ordens des Rosenkreuzes an alle Gelehrte 
und Haupter Europa geschrieben. Auch einer kurzen 
Responsion von dem Herrn Haselmeyer gestellet welcher 
deswegen von den Jesuitern ist gefanglich eingezogen 
und auff eine Galleen geschmiedet : Jetzo offentlich 
in Druck verfertiget, und alien trewen Hertzen commu- 
niciret worden. 8vo. Erstlich Gedruckt zu Cassel Im 
Jahr, 1614 

Collation 152 pp. 

This was the first work put forward by Andreas, and which caused all the 
stir and excitement as witnessed by the number of pamphlets, etc., which 
deluged Europe in general and Germany in particular for a considerable 
time afterwards. According to Herder this must have circulated in MSS. 
sometime previously because Hasselmeier in the Tyrol had seen and read 
it in 1610 and replied to it in 1612. 

The ** Universal Reformation" is a literal translation of a work by an Italian 
"Boccalini" (vide Article) ** De Ragguagli di Parnasso," 1612, this had 
no connection with the R.c. order, but was merely bound up with the 
Fama ; as regards the Confessio this was not issued until A.D. 16 15 (vide 
next two items). The above works were the two first printed editions, 
their titles vary slightly but the contents are similar. 

24 Fama Fratemitatis. Beneben der Confession 
oder Bekanntnuss derselben Fraternitat, an alle Gelehrte 
und Haupter in Europa geschrieben, auch etlichen Re- 
sponsionen und Antwortungen von Herrn Haselmeyrn 
und andern gelerten Leuten auff die Fainam gestellet, 
Sampt einem Discurs von allg Reformation der gantzen 
Welt. Itzo von vielen Erraten cntledigt, etc., Frankfurt am 
Mayn durch Joh. Bringern in verlegung Joh. Berners, 
8vo, 1615 

Collation 216 pp, 

Bibliotheca Rosicruciana. 5 

25 Fama Fraternitatis, r.c. Das ist Geriicht der 

Briiderschaft des hochloblichen ordens des R.C. an alle 
Gelehrte und Haupter Europa. Benebst derselben Lateini- 
schen Confession welche vorhin in Druck noch nie ausge- 
gangen nuhnmehr aber auff vielfaltiges anfrangen 
zusampt deren beigefiigten Teutschen Version, in druck 
gegeben, von einem Philomago. 8vo. Cassel Wilh. 
Wessell, 161 5 

Collation iii pp. 

In these two works we now have the addition of the Confessio which in the 
words of my worthy coUaborateur Dr. Westcott contains " Lutheran views 
as contrasted with those of Roman Catholicism whereas the Fama treats 
of the form of Christianity as contrasted with Pagan Worship, there being 
no reference to the Reformed Church whatever." This is very significant 
and is a point that has hitherto been overlooked by all the Critics. 

Another edition appeared in A.D. 1616, Frankfurt, on the title page of which 
one finds "first printed at Cassel in the year 1616" which we know to 
be wrong. The excitement was so great that the work now ran through 
several editions, some omitting the Reformation and inserting fresh matter 
of their own until the old editions having become scarce during the last 
century Frederic Nicolai of Berlin undertook the reprinting of it in 1 78 1, 
inserting however the date 1681 instead, and to complicate matters still 
further, omitted Berlin and inserted Regensburg (vide Article No. 49, 
" Authentische Geschichte, etc.") where a number of similar books 
had been printed. Another edition of the Fama was issued in 1827, 
with the Confessio at Frankfurt on the Maine. Collation (xii) 95 pp. 
(See also Article ** Gabella " and " Fama," etc.) 

26 Chjrmische Hochzeit Christiani Rosenkreutz 
anno 1459 — Four different 8vo Editions appeared in this 
year, viz. — Original Edition, Strasburg, published by 
Lazarus Zetzners, 1616, printer's note at end, "printed 
by Conrad Scher, 1616'' — Second Edition, Same title, 
without printer's note at end " printed by*' — Third Edition, 
Strasburg, published by L. Zetzners, Erben, 16 16, at end 
by Conrad Scher, 16 16. This Edition was again printed 
with a vignette title of an Alchemical Figure, and the 
words " Erstlich Gedruck zu Strasburg (first printed at 
Strasburg), 161 6" 

Collation, the first, second and fourth editions, consist of 146 pp., the third 
edition of 143 pp. 

Another edition was issued by Nicolai of Berlin, dated Regenspurg,'i78i. 

Collation 173 pp. 

I have placed this work under Andreas as the generally accepted Author, or 
at all events the person responsible for its publication ; to some it is a 
fable and a school boy's romance, to others it contains sublime Hermetic 
Truths of a very high order. I wonder how many of its readers are able 
to decipher the i^nigma contained therein, 

27 The Hermetic Romance, or The Chymical 

Wedding, written in High Dutch by C R., translated by 
E. Foxcroft, late Fellow of King's Colledge in Cambridge, 
licensed and entered according to order, printed by A. 
Sowle at the Crooked Billet in Holloway Lane, Shore- 

6 Bibliotheca Rosicruciana, 

ditch, and sold at the Three Kyes in Nags Head Court, 
Grace Church Street, 1690 

Collation 226 pp. 
The first English translation that has appeared of this work, it has been 
reprinted in A. E. Waites' " Real History of the Rosicrucians." 

28 InvitatiO Fraternitatis Christi, ad sacri amoris 

Candidates. i2mo. Argentorati, L. Zetzner, 1617 
(another edition, Argent, 1626) 

Collation 81 pp. 

29 Invitationis ad Fraternitatem Christi (pars altera) 
Paraenetica. 12 mo. Argentorati, L. Zetzner, 16 18 

Collation 67 pp. 

30 MenippuS sive Dialogorum Satyricorum centuria 

inanitatem nostratium speculum. In Grammatticorum 
gratiam castigatum, etc. i2mo. Helicone, 1617 (Ano- 
ther Edition, Cosmopoli, 1618. Collation 250 pp.) 

Collation 284 pp. 

31 Mythologiae Christianae sive virtutum et vitio- 
rum vitae humanae imaginum Lib. III. i2mo. Argen- 
torati, L. Zetzner (1619) 

Collation (xxiv) 352 (vii). 
We see here in this and the preceding work, the attitude of Andreas's mind 
when he began to endeavour to stem the tide of public opinion that he 
had aroused, even to the extent of denying the existence of the order, as 
he states that it is purely imaginary. 

32 Reipublicae Christianopolitanae Descriptio. 

i2mo. Argentorati, L. Zetzner, 16 19 

Collation (ii) 220 (i) pp. 

33 Turris Babel sive Judiciorum de Fraternltate 

Rosaceae Crucis Chaos. Svo. Argentorati, L. Zetzniri, 

Collation 72 pp. 
This work was published by our same author. He signs the preface 
with his initials and dedicates the book to D. Heinricus Heinius of 
Rostock, he states that the whole history was nonsense and says that he 
himself was responsible for starting the movement ; of course he refers to 
the " Fama and Confessio " the immense amount of attention and the 
number of replies it called forth ; but it appears to me that the hubbubs 
that was caused by the issuing of the Fama^ etc., exceeded his expectations 
and he endeavoured to allay it by publishing this work, as he says in it 
" Listen ye mortals. In vain do you wait for the coming of the Brotherhood, 
the Comedy is at an end, etc.," but this did not have the effect he desired 
as many were dissastified with this explanation, ai^d the excitement con- 
tinued for long after, judging from the literature that followed. 

34 Turbo sive moleste et frustra per Cuncta Di- 

vagans ingenium, in theatrum productum. i2mo. 
Helicone, juxta Parnassum, 1616 et 1621 

/ Collation (iv) 188 pp. 

35 Encyclopedie (La Grande) edited by F. Camille 

Dreyfus, Vol II, Paris. 4to. Now publishing. Vide 
Article,/. V, Andreae. 

Bibliotheca Rosicruciana. 7 

36 Antwort der Hochw und Hocherl Bruderschaft 
dess R.C. auff etzlichen an sie ergangene Schreiben, etc. 
8vo. 1617 

Collation 48 pp. 

37 Antwort oder Sendtbrlef an die .... vom r.c. 
auff ihre Famam unnd Confesion (sic) der Fraternitet. 
8vo. Amsterdam, 4 Sept., 161 5 

Collation 4 pp. 

38 Anweisung des rechten Wegs zu der Frat. des 

R.C. neben einer treuhertzigen Warnung an alle und jede, 
so bishero der Frat. . . das sie sich fur falsche Brlider. . . 
huten sollen. 4to. Frankfurt, W. Richter, 16 16 

39 Apocrisis seu responsio legitima ad Famam lau- 

datissimam Frat. ac Soc. R.C. 4to. 1614. (Collation 
21 pp.) Another Edition. 8vo. Francofurti, Geo. 
Tampach, 16 14 

40 Apocrisis . . . cum Confessione et Litteris quor- 
undam, Fraternitati se dare volentibus. 4to. Franco- 
furti, 161 5 

41 Archiv fur Freimaurer und Rosenkreuzer. 2 vols, 

8vo. Berlin, A. Mylius, 1783 

Collation, Vol I (iv) 474 pp. ; Vol II (xvi) 447 pp. 

A reprint of some of the choicest works including the Reformation, Fama, 

" In the posthumous writings of M. C. Hirschen, pastor at Eissleben, it has 
been found that John Arnd informed him in confidence as a near friend 
and former colleague how he had been told by John Valentine Andrea — 
also subrosa — that he namely Andrea, with thirty others in Wurtemberg 
had first sent forth the Fama FraternitatiSy that under this screen they 
might learn the judgment of Europe therein, as also what lovers of true 
wisdom lay concealed here and there, and would then come forward" 

42 Arnold (Gottfrid) Unparteyische Kirchen und 

Ketzer Historie vom anfang des Neuen Testaments biss 
auff das jahr Christi, 1688, etc. In 4 parts, folio. Franck- 
furt am Main, Thos. Fritsch, 1700 — 17x5 

In the fourth part page 899, Arnold adduces some conclusive evidence as to 
Andrea being the person responsible for the sending forth of the * * Fama 
Fraternitatis." He also adopts the view that the order .existed before 
A.D. 1600, vide Book ii p. 245. 

43 [ArthusiuS (Gotthardus of Dantzig)] Ein ander 

Sendschreiben an die AUerseligste Fraternitet dess 
gewundschten Rosen-Creutzes, Unterzeichnet : zu den 
Franken Anfurt den letzten November 16 14 

44 [Ashmole (Elias)] Fasciculus Chemicus or Chymi- 

cal Collections expressing the Ingress, Progress and 
Egress, of the secret Hermetic Science out of the choicest 
and most famous Authors, whereunto is added the 

8 Bibliotheca Rosicruciana. 

Arcanum or Grand Secret of Hermetic Philosophy, both 
made English by James Hasolle, Esq,, qui est Mercurio- 
philus AngHcus, fine mystical plate, 8vo. London, R. 
Mynne at the sign of St. Paul in Little Britain, 1650 

Collation (I) 268 pp. 
Halkett and Laing {Anon Dicy.) state that their copy (Bodleian Library) has 
the word " Grant {sic) Secret " : my copy has " Grand " this is interesting 
as evidently the first edition contained tnis misprint. The Arcanum has a 
separate title page, and the whole of this is a translation of Jean 
D'Espagnet's Hermetic Arcanum (vide Art) although Ashmole fails to 
acknowledge it. This was his first work on Hermeticism and probably 
was inspired by Wm, IMly^ the Mystic, whose acquaintance he first made 
in November, 1646, and whom he refers to in eulogistic terms of praise. 

45 Ashmole (Elias) Theatrum Chemicum Britanni- 

cum, containing severall Poetical Pieces of our famous 
English Philosophers who have written the Hermetique 
Mysteries in their owne Ancient Language, faithfully 
collected into one volume, with annotations thereon. 4to. 
London, Nat. Brooke at the Angel in Cornhill, 1651 

Collation (xvi) 486 (viii). 
A most important collection of Alchemical tracts, including Thos. Norton's 
Ordinall of Alchemy, G. Ripley's Compound of Alchemie, Dr. John Dee's 
Testament, etc., etc., it is embellished with several very finely engraved 
plates and cuts of a mystical character, engraved by Vaughan, also a 
table at page 118 which is frequently missing, it states that this figure 
conteynes all the secrets of the treatise both great and small. In the 
preface he complains of the scant honour the Fraires of the R.C. receive at 
the hands of their countrymen, instancing the cures done to the Earl of 
Norfolk of leprosie, and Queen Elizabeth twice of the small pox by two of 
the Fratres. He then goes on to compare the warm reception they receive 
at the hands of Foreigners, instancing Maierus, Combachius, Faber, etc. 
This is one of the most important works we possess in the English language 
on this subject. Ashmole obtained his Hermetic knowledge of the 
Philosopher's Stone from Mr. William Backhouse of Swallowfield, Berks., 
as in his diary he says : May 13th, 1653 : " My father Backhouse being 
ill unto death told me in syllables the true matter of the Philosopher's 
Stone which he bequeathed to me as a legacy." 

46 Ashmole (Elias) The Way to Bliss, in three 

Books, made public by E. A., qui est Mercuriophilus 
Anglicus. 4to. London, Nat. Brook at the Angel in 
Cornhill, 1658 

Collation (vi) 220. 

A work on Long Life, the Hermetic Medicine and Philosopher's Stone* 
Richard Saunders who was contemporary with Ashmole dedicates 
his large work on " Chiromancy," 167 1, to the " Universally-Learned Elias 

47 AssertiO» Fr. r.c. a quodam Fraternitatis ejus 
focio, carmine expressa. 4to. Francofurti, 1615 

48 Assertion oder Bestatigung der Fraternitet r.c, 

welche man dess R.C. nennet von einem derselben Fra- 
ternitet Mitgesellen in Latein versen beschrieben und 
deni Ueutschen Leser zuni bcsten in dieses Deutsche 

Bibliotheca Rosicruciana. 9 

schlecht iibersetzt (B.M.J. , 22 Sep. 1614). 8vo. Dantzig 
A. Hiinefeldt 

Collation 14 pp. 
This was republished with No. 530 (vide Tscnirnessus) in 1617, at Dantzig. 

49 Authentische Geschichte des B ruder Gordians 

eines vorgeblichen abgesandten des hohen Ordens der 
Rosenkreuzer zu Grundlegung einer Kolonie in 
Schwaben, aus dessen eigenen Briefen. 8vo. Kosmo- 
polis, 1789 

Collation (vi) 230 pp. 

AUgemeine und General Reformation, etc. 8vo. Regen- 
spurg, 1 68 1 

Collation (iv) 98, 

Antwort an die Lobwlirdige Briiderschafft der Theosophen 
vom Rosenkreuz R. R. von Adam Haselmeyer. . . . Ad 
Famam Fraternitatis einfaltigst geantwontet. First 
Edition, Kassel 16 14, Regenspurg, 1681 

Collation pages 99 to 114. 

Wolgemeyntes Aussschreiben an die hochwlirdigste Fra- 
ternitat des Rosencreuzes ; zweyen Unbenannten Bieder- 
leuth, Darinnen sie ihre Gedancken, so sie von der 
hochloblichen Fraternitat haben . . . Regenspurg, 1781 

Collation pages 115 to 192. 
All contained in one vol. 

50 Bacon (Roger)Epistolae Fratris, R.B. De Secretis 

Operibus Artis et Naturae, et de nuUitatae Magiae, Operli 
Johannis Dee Londinensis e pluribus exemplaribus casti- 
gata olim et ad sensum integrum restituta. 8^vo. 
Hamburg, 16 18 

Collation 80 pp. 
Contains a dedicatory epistle to the " Roseae Crucis Fratribus." 

51 Barchusen (Jo. Conrad!) Elementa Chemiae 
quibus subjuncta est confectura lapidis Philosophic! 
Imaginibus representata. 4to. Lugduni, Batavorum, 
Theo. Haak. 17 18 

Collation (xiv) 532 (xix). 
The reason I have inserted this work in the present catalogue is on account 
of the charmingly engraved Hermetic plates on Alchemy (19 in all 
representing 78 emblems) in the third part ; these are of such a high order 
of merit that I cannot pass this work over without mention. 

52 BarreS (Maurice) Un renovateur de roccultisme, 

Stanislas de Gtiaita (1861 — 1898), Souvenirs pa,r M,B, 
8vo. Paris, 1898 

This author refers on page 20 to an order founded by De Guaita, VOrdre 
Kabbalistique de la Rose Croix, with 3 grades, and of which he was the 
supreme head, evidently this is the order of modern innovation referred to. 

53 [Barrett (Francis)] The Lives of Alchemistical 

Philosophers, with a critical Catalogue of Books in 
Occult Chemistry, and a selection of the most celebrated 

lo Bibliotheca Rosicruciana. 

treatises on the Theory and Practice of the Hermetic 
Art. 8vo. London, 1815 

Collation (iv) 384 (ii). 
Compiled by the author of the well known book on magic called " Tht 
Magus,*' London, 1801. My copy which formerly belonged to the 
notorious mystic Frederick Hockley (as he has written his name on the title 
page with the date 1844), contains two title pages, the second one is 
called ** Lives of the Adepts ^^ and contains a list of 751 Alchemical works 
which include a number by Rosicrucian Authors, it is not satisfactory 
however, as it only gives one line titles. Frater A. E. Waite published a 
reprint of this work in 1888, but it is not verbatim which I think is a 
pity as I consider it would have become more valuable had he adhered 
strictly to the original text. 

54 [Beemann (Senr.)] Sylloge an Hostia sit verus 

Cibarius ... a Fratre R.C. donata J. C. Rhumelio et M. 
Piello per Theo. de Pega, cum tract Arn de Villanova. 
8vo. Hanoviae (Frankfort on the Oder) 161 8 

55 Befold (Chris.) Relation aus Parnasso und 

moralische Discurse wie dieselben von allerhand Welt- 
handeln darinnen ergehen. 4to. 16 17 — Die 26ste Rela- 
tion. 4to. Leydon Marius, 1641 — Die 78ste Relation. 
4to. Frankfurt, Beyer, 1644 

There were many other Editions of this translation of Boccalini's work 
(vide Article) from which the Universal Reformation was taken. 

56 Beitrag zur Geschichte der Hohern Chemie oder 
Goldmacher kunde in ihrem ganzen Umfange. Ein Lese- 
buch fiir Alchymisten, Theosophen, und Weisensteins- 
Forscher, &c. 8vo. Leipzig (Hilscher) 1785 

57 Benedicti. — Hilarionis Echo colloquii Rhodo- 

Staurotici, das ist Widerschall oder Antwort auf das 
neulicher Zeit ausgegangene Gesprach dreyer Personen 
die Frat. voni R.C. betreffend. 8vo. 1622 

Translated into Latin, see M, Maiet's work " Ulysses," No. 353. 

58 Blavatsky (H. P.) Isis Unveiled, a Master Key 

to the Mysteries of Ancient and Modern Science and 
Theology. 2 vols, 8vo, New York, 1^87 

59 Blavatsky (H. P.) The Secret Doctrine, The 

Synthesis of Science, Religion, and Philosophy. 2 vols, 
royal 8vo. London, 1888 (since reprinted in 3 vols) 

These four volumes all have many references to the order and speak highly 
of its Hermetic Teachings, Mysticism, &c. 

60 Blavatsky (H. P.) The Theosophical Glossary. 

Royal 8vo. London, 1892 

Vide Article " Rosi crucians." 

61 Boccalini (Trajano) De Ragguagli di Parnasso 

Centuria Prima. 4to. Venetia, P. Farri, 161 2 

Collation (xviii) 478 (xl). 

62 ,, Centuria Secunda. 4to. Venice, 161 3 

Collation (xx) 453 (xix). 

Bibliotheca Rosicruciana. 1 1 

Advertisement *l*l of the first part of this work formed the subject matter of 
the ^^ Universal Reformation*^ so I have thought fit to include several 
editions of it ; it had no connection with the Rosicrucian Order, and was 
merely bound up with the Fama. Other Editions also appeared at 
Venice in 1618, 1624 and 1669, and again at Amsterdam in 1699. 

63 I. Ragguagli di Parnasso, or Advertisements from 
Parnassus, in two centuries, with the Politick Touch- 
stone, translated by Rt. Hon. Henry, Earl of Monmouth, 
folio, with a fine portrait. London, 1656 (other editions 
have been issued, the third in 1674, with portrait ; 
collation (xvi) 291 pp.) 

Collation (xx) 452 pp. 

64 AdvertismentS from Parnassus, written ori- 
ginally in Italian by the famous Trajano Boccalini, newly 
done into English by N. N., Esquire. 3 vols, 8vo, fine 
portraits to vols I and HI. London, [704 

A poor and paraphrastic rendering. 

65 Advices from Parnassus in two Centuries 

all translated from the Italian by several hands, revised 
and corrected by Mr. Hughes. Folio. London, 1706 

Collation (xvi) 454 (xiv). 

66 Bode (I. I. C.) 1st Cagliostro chef der Illuminaten? 

oder das Buch de la Secte des Illumines, in Deutsch, 
Mit erklarenden Anm des deutschen translators. 8vo. 
Gotha, Ettinger, 1790 

Collation (xv) 228 pp. 

67 Boos (Heinrich) Geschichte der Freimaurerei, ein 
Beitrag zur Kulturgeschichte. 8vo. Aarau. 1894 

Contains a chapter on the Order written in a popular style, the rest of the 
book deals with Freemasonry. 

68 Borellius (Petrus) Bibliotheca Chimica seu Cata- 
logus Librorum Philosophicorum Hermeticorum, in quo 
quatuor Millia circiter Authorum Chimicorum . . . usque 
ad Annum, 1653, continentur. i2ino. Paris, 1654 

It is true that this author has assiduously collected the bare titles of about 
4000 books, but by far the greater number want the sizes and dates and 
places of publication, and what is of much greater importance we find on 
analyzing the list that a number of works are inserted which have no right 
to be included in an Hermetic Catalogue, such as Books on Medicine pure 
and simple, also some authors are inserted who beyond perhaps making a 
single philosophical utterance can absolutely lay no claim whatever to be 
Hermetists. After all said and done there are about 900 bona fide authors 
with 2500 Hermetic Works. 

69 Borri (Gioseppe Francesco) La Chiave del Gabi- 

nettd. i2mo. In Colonia Appo Pietro del Martello, 1681 

Collation xxii 383 pp. 
This author is commonly accredited with being an adept, and the two first 
letters in the work treat of elementary spirits which the Abbe de Villars 
had already embodied in his Count de Gabalis^ published at Paris 1 1 
years previously. This work has been translated into English by a 
very learned member of the R.C. Fraternity known under the pseudonym 

1 2 Bibliotheca Rosicruciana. 

of ** Fortitet et Rede" this MSS. has never been published and is in the 
custody of the Head of the Order in England, in it the author gives a 
most systematic account of the R.C. doctrines. 

70 Borrichius (Olaus) Conspectus Scriptorum Che- 
micorum Illustrorum Libellus Posthumus, cui praefixa 
historia vitae ipsius ab conscripta. 4to. Hafniae. 1696 

Collation (xii) 48 pp.. 
A scarce and curious account of writers on Hermetic Philosophy. 

71 Breler (D. Mich.) Mysterium iniquitatis Pseudo- 

Evangelicae, seu dissertatio apologetica, pro doctrina 
Arndtii adversus centauros quosdam evangelicos, &c. 
8vo. Goslar, 162 1 

Collation 12 (xx) pp. 

72 Brenna (J.) Krempelmarkt der Brtider vom 

Rosenkreutz. 8vo. Neuenstadt, 1625 

73 Breve et semplice Risposta alia dignissima Fra- 
terniti del virtuosissimo Ordine di R.C., Stampata addi 
7 di Marzo, 16 16 

Collation 16 pp. 

74 Breve Responsum ad Amicam Invitationem cele- 

berrimae Fraternitatis Rosece Crucis utcunque concinna- 
tum. 4to. N.P., 161 7 

Collation 8 pp. 
The author shields himself under only 10 Pseudonyms commencing with 
" Hyclscrliohs," etc. 

75 Bridegroom (The) of the Fay, a Rosicrucian 
Tale, in rhyme, by a descendant of the Count de Gabalis, 
8vo. London, 1827 

Collation (viii) 163 pp. 
In the preface the author states that his ancestor^ the Abbd Villars, was 
assassinated by a Rosicrucian fanatic for betraying the secrets of the 
Society in his work the " Count de Gabalis." 

76 Brotoffer (R.) Elucidarius Chymicus odererleuch- 
terung und deutliche erklarung was die Fama Frat. vom 
R.c. fur Chymische Secreta de lapide Philos in ihrer 
Reformat . . . haben. 8vo. Gosslar, 1616 (Another 
Edition appeared in 16 17) 

Collation 84 pp. 

^^ Brotoffer (R.) Theophrastus non Theophrastus 
Oder deutliche Entdeckung was vom T. Paracelso zu 
halten sei, ob er seine hohe Weisheit von Gott oder dem 
Teufel gehabt, durch dem Antorem Elucidarii. 8vo. 
Gosslar, 1617 (Another Edition, Berlin, 1751) 

Collation 189 pp. 

78 Brotoffer (R.) Aut hie aut nunquam Elucidarius 
Major oder Ekieuchterunge ober die Reformation der 
gantzen weiten Welt. F,C.R. aus ihrer Chymischen Hochzeit 
und sonst niit viel andern Testimoniis Philosophorum 

Bibliotheca Rosicruciana. 13 

.... 8vo. Luneburg, Sternen Buch, 16 17 (Another 
Edition in Vienna, 1751) 

Collation 234 [3] pp. 
At the end the author finishes up with " Soli Deo Gloria." 

79 Brucker. — The History of Philosophy from the 
earliest period drawn up from Brucker^ s Historia Critica 
Philosophiae by William Enfield, LL.D. 8vo. London. 


Pp. 574 — 5, contain a reference to the Rosacrusians (sic). 

80 Bruderliche. — Vermahnungen an einige Briider 

Freimaurer von dem Bruder Seddag (Leipzig, Bohme). 
8vo. Philadelphia, 1781 

Collation 108 pp. 

81 Bruder St. Johannis (Die) des Evangelisten aus 
Asien in Europa oder die einzige wahre und achte 
Freimaurerei nebst einem Anhange die Fesslersche. . . . 
von Einem hohen Obern. 8vo. Berlin, 1803, J- M- 

Collation (xvi) 382 (ii). 
Despite its title there is a great deal more Hermetic Rosicrucian teaching 
in this work than anything Masonic. The cuts are excellent in design, 
but badly printed. 

82 BruxiuS (Dr. Adam) Helias Tertius das ist 

Urtheil oder Meinung von dem Hochloblichen orden der 
Briiderschafft des Rosencreuzes. . . . 12 mo. N.P. 16 16 

Collation (ii) 102 pp. 

83 Bry (Rud. de) Fidele animi fidelis speculum, seu 
epistolium quoddam extiemi desiderii pennis manibus 
cujuspiam Frat. R.C. veri ac sinceri non spurii ac adulterini 
. . . advolans, 1620 

Collation 32 pp. 

84 Bucher (G.) Gesprach von der ungeheuren Welt 
phantasey der R.C. Fraternitet und von grossen Phanta- 
sten Menippus. 8vo. Tubingen, 161 7 

85 Buhle (J. G.) De vera origine adhuc latente 
Ordinis Fratrum de R.C. imprimis vero Ordinis Franco- 
muratoriorum. Im auszug in den Getting, Gel. Anzigen, 

Part of this was translated into English and appeared in The London 
Magazine, 1824. 

86 Bunle (J. G.) Ueber den Ursprung und die 
vornehmsten Schicksale der Orden der R.K. und Frey- 
maurer, eine Hist. Krit. Untersuchung. 8vo. Gottingen, 
Romer, 1804 

[12], 418, and I p. error. 
This author is known as the Historian of Philosophy and Professor of Logic 
at Gottingen, and embodies a large amount of research and learning on 

14 Bibliotheca Rosicruciana. 

Free Masonry and Rosicrucianism, it is rather heavy reading as in parts 
the worthy man is prolix and diffuse, but he is accurate in his statements 
and well read. 

87 Bulwer Lytton (Sir Edward) A Strange Story. 
3rd ed., 2 vols. 1862 

88 ,, Zanoni, by the Author of ** Night and 
Morning," etc. In 3 vols, 8vo. London, 1842 

Many other editions of all this author's works have appeared at endless 

variety of prices. 
This well known author was a member of the Rosicrucian Society in 

England, and these two works embody some of his happiest inspirations 

derived therefrom. If anyone has any latent mysticism in them, the latter 

work would be certain to discover it. 

89 [Burk (M. P.)] Wollstandiges Verzeichniss aller 
in Druck gekommen lateinischen und deutschen schriften, 
/. VaL Andrea's in 100 Nummern nach der Zeitfolge 
geordnet von B. 8vo. Tubingen, Heerbrand, 1793 

Collation (xv) 31 pp. 

90 Butler (Samuel) Hudibras, a Poem, with notes, 
a new edition. 2 vols, 8vo. London, 1819 

This author introduces the Rosicrucians into his witty poems, and speaks 
disparagingly of them. Vide vol I, p. 75, Vol II, p. 30. 

91 C.L.B. — Wasserstein der Weisen oder Chymisches 
Tractatlein darinn der Weg gezeiget, die Materia 
genennet, und der jP/'<?^^jjbeschrieben wird, zu dem hohen 

Geheimniss der Untversal-Tinctur zu Kommen 

von dem F.R.C. 8vo. Frankfurt, 1760 

Collation 228 pp. 
This is another edition of one published oy L. Jennis, Franco, 1619, see 
Article "Wasserstein," but it contains nothing about the F.R.C. There is 
a fine plate in this edition, and it also contains two replies purporting 
to come from the F.R,C., but I consider this spurious as from internal 
evidence it is more Catholic than Rosicrucian. 

92 C R.E. — Theosophi Eximii Epistola ad Anastasium 
Philaretum Cosmopolitan, de Sapientissima Fraternitate 
R.C. 4to. Francofurti apud Joh Hofmann, 1619 

Collation 8 pp. 
The date at the end of this short pamphlet is 161 7. 

93 C.V.H. — Einfaltige und Kurze Antwort uber die 
aussgegangne Fama und Confession der Christl, Hocherl, 
Bruderschafft des lobl ordens vom R.c. 8vo. 

Collation 16 pp. 

94 C.V.M.V.S. — Practica Leonis Viridis das ist Der 

Rechte und wahre Fustteig zu dem KonigHchen Chy- 
mischen Hochzeit Saal. F.C.R. : ueber einem Anhang 
unnd explication zweyer Tage der Chymischen Hoch- 
zeit . . . durch C.V.M.V.S. 8vo. (Frankfurt) J. Thiemen, 

Collation (ii) 132 pp. 
A critical dissertation on the Chymical Wedding, printed in Black Letter. 

Bibliotheca Rosicruciana. 15 

95 Campis ( oder Bericht an allewelche 

von der Neuen Bruderschafft des Ordens vom R.c. 
genannt etwas gelesen oder von Andern per modum 
discursus der sachen beschaffenheit vernommen, &c. 8vo. 
Belbosco, 1615 

Collation 36 pp. 
A writer who stated he was a member of tne Order, and in all his travels he 
had met but three others who belonged to it, no others being worthy of its 

96 [Castries (J. F. de la Croix de)] Dictionnaire His- 

toriques des Cultes Religieux ^tablis daus le Monde, &c. 
5 vols, 8vo. Liege, 1772 

Contains an Article on the R. c. order. 

97 Chambers Papers for the People, Vol. V., No. 33, 
Art. " Secret Societies of the Middle Ages,'* contains an 
account of the Order. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1850 

98 Chaos An etliche principaliter interessirte und 
importirte in dem jetzigen confundirten universal Par- 
oxysm o, des loblichen hauses Oesterreich und dessen 
bisshero untergehorige Landstandt, Rath und Verfiihrer. 
4to. 1620 

Collation 30 pp. 

99 Chazal (Count du) Copy of the Admission of Dr. 

S. Bachstrom into the Society of the Fratres Rosae 
Crucis by the Count de C. Mauritius, September 12th, 


This is to be found in "The Rosicrucian," October, 1876. 

ICO Christiani (Theophili), e saniore Frat Christo. 
Y Dyas Mystica ad Monadis simplicitatem. 4to. Chris- 
tianopoli, 1620 

1 01 ,, Liber Vitae aureus Gulden Biich- 
lein des Lebens mit sieben eroffneten Siegeln darinnen 
findet ein frommes Hertz (i) Die siebente Vision (ii) Ein 
Itinerarium oder Wegweise, &c., . . . per C.T. 4to. Er- 
ffurdt, 162 1 

Collation, 144 pp. 

102 Christliches Schreiben an die Br. r.c. wegen 
ihrer Lehreihren Meinungen u. f. w. Frankfurt, 1621 

103 ChristophoruS F. (S. Mundus) Speck aufif der 
Fall das ist : List und Betrug der Neuentstandenen 
Bruderschafft oder Frat. derer Vom R.c. . . . durch S. 
Mundum Christophori Fil. 4to. • (Ingolstadt, 1615), 1618 

Collation (vi) 85 pp. 
This is a work put forward by the Papists as they dreaded the intense amount 
of excitement and enthusiasm caused by the publication of The " Fama," 
etc., they were afraid that the Beliefs of the Populace might become dis- 
turbed and their confidence in the Pope's teachings lessened, hence they 
added their mite to the many other pamphlets appearing at this time. It 

1 6 Bibliotheca Rosicruciana. 

is also well-known that they hate Secret Societies, and always exert their 
best eflforis to suppress them whenever they become a really living factor in 
the World ; the ominoas words " Permissu Superiogim " appear on the last 
page. See also No 9. AgnostuSt a reply to this. 

104 Christophorus F. (S. Mundus) Roseae Crucis 
Frater Thrasasonico-MendaXy das ist Verlogner Rhumb- 
sichtiger R.C. briider; oder verantwortung auff die 
Scartecken " Speculi Constantiae " so neulich wider den 
Catholischen Tractat " S; eck auff den Fallen " von einem 
vermainten Rosencreutzer ausgesprengt worden . . . 
beschriben durch S. Mundum Christophori F. 4to. N.P. 

Collation (x) 134 pp. 
Thraso means a conceited person, one who makes a deal of noise and 
means but little, his bark is worse than his bite, a case of much cry and 
little wool. The Work is partly printed in some of the most curious old 
Black Letter German Type I have ever seen. 

105 CoUoquiuin Rhodostauroticum trium personarum 
per famam et confess quddammodo revelatum de Frat. 
R.C. (13 Februar) 8vo. 162 1 

106 Confessio et literae quorundam fraternitati r.c. se 
dare volentium. 4to. Francofurti, 161 5 

107 Cramerus(D. Daniel) Soc Jesuet Roseae Crucis 
vera. h.e. Decades quatuor Emblem Sac ex S. Scriptura 
de dulcissimo nomine et cruce J.C. 8vo. Francofurti, L. 
Jennis, 1617 

A work put forward by the Jesuits endeavouring to associate themselves with 
the then new order. 

108 Craven (J.B.) Doctor Robert Fludd (Robertas de 
Fluctibus) The English Rosicrucian, Life and Writings, 
fine portrait of R.F. 8vo. Kirkwall, Wm. Peace & Son, 

This is the best account of Fludd's Life that we have up to the present in 
English, there is another to be found in " Wood's '* work " Athena 
Oxoniensis" In his Bibliography of Fludd's works I notice that a mistake 
has occurred in describing the large Table which follows on after the work 
" Pulsus," I am fortunate enough to possess the bulk of this Author's 
works in the Original Binding with all X\it edges uncut ^ and in my copy the 
Catchword at the end of The " Pulsus " work, viz. " Medi," refers to Part 
V. of the same series, consisting of a large Table measuring 39 by 17 inches ; 
in the British Museum Copy this has been cut up into three pieces, so that 
it is not a blank sheet as this author suggests, although curiously enough he 
mentions it in the reprint issued at Moguntia, 1682 

109 Crucigerus (Eus, Chr.) Eine Kurtze Beschrei- 
bung der neuen Arabischen unnd Morischen Frat. laut 
ihren eigenen 1614 zu Cassel unnd 1615 zu Marpurg . . . 
durch E.C.C., von der Frat des Holtzen Creutzes Jesu 
Christi. 8vo. Liechtenberg (Rostock) 1618 

Collation 64 pp. 

Bibliotheca Rosicruciana. 17 

110 CygnSeO (Euchario) Corispicilium Notitiae inseri- 

uens Oculis iEgris qui lumen veritatis ratione subjecti 

object!, medii et finis ferre reculant. Oppositum Adnio- 

nitioni futili, Henrici Newhtisii de fratribus R.c, &c. 

. 8vo. Philadelpho, 16 19, 

Collation 39 pp. 
See Art. Neuhusius which this work attacks. 

ni D.V.A. Reise nach der Insel Capharsalama und 
Beschreibung der darauf gelegenen Republick Christians- 
burg ; herausg. von D.S.G. (Georgii). 8vo. GisHngen, 1741 

Collation (x) 192 pp. 

112 Davenport Adams (W. H.) Dwellers on the 
Threshold or Magic and Magicians. 2 vols, 8vo. London, 
1865 ' 

113 Davenport Adams (W. H.) Witch, Warlock, 
and Magician. 8vo. London, 1889 

Both of these works contain chapters on the order, but written in a superficial 

114 [D'Espagnet (Jean)] Arcanum Hermeticae Philo- 
sophiae opus, in quo occulta Naturae et Artis circa 
Lapidis Philosoph materiam et operandi modum canonice 
et ordinate fiunt manifesta ... by Penes Nos Unda 
Tagu 8vo, 1623, and many other editions in French, 
Latin, and English were published. His works are also 
included in Mangefs Bib. Chem. Curiosa, and the Bib. 
Chemica of Albineus^ vide also articles Askmole & 

115 [D'Espagnet (Jean)] Enchiridion Physicae Resti- 
tutae, in quo verus Naturae concentus exponitur . . . cum 
Arcano Philos Hermeticae, etc., by Spes mea est inAgno. 
8vo. Paris, 1623. And many other editions in Latin and 
English (1651) 

116 Dee (Dr. John) The Private Diary of, and the 
Catalogue of his Library of MSS. from the originals in 
the Ashmolean Museum. . . . 4to. London, Camden 
Society, 1842. 

Contains a fine collection of Mystic Books. 

117 Demutiges Sendschreiben, an die Hocherl Gott- 
felige unnd Heilige Frat. der R.C. neben einer angehengten 
Parabola und entdeckung. Mars de Busto nicenas. 8vo. 
(14 Juni), 1619 

Collation 28 pp. 

118 De Naturae secretis quibusdam ad Vulcaniam 
Artis Chymiae ante omnia necessariis. An die Hocherl 
und Kunstreiche Herren der philos Frat. vom R,C. 8vo. 

Collation 36 pp. 

i8 Bibliotheca Rosicruciana. 

119 Diaz (John) Christianae religionis Summa, per 
clariss virum J.D. 8vo. Hispanum. (1624) 

120 DiagrM)he Anonymi Roseae Crucis, Arbor Pan- 
sophiffi Roseae Crucis Arcana Arcanissima Mormii de 
F.K.C. 8vo. 16 1 7, (stated to b.c in German vide L. de 
F. page 282) 

121 Dickinson (Dr. Edmund) De Quintessentia Phil- 

osophorum et de Vera Pbysiplogia . . . 8vo. Oxoniae e 

theatro Sheldoniano, 1686 

Colljilion {iv) 224 pp. 

122 Dickinson (Dr. Edmund) De Quintessentia Phil- 
osophorum et vera physiolpgia ; una cum quaestionibus 
aliquot de secreta materia Fhisica Editio altera. 8vo. 
Rottferd^mi P, v^n Slaart, 1699 

Collation (ii) 224 pp. 
This Author is reputed to have obtained his occult knowledge from a French 
adept who was a Rosicrucian and stated that the reason they kept them- 
selves secret was to ensure their safety. Another Edition of this work 
appeared in 1705. 

123 Dictionnaire Uniyersel (Grand) du XIXe 
Siecle par M. Pierre Larousse, vide article Rose-Croix. 
Vol XIII. Paris, 1875. 

124 [Dijppel (Conrad)] Christiani Democriti redivivi 
Umstandliche Erzehlung wie es mit seinem vermeinten 
Tode zugegangen sei, &c. 8vo. 1736 

125 Drechster (Gabriel) Curieuser Tractat von Gold 
machen. i6mo. Dresden uhd Leipzig, 1702 

126 Dreierlei Arcana an die Frat. vom r.c. in welcher 
eine H. und H. Fraternitat um eine gunstige Unterrich- 
tung gefraget wird. 8vo. 11619 

127 Dreizehn geheime Briefe von dem grossen Geh- 
eimnisse des Universals und Particulars der goldnen und 
R.K., an I.L.V. nach abgelegter Pflicht der Verschwiegen- 
heit gesandt. Aus zwei geheimen MSS. mit der grossten 
Genauigkeit zum ersten Male zum Druck befordert. 
8vo. Leipzig, Bohme, 1788 

Collation (iv) 120 pp. 

128 Dudlay (Edmonde), The Tree of Common 
Wealth, a Treatise by E.D., Barrister at Law . . . written 
by him while a prisoner in the Tower, 1509 and 15 10, 
under sentence of death for High Treason. Now first 
printed from a copy of his MSS. for the Brotherhood 
4ff the Rosy Cross, 4to. Manchester, 1859 

The Preface is signed by "The Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross," otherwise I 
can find nothing else in the work relating to the R.C. 

Bibliotheca Roslcruciana. i9 

129 E.P.F.O.C.R., Senr. GnindHcher Bericht von 
(km vorhaben, Gelegenheit und Inhalt der lobl Bruder 
dess R.C. gestellet . . . 8vo. Frankfurt, Bringer, 161 7. 
(Another Edition in 16 18) 

Collation 15 pp. 

130 Ebert (Fk. A) A General Bibliographical Dic- 
tionaiy from the German of F. A. E., Librarian to the 
King of Saxony. 4 vols. 8vo. Oxford, 1837 

See Article contained therein Fludd s de Fluctibus^ No. 7701 

131 Eckhart (V. G. G.) welcher in den ersten neun 
gemeinen Fragen der Wiedertauferischen Schwenkfel 
dischen, &c. . . . verwarnet. 4to. Munisch, Katzauer, 

Collation 26 pp. 

132 [Eckhoffen the Elder> (Hans Carl von Ecker 
und)] Der Rosenkreuzer in §einer Blosse zum Nutzen 
der Staaten hingestellt durch Zweifel wider die wahre 
Weisheit der so genannten achten ^reymaurer oder 
goldnen Rosenkreutzer des alten Systems von Magister 
PiancOy vieler Kreisen Bundsverwandten. 8vo. Ams- 
terdam, 1781 {Jt) 

Collation 223 pp. 

Another Edition was published at Amsterdam (?) 1782, 223 pp. Both of 
these are dedicated to Bruder Pkabron, i.e, himselfi but in the first one, 
there is a curious misprint, the last page being numbered 232, it should be 
223 : the second edition has this imstake corrected, the text being exactly 
similar. (See also in connection with this Author article "Theoretischen 
Bruder" and " Schleiss (H.)." 

This is a very important work inasmuch as at page 84 we find a large folding 
table in German of the order " Fratrum Rosa et Aurea Cruets" This was 
reproduced in Kenneth R. H. Mackenzie's **^^j/a/ Masonic Cyclopadia" 
without any acknowledgment of its true source, which it has been left to 
me to di-cover. I am informed* by my worthy colleague Dr. Wynn West- 
cott who was personally acquainted with Frater Mackenzie, that he would 
never divulge the source from whence he obtained this information, which 
I am bound to assume was taken from this Book, inasmuch as it tallies 
almost word for word with the later work, it contains the "Degree Mem- 
bership, Number, Sign, Colour, Symbol, Name of the Brotherhood.Places 
of Centre, Places of Assembly," etc., and as far as I am able to judge this 
must have been written by a renegade Frater, as the rest of the work is too 
consistent to be a total fabrication. 

133 M Was sucht der Wahr Freymaurer noch zu 
seiner Vollkommenheit oder der in ihren Logen verehrte 
Altar zu Athen : beschrieben von dem Bruder Phr , . . 
8vo. Germanien, 1782 

Collation 76 pp. 

134 [Eckhoffen, the Younger (Freiherr H. Carl von 
Ecker und)] Carl Hubert Lobreich von Plumenoek 
geoffenbarter Einfluss in das allgemeine Wohl der 
Staaten der achten F.M. aus dem vvahren Endzweck 

20 Bibliotheca Rosicruciana. 

ihrer urspriingHchen, Stiftung erwiesen . . . (Regensburg 
Montag). 8vo. Amsterdam, 1777. (Second Edition, 
1779 and others). 

Collation 160 pp." 

135 Effroyables pactions, faites entre le Diable et les 
pr^tendus Invisibles. 8vo. 1623 

136 [Eglino (Raphael)] Assertio fraternitatis r.c. 
quam Roseae Crucis vocant a quodam fraternitatis ejus 
socio carmine expressa. 4to. Franco, Bringer, 161 5 

This was translated into German in a.d. i 618 (vide Art. J. S, N.) 

137 Einfaltige Antwort und Bittschreiben eines 
Layen an die Briiderschaft des Rosenkreuzes. 8vo. 
Frankfurt, 161 5 

138 Einfaltiges, Antwortschreiben an die Hochw 
Frat. des lobl R.C, auff ihre an die gelehrten Europae 
aussgesendte Famam et Confess. 8vo. Leipzig. 16 
Nov., 1617 

Collation 16 pp. 

139 Einwurff und Schreiben auff dero wiirdigen 
Bruderschafft dess R.C. ausgegangene Fama . . . Ges- 
telltdurcheinen Liebhaberdess Vaterlands. 8vo. (Frank- 
furt, Bringer) 161 7 

Collation 39 pp. 

140 Eiprjuaiov (J.) Ad Venerandos doctiss et illumi- 
riatiss viros l3om Fratres S. Roseae Crucis Epistola J.E.J.A. 
divinae Sopliiae alumni, datae 3 Decembris, 1615. 8vo. 
Francof., J. Bringer, 1616 

14 pp. 

141 ElucidariuS Major oder Erleuchtungen aber die 
Reformation der ganzen Welt F.C.R. aus ihrer Chy- 
mischen Hochzeit und sonst mit vielen andern Testimoniis 
Philosophorum sonderlich in appendice dermassen ver- 
bessert dass bendes materia et prceparatio lapidts aurei 
deutlich genug darinn angezeigt werden durch Radtichs 
Brotofferr, Luxeme, Raphael. 8vo. Luneberg bei den 
Sternen Buchf im Jahre, 161 7. (Another Edition. 
Wien, 1751) 

Collation 234 pp. (iii.) 

142 Encyclopaedia Britannica Article Rosicrucians. 

Vol. XX. 9th Edition, 1886 

Collation 161 pp. 

143 Epistola ad Fratres de R.c. Francofurti, Anton 
Hunnius, 1617. 

Collation 161 pp. 

Bibliotheca Rosicruciana. 5 1 

144 Epistola ad illustrem ac rev Frat. R.c. metro 
Hgata ad eosdem missa a L.G.R. (datum Holthusii in 
agro Mindensi, 1616. I Martii L.G.R. paedotriba ibidem). 

145 Epistola ad Reverendissimam Fraternitatem 
Rosae Crucis. 8vo. Francofurti, 161 3 

This appears to be the earliest publication connected publicly with the F.R.c, 
I am unable, however, to find a copy in any Public Library, this title is 
taken from Lenglet du Fresnoy's Catalogue. 

146 Epistola trium liberalium et Honestiss Rtium 
(sic) Studiosorum ad Augustam Frat. R.C. 8vo. Rosto- 
chii M. Saxo (11 Junii) 1616 

Collation 6 pp. 

147 Erklarung der versteckten Secretorum lapidis 
Phil. Famae Fraternitatis vom R.C. 8vo. 16 1 7 

148 Etlicher der furnembsten des H. Rom. Reichs 
Chur-und FuAten Consens und Bestatigung der Soda- 
litet Christianae Defensionis. Churfiirst Maynzische 
Confirmation. 4to. Wien W. Schnupper, 162 1 

149 EtwaS tiber den Hirtenbrief an die wahren und 
achten F.M. alten Systems. Herrn Dr. J. S. Semler 
gewidmet (Leipzig, Bohme). 8vo. Germanien, 5786 

Collation (xx) 96 pp. 
A reply to Dr. Semler's work published the same year vide Art. Semler {Dr. S.) 

150 F.C.R.N.G.J.A. Prodromus Rhodo - Stauroticus 
Parergi Philos das ist Vortrab und Entdeckung derer 
Briiderschaft yom R.C. . . . mit Figuren gezieret 
(24 Marz). 8vo. 1620 

Collation 78 pp. 

151 F.R.C Fama e Scanzia Redux, Buccina Jubilei 
Ultimi Evae Hyberboleae Praenuncia Montium Europae 
cucumina suo clangore feriens inter colles et convalles 
Araba resonaus, &c. 8vo. (Francofurti) 161 8 

Collation 30 pp. 
{End . . . Quiisquis de Roseae dubitas Crucis Ordine Fratrum : Hoc 
Lege, perlecto carmine certus eris). 

152 FamangUStam, Franco, Alemannicam, Frauen 
Zimmer der Schwestern des Rosenfarben Creutzes das ist 
Kurtze Entdeckung von der Beschaffenheit dieser Frauen 
Zimmers was flir Religion Wissenschaft li.s.w. darinnen 
zu finden. Durch F.F.A. 8vo. Parthenopolis, 1620. 

Collation 56 pp. 

153 FaMa e sCanzla reDVX Buccina Jubrlaei ultimi 
1616, Ein Kabbalistisches und chiliastisches Zeug. 8vo. 
Francofurti, 1618 

154 Fama Fraternitatis oft Ontdeckinge van de 

Broederschap des lof lijcken ordens des Hoosen Cruyces, 

a Bibliotheca kosicruclana. 

&c. 8vo. Gedruckt na de Copyevanjan Berner tot 
Franckfort, Anno 1615 

Collation 151 pp. 
A reprint in high Dutch of tlie Fama, part of it is printed in hlAtk letlrr. 

155 ,, Eine andere Holland Ausgabe erschien 
in verbindung mit A. Hoberveschels von Hobernwald, 
ontdeckinghe van een onghenoemde Antwoorde 
de Famam Frat, nebst versch andcrn 3<Shdschriften, 
1617 ^ 

156 Fama Fratemitatis oder Entdeckung der 
Bruderschafft des loblichen ordens dcs Rosen Creutzcs 
Beneben der Confession oder Bekanntaiss der selben 
Fraternitet an alle gelehrte und Huupter in Europa 
geschrieben Jetso von mehrern Erraten als hiebe vom 
geschehen entlediger sensui genuino resHtuiret und zum 
andern matin druck verfertiget sampt dem sendt 
schreiben Jultani de Campis [Pseud. J. Sperber], und 
Georgii Moltheri, M.D., und ordinarii zu Metzlar Relation 
von einer dess ordens gewiss^n Person. 8vo. Franck- 
furt am Main bei J. Bringern zu finden, 1617 

Collation 108 pp. 

157 Fama Remissaad Fratres Roseae Crucis Ant- 
wort auf die Famam uiid Conjessionem der Lob Briid- 
erschaflft vom R.c. 8vo. 1616. No Author, Printer, or 
Place (Initials to dedication, H. Ar. No. R.) 

Collation 140 pp. 
The Work is printed partly in. Black Letter and partly in Roman Type, the 
printer has also curiously mixed the Catch Letters at the Bottom of the 
pages, some are in the one and some in the other style, they are ndt uniform. 

158 Favrat (Ludovico) Aurea Catena Homer i id est 
concatenata naturae historia Physico-Chymica Latina 
Civitate donata notisque illustrata. 8vo. Franco, 1762, 
(fine folding plate at page xx.) 

Collation (xx.) 630, (xlv.) pp. 
A translation of this was made by a Dr, Sigiunund Bacstrom in I797» and 
from this MS3< an attempt to publish it in the Journal " Lucifer " was 
made in 1 891, but it was discontinued. It is a very important Book, and 
considered by many to hold the key to Alchemy. 

159 Figuier (Louis) L'Alchimie et les alchimistes ou 
essai Historique et critique sur la Philosophie Hermet- 
ique. 8vo. Paris, 1854. 

He devotes a chapter to the order, recapitulating its objects, &c., and treating 
it in a light and somewhat careless fashion. 

160 Fikenscher (G.W.A.) C. W. B. von Krohnemann 
Geschichte eines angeblichen Goldmachers. 8vo. Nur- 
enberg, 1800 

161 Findel(J. G.) The History of Free Masonry from 

Bibliotheca Rosicruciana. 23 

its origin, down to the present day. 8vo. London, i86g, 
(Second Edition, 1 871) 

In this work Findel deals very impartially with the R.c. chiefly reviewing the 
order from the events that have happened in Germany, also subsequently 
with other orders, using this same symbol, notably J. G. Schrepfer's in A.D. 

162 Fleischer (A. S.) Gedanken liber die Selbster- 
Icenntniss nachdenn Grundeder NaturderhermetWissen- 
schaft, in einem Sendschreiben an wahre Glieder des 
wurdigen F.M.o. (Leipzig, Kummer). 8vo. Frankfurt 
und Leipzig, 1785 and 1787 

Collation 112 pp. 


In connection with this Author see also Articles Craven {J. B,\ Gassendus 
(P.). Keppler ( /. ) Mersenne {M,) 

163 Apologia Compendaria Fraternitatem de Rosea 
Cruce suspicionis et infainiae maculis asspersam veritatis 
quasi Fluctibus abluens et abstergens : auctore R. de 
Fluctibus, M.D. London. .. 8vo. Leydae, G. Basson, 1616 

Collation 23 pp. 
This work is an exposition of the Kosicrucian Faith, and was considered of so 
much importance that P. Gassendus (see Article) and Kepler endeavoured 
to refute it. 

164 Tractatus Apologeticus Integritatem Societatis 
De Rosea Cruce defendens. In qua probatur contra 
D. Libavii et aliorum ejusdem farinae calumnias quod 
admirabilia nobis a Fraternitate R.C. oblata, sine im- 
proba Majiae impostura, aut Diaboli, praestigiis et 
illusionibus praestari possint. Authore R. de Fluctibus . . . 
8vo. Lugduni Batavorum, G. Basson, 1617 

Collation 196 pp. 
This is a new and revised edition of the last work, the headings to the chap- 
ters being extracts from the " Confessio." 

165 MSS. (Brit. Mus. 12 C. IL) Declaratio brevis 
Serenissimo et Potentissimo Principi ac Domino, Domino, 
Jacobo, Magnae, Britanniae, Franciae, et Hyberniae, 
Regi Fidei gr Defensoris dedicata, In qua sincera operis 
cujus dam publicati intentio Majestati ipsius Regiae 
luculenter per ipsum autorem Robertum Flud Armigerum 
et in Medicina Doctorem Regiae Majestati subditissimum 

This MSS. is unsigned by Fludd, and has no letter of his accompanying it, bdt 
it evidently is a jjenuine copy of a letter he sent to King James, proving un- 
doubtedly that he was the Author of the Two preceding works, unfor- 
tunately MSS. 12 B. VIII. Brit. Mus. wits burnt in a Fire they had at their 
Binders, this was presumably the original and more valuable document, 
whereas the above is only a copy. 

24 BibHotheca Rosicruciana. 

i66 TractatuS Theologo-Philosophicus in Libros tres 
distributUs : quorum (i), De Vita (ii). Morte (in) Resur- 
rectione . . . collecta, Fratribusque k Cruce 'Rosea dictis 
dedicata, a Rudolfo Otreb (i.e. Robert Fludd) Brittano 
Oppenheimii, J. Theo de Bry, 1617 

Collation 126 pp. 
Contains one of De Bry*s magnificent Title Pages and deals with the first 
origin of the world from a metaphysical standpoint. 

167 Utriusque Cosmi Majoris scilicet et Minoris 
Metaphysica, Physica, atque Technica Historia In duo 
Volumina secundum Cosmi differentiain divisa De 
Macrocosmi Historia in duos tractatus divisa, folio. A 
magnificently engraved Title Page by J. T. de Bry in his 
best style. Oppenhemii, 1617 

Collation (ii) J806 (ix) pp. 
This is a Handsome Work in Two vols, the second being again divided into 
two parts each with separate titles and pagination. It deals with Metaphysics, 
Physics, Arithmetic, Music, Geometry, Military Arts, Astrology, Geomancy, 
and Chiromancy, &c., the plates being executed in De Bry's best style. 

168 Tractatus Secundus. De Naturae Simia seu 
Technica Macrocosmi historia in partes undecim divisa. 
Folio, fine Vignette Title. Oppenhemio, J. T. de Bry, 161 8 

Collations 788 (x) 
A Second Edition was published at Frankfurt in 1624. 

169 Microcosm! Historia, Tomus Secundus De 

Supernaturali, Naturali, Praetematurali et Contranaturali 
Microcosmi historia in tractatus tres distributa, Folio, fine 
Vignette Title. Oppenhemii, J. T. de Fry, 1619 

Collation 277 pp. 
An interesting Work dealing partly with Metaphysics and partly with iPhysics, 
also Actual Influences on the Human Body, with some fine cuts. 

170 Tomi Secundi Tractatus Primi, De Technica 
Microcosmi Historia in Portiones VH. divisa. Folio. 
Fine Vignette Title. [Oppenheim, 1620 (.?)] 

Collation 192 (x) pp. 

171 Tomi Secundi Tractatus Secundus De Prceter- 

naturali utriusque Mundi Historia in Sectiones tres divisa. 
Folio. J. T. de Bry, 162 1 

Collation (xii) 199 pp. 

172 Veritatis Proscenium in quo Aulaeum erroris 

tragicum dimovetur . . . seu Demonstratio quaedam 
analytica . . . Folio. Francofurti, John de Bry, 162 1 

Collation 54 pp. 
Contains a fine criticism of Kepler's attack on him in 1619, (vide Article 

173 Monochordum Mundi symphoniacum seu Re- 
plicatio Roberti Flud alias de Fluctibus ... ad Apolo- 
giam . . . Joannis Kepleri, adversus Demonstrationem 

Bibliotheca Rosicruciana. : 25 

suam Analyticam, nuperrime editans. 4to. Francofurti 
J. Theo. de Bry. 1622 

■ Collation 83 pp. 

Contains a fine folding plate and numerous cuts. This is a reply to Keppler's 
work ** Prodromus Dissert Cosmog ," ftc., published 1621 -- 1622. (see Art 

174 Anatomisa AmphitJheatrum effigie txiplici 

more et varia designatum. Fine Vignette 
title page. Folio. Ffancbfuiti, Johtt de Bry, 1623 

Collatidn (ii) 33:1 pp. . 
A medical work full of plates of the human body in detail. 

175 Monochordum Uundi syn^phoniacum seu Re- 
plicatio Robert! Flud> alias de Fluctibus ... ad Apolo- 
giam viri . . . Joh Kepleri adversus Demonstrationem 
suam Analyticam niiperrime editam in qua Robertus 
Validioribus Joannts Objectionibus, H«^rmoniae suae legi 
repugnantibus, comiter respondere ag^reditur, 1623 » 

This work is contained in pp. 287-331 of the Anatomise Ainphit., and is a 
reprint of the 1st Edition published by De Bry in 1622. 

176 Philosophia Sacra et vera Christiana seu 
Meteorologia Cpsmica. Finely engraved title page. Folio. 
Francofurti, Officina Bryana, 1626 

Collation (viii) 303 pp. 
This contains a fine portrait of our author. 

177 Medicina Catholica seu Mysticum artis medi- 
candi sacrarium. In Tomos divisum duos . . . authore 
Roberto Fludd alias de Fluctibus. 5 parts, Folio. Franco* 
furti. Fine vignette title, W. Fitzerus, 1629 

Collation (xx) 241 (vii) pp. 

Part II. 

178 Integrum Morborum Mysterium sive Medicinae 
Catholicae . . . Folio, fine vignett^ title. Francofurti, G. 
Fitzerus, 1631 

Collation (xii) 503 pp. 
A most voluminous work, with some excellent mystical plates. Contains a 
fine portrait of Fludd, although he appears older than his previous ones. 
Included with the medical matter we find a long article on Astrology. 

Part III. 

179 K A0OAI KON Medicorum Katoptrbn in quo quasi 
speculo politissitno Morbi prsesentes more demonstratio 
clarissime indicantur et futuri ratione prognostica aperte 
cernuntur atque prospicuntur. Folio. (Francofurti) 1631 

Collation (iv) 413 pp. 
A most curious work on Divination, whether by Geomancy, Urine, Chiro- 
mancy, or Physiognomy, it is all detailed at great length with many cuts. 

Part ly. 

180 Pulsus seu Nova et Arcana Pulsuum Historia, e 
sacro fonte radicaliter extracta . . . Folio, large folding 
plate at end, and a fine vignette title, [Franco., 163 1 (?)] 

Collation 94 pp. 

26 Bibliotheca Rosicruciana. 

Part V. 

i8i Medicamentosum Apollinis Oraculum in quo ipse 
Catholicum Medicandi Mysteriuni seu Arcanum Medi- 
cinae tarn caelestis quam terrestris sacrarium . . . videtur 

This 5th Part is one large sheet, measuring 39i>y 17 inches, and is connected 

by the catch-word " Medi " to Part 4. 
Each part (except Part V) of this important medical work has a distinct title 

page and .separate ps^inationj : and, throughout, the plates and cuts are 

well executed, some of which jare of a mystical order. 

182 Sophise cum Moria certamen in quo lapis lycjius 
a falso structore, Fr. Marino Mersenno Monacho repro- 
batus celeberrima Voluminis sui Babylonici figmenta ac- 
curate examinat. 2 parts, Folio. (Frankfurt) 1629 

Collation 118 (ii) pp. 
This work contains Fludd's reply to Mersenne, who had attacked him in 1622 
(see article, ** Mersenne "). 

183 Summum Bonum quod est vemm Magiae Cabalae 
Alchymiae Fratrum Rosece Critcis verorum. . . . in 
dictarum Scientiarum laudem et insigniis calumniatoris 
Fratris Marini Mersenni dedecus publicatum, per 
Joachimum Frizium. Folio, Fine Vignette Tttle^ with the 
inscription, " Dat Rosa Mel Apibus." (Frankfurt) 1629 

Collation 54 pp. 
The authorship of this work has been denied by Fludd, but it is very evident 
that he was largely responsible for its production and certainly approved of 
it. It is written in defence of the Rosicrucian Fraternity's claims, and con- 
tains therein the views of Fludd and those of his friends. It has recently 
become exceedingly scarce. 

184 Doctor Fludd's Answer unto M. Foster, or the 
Squesing of Parson Foster's Sponge, ordained by him 
for the wiping away of the Weapon Salve . . . 4to. 
London, Nat Butler, 163 1 

Collation (viii) 68 pp. 
A counterblast of Fludd to a pamphlet issued by the Rev. Wm. Foster, called 
*' Iloplocrisma Spongus, or a Sponge to wipe away the Weapon Salve : a 
treatise wherein it is proved that the cure late taken up amongst us by ap- 
plying the Salve to the Weapon is magicall and unlawful." 4to. London, 
1631. 56 pp. 

185 ClaviS Philosophise et Alchymise Fluddanae sive 
R. Fluddi Armigeri et Medicinae Doctoris ad Epistolicam 
P. Gassendi Theologi exercitationem Responsum, &c. 
Folio, fine vignette title (same as the "Summum Bonum"). 
Francofurti, G. Fitzerum, 1633 

Collation 87 pp. 
This contains Fludd's final answer to Gassendus^ Mersenfte^ and another op- 
ponent called Lanovius^ and is rather important, since, being twitted by 
Gassendus as to the absence of any place of residence being assigned to the 
R.c. Fraternity, he (Fludd) evades this point by relinquishing the name 
Rosicrucians, as he knew he was unable to meet it. 

186 Responsum ad Hoplocrisma-Spongum M. Fosteri 
Presbiteri ab ipso ad unguenti armarii validitatem de- 

Bibliotheca Rosicruciana. 27 

lendam ordinatum . . . Folio. Goudae, P. Rammazenius, 

Collation 30 folios, and i p. errors. 

187 Philosophia Moysaica in qua Sapientia et 
Scientia creationis et creaturarum Sacra vereque Chris- 
tiana ad amussim et enucleate explicatur . . . Folio, fine 
vignette title. Goudae, P. Rammazenius, 1638 

Collation (x) 152 folios. 
This was the author's last work and, as such, fitly represents his matured 
opinions on Metaphysics, Philosophy, &c. It is not such a voluminous 
one as the " Microcosmi Historica," but it was the only one of any impor- 
tance that he translated into English, and thus evidently intended it to be 
more popular than his others. The English translation which he himself 
accomplished was not published until a.d. 1659. 

188 Mosaicall Philosophy, grounded upon the 
Essential Truth, or Eternal Sapience, written first in 
Latin and afterwards thus rendered into English by 
Robert Fludd, Esquire, and Doctor of Physick. Folio. 
London, H. Moseley, at the Prince's Arms, St. Paul's 
Churchyard, 1659 

Collation (vi) 300 pp. 
A work on Philosophy and Science, illustrated with many cuts throughout 
and the only one translated into English. 

189 DiSCUrSUS de Unguento Armario, pp. 507 to 513 
in " Theatrum Sympatheticum Auctum," by Sylvestrus 
Rattray. 4to. Norimbergae, 1662 

190 Meteorum insalubrium mysterium : duabus sec- 
tionibus divisum . . . His accessit Oyromantia sive Div- 
inatio per Urinam nee non nova et arcana Pulsuum 
scientia. Folio. Moguntiae, L. Bourgeal, 1682 

Collation— Part I (xvi), 503 pp. ; Part II, 413 pp. ; Part III, 93 pp. and 
large table at end. 

This is a re-issue of three works, viz. : '* Integrum Morborum," 163 1 ; KaOoXtKov 
Medicorum, 163 1 ; Pulsus Historia [163 1] ; wanting, however, the Dedica- 
tions and Hieroglyphical Engraving, etc., of the first work. 

191 ReUgiO Exculpata — Autore Alitophilo (i.e., 
Robert Fltidd) Religionis fluctibus dudum immerso, tan- 
dem per Dei gratiam et indefessam enatandi Operam 
emerso. 4to. (Ratisbon) 1684 

Collation (viii) 459 pp, 

192 Fasciculus Geomanticus in quo Varia Variorum 
opera Geomantica continentur . . . 8vo. Veronae, 1687 

Collation 647 pp. 
This appears to be a reprint of a portion of the " Utriusque Cosmi " relating 
to Geomancy. 

193 Schutzschrift fur die Aechtheit der Rosen 
Kreutzergesellschaft von dem Englander Robert de 
Fluctibus, der Arzneygelahrheit Doktor zu London 
Wegen seiner liberaus groszen Seltenheit und Wich- 

28 Bibliotheca Rosicruciana. 

tigkeit auf Begehren aus dem Lateinischen ins Deutsch 
zugleich mit einigen Anmerkungen ubersetzt von AdaMah 
Booz. 8vo. A. F. Bohme, Leipzig, 1782 

Collation 320 pp. 
A German translation of " Tractatus Apologeticus/' 1617. 

194 Wood (Anthony k) Athenae Oxoniensis. 2 voIs> 
folio. 2nd Edition, 1721. 

In Vol I, pp. 590, 610, and f. 169, there is an account of R. Fludd's life and 
works ; also W. Foster, his opponent, and a statement that Fludd used 
some of Simon Forman's Astrological MSS. for his own books (pu 372). 
This is an invaluable work of reference. 

195 Forges de Parny (E. D. de) Les Rosecroix 
Pofeme en douze chants. i2mo. Paris, 1807 

CoUatign (iv) 220 pp. 
: A modern romance, founded on r.c. facts. 

196 Forsog til nojere Kundskab om lUuniinaternes 
Sect .... Overset af Frank. 8vo. Kiobenhaven 
Hegelund, 1791 

Collation 182 pp. 

197 Fortalitium Scientiae welch alien Pansophiae 
Studiosis die Briiderschaft des R.K zu eroffnen gesandt. 
8vo. Niirnberg, 161 8 

198 Fournier (Edouard) Examen sur Tinconnue at 
nouvelle caballe des freres de la Roz^e-Croix, habituez 
depuis peu de temps en la ville de Paris, Ensemble This- 
toire des moeurs, coustumes, prodiges et particularitez 
d'iceux. 2 vols, 8vo. Paris, 1855 

This is an article of 12 pages that appeared in Volume I of a work called 
" Varidt^s Historiqnes et Litt^raires," &c 

199 Freimaurerische Versammlungsreden der Gold 
und Rosenkreuzer des alten Systems mit zwolf eingedr 
Vignetten. 8vo. (Hop. Vierling) Amsterdam, 1779 

Collation (xvi) 304 pp. 

2cx> Fresnoy (Lenglet du) Histoire de la Philosophie 
Hermetique ; accompagnee d'un Catalogue raisonn^ des 
Ecrivains de cette Science .... 3 vols, 8vt). Paris> 
chez Coustelier, 1742 

Collation— Vol. I (xxiii) 486 (xx), Vol II (xxii) 360, Vol III (xxii) 432 pp. 
This is the best biblic^aphical work on Hermetic books up to the present 
that we have ever seen. It must have taken the author an immense 
amount of time and trouble to compile, and his notes evince an amount of 
knowledge that is most admirable. He mentions the F.R.C. as fanatics, but 
I am afraid that most people are dubbed thus who run counter to the 
orthodox public opinion. Look back in history at the Inquisition, Tycho 
Brahe, Mesmer and Mesmerism. What is called fanaticism in one age 
becomes the creed of the next. ViTho could have foretold in Mesmer's 
time, and even later with Dr. Elliotson, here in England, that the much- 
ridiculed Mesmerism would be the adopted pet of the medical faculty, who 
in a former age could use no epithet hard enough to abuse it ? Autr& 
temps Autres moeurs. 

Bibliotheca Rosicruciana. 29 

201 [Fuger (Dr. M.)] Authentische Geschichte des 
Br. Gordians eines vorgeblichen Abgesandten des hohen 
Ordens derR.K.zuGrundlegungeiner Colonic in Schwaben, 
Aus dessen eigener Briefen. (Herausg J. M. Welchinger) 
(Stuttgart Metzler). 8vo. Cosmopolis, 1789 

Collation (iii) 230 pp. 

202 Gabella (P. A.) Secretions Philosophiae con- 
sideratio brevis a P. A G. Philosophiae St. conscripta et 
nunc primuni un4 cum Con/essione Fraternitsitis R.C. in 
lucem edita.. 4to. Cassellis, G. Wesselius, 1615 

CoUatioh 68 pp. 
A reprint of the Con/essiOf etc. 

203 Gardner (Rev. James) The Faiths of the World: 
A Dictionary of all Religions and Religious Sects, their 
Doctrines, Rites, Ceremonies and Customs. 2 vols, folio. 
London, N.D. 

Contains an account of the Order, vide Art. ** Rosicrucians." 

204 Gassendus (Petrus) EpistoUca Exercitatio in qua 
Principia Philosophiae Roberti Fluddi Medici deteguntur 
.... 8vo. Paris, 1630 

Collation (xliv) 360 (ii) pp. 

Contains a free criticism on Fludd's works and the " Fratres Rosae Crucis.'' 
This was really done to relieve the bnrden on Mersenne's shoulders, who 
was getting the worst of his conflict with Fludd. So Gassendus came to 
the rescue, although he did not entitely exonerate his friend from blame, as 
his language was not very choice in his description of his opponent. Fludd 
replied to all this in his work, " Clavis Philosophise," Frankfurt, 1633, in- 
cluding Mersenne in his diatribe. A good deal of this controversy is to be 
found in the " Foster " work by Fludd, vide Nos. 184, 186. 

205 Geheime Figuren der Rosenkreuzer aus dem i6 
und 17 Jahrhundert Erstes Heft Altona J. C. Eckhardt 
in Commission in der Heroldschen Buchhandlung in 
Hamburg, 1785. Zweites Heft Altona, 1788. Drittes 
und letztes Heft. Altona. Folio. N.D. 

Collation— 1st Part, 32 pp. (title and 4 pp. letterpress) ; 2nd part, 34 pp. ; 
3rd part, 32 pp. 

This valuable work was published anonymously, and the contents of the 
MSS. are described in No. 372. It consists chiefly of very finely coloured 
plates symbolical of the Rosicrucian teachings and doctrines, besides which 
there are a couple of tracts. One is called, "Aureum Sa^ulum Redi- 
vivum, or the Golden Age Revived/' by H. Madathanus, A.D. 1621 ; the 
other, " Ein Giildener Tractat vom Philosophischen Steine,'* A.D. 1625, or, 
*• A Golden Treatise on the Philosopher's Stone." ' This is the work that 
F. Hartmann reproduced as a wonderful find in an old monastery, but 
which was already well known to be in existence, (vide No. 221). 

206 GeheimniSS aller Geheimnisse, Das, ex Macro- 
cosmo et Microcosmo oder der gtildene Begriff de- 
geheimsten Geheimnisse der Rosen und Gtildenr 

30 Bibliotheca Rosicruciana. 

Kreutzer, mit ihren drei Steinen der Wunder. 8vo. 
Leipzig. Bohme, 1788 

Collation 104 pp. 
Contains a number of alchemical processes. 

207 Geheimnisse einiger Philosopher! und Adepten 
aus der Verlassenschaft eines alten Mannes. 2 vols {?)„ 
8vo. Leipzig, C. G. Hilscher, 1780. Fine frontispiece 

Collation Vol I (vi) 187 pp. 
This work (Vol I) contains two interesting. alchemical pieces by Antonii a 
Terra^ F.R.C. " Processus Secretissimus," and the other by Ignatii a 
Lilienheim, F.R.C. " Processus de Floribus i^theris Captandis Singularis." 

208 [Geiger (PhiUipp)] Warnung fur der Rosen- 
kreutzer Ungeziefer. 4to. Heidelberg, 1621 

209 Gesprach von der ungeheuren Weltphantasey 
der Rosenkreuzischen, und von dem grossen Phantasten 
Menippo. 8vo. Tubingen, 1617 

210 Godwin (William) St. Leon : A Tale of the Six- 
teenth Century. 4 vols, 8vo. London, 17^9. (Several 
other editions have since appeared) 

This Rosicrucian romance is founded on a passage that appeared in Dr.. 
John Campbell's translation of the work " Hermippus Rediviims" which 
also contains other curious occult matter. 

211 Gould (Robt. F.) The History of Freemasonry : 
Its Antiquities, Symbols, &c. 3 vols, 4 to. London, 1886 

In Vol II, Chapter ij, this erudite writer discusses at great length the 
relationship of Freemasonry and Rosicrucianism, especially with regard to 
certain Brethren who belonged to both fraternities, notably Elias Ashmole 
and Robert Fludd, and also to refute the idea that Freemasonry had even a 
part of its origin in Rosicrucianism. 

212 [Grasshof (Job.)] Aperta Acta Arcani Artificio- 
sissimi das ist erdffneter und offen stehenden Kasten der 
allergrosten .... der Natur, des Grossen und Kleinen 
Bauers (von Chortalasseus auch Condesyanus gennant 
J. G. zu Stralsund). 8vo. Frankfurt, 16 17 (followed by 
other editions in 1623 and 1687) 

Collation 229 pp. 

213 [Grasshoff (Job.)] Responsum ad Fratres r.c. 
illustres, Heus Leo Cruce Fidis, Lux Sat Hodie, Nam 
quando Fide Curris onus Propulsans Ecclesiae. 8vo. 
Vigebit, 1618 

Collation 14 pp. 

214 Grundlicher Bericht von dem Vorhaben Gele- 
genheitundlnnhalt der lobl Bniderschaft des R.C. gestellt 
durch einen unbekannten, aber doch vornehmen Mitgen- 
ossen. 8vo. Augsburg, 1617 

215 Griineisen (C.) Die Christenburg, allegorisch.^ 
epische Dichtung von /. V, Andrea nach einer gleich- 
zeitigen Handschr herausg. von C.G. 8vo. Leipzig, 1836 

Bibliotheca Rosicruciana. 31 

216 Guaita (Stanislas De) Essais de Sciences Mau- 
dites (i) Au Seuil du Myst^re. 8vo. Paris^ G. Carre, 

Contains an article on the Order of the Rose Croix, with an alleged extract 

from its secret constitutions. He further states that it now numbers at 

present upwards of i,oco adherents. 
As it further states that its affairs are administered by a Supreme Council, I 

presume it is still in existence at the present time, since its founder's 


217 Guttmann (Aegidius) Offenbarung Gottliche 
Majestal darinnen angezeigt wild wie Gott der Herr sich 
aufanglich alien seinen Geschopfen mit Worten und 
Wercken, &c. 2 vols, 4to. 16 19 

218 H.S.F, — Examinatio brevissima, das ist Kurzliche 
Eroterung worinnen sich Joh, Siverti in seiner Mum- 
menschantz oder nebelkappe wider die vom R:C. ziemlich 
verhauen von -^.5.-F. 8vo. 1617 

Arnold says that the author is Hojeh Bilthi <^iXo<f>iXo^ 

219 [H.S.F.] Antipantzerfegerianus das ist recht- 
maszige Antwort auf die Scharteke /o/t. Siverti durch 
den Autorem der Examinatio. 8vo. 16 17 

220 Hartmann (F.) An Adventure among the Rosi- 
crucians by a Student of Occultism. 8vo. Boston, Occult 
Publishing Co., 1887 

A modem work of fiction. 

221 Hartmann (F.) The Secret Symbols of the Rosi- 
crucians of the i6th and 17th Centuries, copied and 
translated from an old German MSS. by Franz Hart- 
mann, M.D. Folio. Boston, 1887. (26 coloured plates) 

This is a reproduction of a portion only of No. 205, ** Geheime Figaren, etc,,* 
and I cannot do better than quote from Mr. G. Red way's- Literary Circular 
for May, 1888, concerning it : "Why Dr. Hartmann otnitted a part of its 
letterpiess we are at a loss to understand. (I believe, also, that a whole 
part of the plates was omitted as well. — F.L.G.) We do not say this in 
order to disparage the book, for, indeed. Dr. H.'s publishers deserve all 
praise for their enterprisie ; but the time has gone by when bibliographical 
jokes of this kind were appreciated, and buyers of valuable works do not 
like to be trifled with in a matter so important as the history of a printed 
book. Verb, sap" 

222 Hartmann (F.) in the Pronaos of the Temple 
of Wisdom, containing the History of the True and 
False RosicrucianSy with an Introduction into the 
Mysteries of the Hermetic Philosophy. 8vo. Illustrated. 
London, 1890 

This work contains a very readable account of the Order and gives a list of 
about 30 works on the subject. He presents the matter in a popular style 
tO: suit modern tastes, especially those of a Theosophical tendency, but it 
does not exhibit any deep research. 

223 Hauber (D. E. D.) Bibliotheca Acta et Scripta 
Magica Gnindliche Nachrichten und Urtheile von solchen 

32 Bibliotheca Rosicruciana. 

Btichem und Handlungen welche Die Macht des Teufels 
in leiblichen Dingen betreffen ... 3 vols, 8vo. Lemso> 
J. H. Meyer, 1739 to 1741 

eoUation— Vol I (xxiv) 828 (xxiv), Vol 2 (x) 838 (xxiv), Vol 3 (x) 814 (xxii) pp. 
A fine catalogue, full of plates, some very well executed in old mezzotint 
style ; others are very indifferent, but the whole production exhibits a vast 
amount- of research. 

224 [Haugwitz (Count von)] Hirtenbrief an die 

: wahren und achten Freimaurer alten Systems. (Leipzig, 

Boehme). 8 vo, 5,785 (and two other editions, 5,785 and 


Collation (vii) 248 {i) pp. 

^ ..( 225 Heckethorn (C. W.) The Secret Societies of all 
gcif'\l^^ Ages and Countries. 2 vols, 8vo. London, 1875 

'^ • ' 226 „ A comprehensive account of upwards of 

one hundred and sixty Secret Organisations . . . New 
Edition, greatly enlarged. - 2 vols, royal 8vo. London,. 

A long chapter is devoted by this author to the subject and contains a deal of 
interesting matter, although he treats it from a sceptical standpoint and 
devotes no space to their spiritual doctrines and teachings, 'i'he work 
contains a fine. Bibliography of works upon-:--The Ancient Mysteries, The 
Cabbalah, Illuminati, Freemasonry, ' Inquisition, Knights Templars, and 

227 Heilige Balthasar (Der) ein Bruder r.c. oder 
geheime Geschichte der Bemuhungen der Bruder R.C. 
der Protestantichen Religion den tollesten Mysticismus 
aufzupfropfen. (Gotha, Ettinger.) 8vo. 1795 

Collation 240 pp. 

228 Heinrich (J. M.) i.e. [Tzschoppe <J. M.)] Ver- 

such liber die Secte der Illuminaten, Nach dem Franz. 
8vo. Freyberg, Gratz, 1790 

Collation J^xviii) 196 pp. 

229 Helbigius (J. O.) Epistola intimorum jussu 
amicorum ad Frat. R.C. exarata. i2mo. Heidelberg, 
1 680. (Vide Art. " Magnum," &c.) 

230 Helias Tertius Artista, das 1st wohlnieyndliches 
Urtheil von dem orden der newen Briiderschaft des 
ordens vom Rosenkreuz gestellet durch einen Arzney D. 
8vo. Leipzig, 1616, and 4to, Frank, i€i9 

231 Henne am Rhyn (Dr. Otto) Das Buch der 

Mysterien, Geschichte der Geheime Lehren, Gebrauche 
und Gesellschaften aller " Zeiten und Volker. 8vo. 
Leipzig, 1 89 1 

An English translation of this work has also appeared. It contains a chatty 
account of the order, with references to other Secret Societies, notably 
' Freemasons and Knights Templars. 

232 [Herbert (Hon. Algernon)] Nimrod : A Dis;- 

Bibliotheca . Rosicruciana. 33 

course on Certain Passages of History and Fables. 4 
vols, 8vo. London,. 1 828- 1 830 

In Vol IV, p. 517, this author states that Andrea openly avowed bis desire to 
see all nations united into one . vast Empire, and calls it a magnificent 
attempt zxAMonarchadignus (Andr Civ Vere Christ, p. 142-3 ; Menippus, 

P: 90). 

233 Hermes TnsmegistUS—'* Aureus": The Golden 
Tractate, concerning the Physical Secret of the 
Philosopher's Stone, in Seyen Lectures, &c., with a fine 

■j . plate <opied from^ ^liphas Levi's " Grand Mysteres," &c., 
4to. Bath, 1886. Edition limited to 200 copies). 


234 A New Method of Rosie Crucian Physick, where- 
in is shewed the cause and therewith their experienced 
medicines for the cure of all diseases ... 4to. London, 

Collation (vi) 62 pp. 
In this early work the author states in his preface that he is not a Rosie 
Cfucian, but throughout the work appears to have hitched himself on to 
the title of R.C. without appreciating the true signification thereof. He 
' is very verbose, and loses himself in pages of windy eloquence, for the book 
is little better than a lot of scribbling without much point. He evidently 
obtained further and deeper knowledge later on, as his later works evince ; 
but this early one makes one think of the first plunge in a new bath. He 
refers, however, on page 41, to Sir Christopher Heyd«>n as the "Seraphi- 
cally Illuminated Rosie Lrucian and learned Astrologer," so it is just 
possible that this was the source where he derived his R.c. teachings from, 
and which blossomed out to greater advantage in his later writings. 

235 The Rosie Crucian Infallible Axiomata, or 
Generall Rules to know all things, past, present, and to 
come, usefull, pleasant, and profitable to all, and fitted to 
the understanding of mean capacities. i2mo. London, 

Collation (xlii) 126 pp. 
The author again states in the preface to this work that heisnoRosicrucia,n,but 
he first mentions that there are a Society of men known as Rosicrucians. 
He then goes on delibrately to copy out of the Fama and Confessio pretty 
well the whole history of C.R., his life and travels, without acknowledging 
what I presume he must have been aware of— thfeir having already appeared 
45 years previously in German. He further refers to the Book M, and 
states that he himself as having '' put it into English wearing the title of 
The Wise Man's Crown,'' and then describes a vault where the sun never 
shone ; nevertheless, it was enlightened with another sun and an altar in 
the centre covered over with a plate of brass, &c. \ and further goes on to 
say (p. xviii) that " there is another vault or habitation of the Brethren in 
•the West of England," and winds up by saying that, "Thus much at this 
time and no more am I allowed by my Mistress Euterpe to publish." I 
notice that one of the laudatory epistles is signed by Fredk. Talbot, a 
gentleman who wrote the author's life in the work, *' The Rosie Crucian 
Crown." The book as a whole contains some real knowledge and is one 
of the most valuable he has written. The bulk of it deals with the subject 
of numbers and shows indubitably that he passed through the lower grades 
of the Society. 

34 Bibliotheca Rosicruciana. 

236 The Holy Guide, leading the Way to the Wonder 
of the World (a Cor»pleat Phisitian), teaching the know- 
ledge of all things, past, present, and to come, viz., of 
pleasure, long life, health, youth, blessedness, wisdom,, 
and virtue . . . with Rosie Crucian medicines, which are 
verified by a practical examination of principles in the 
great world, &c. A fine portrait of the author. 8vo.. 
London, sold by Thos. Whittlesey at the Globe in Can- 
non Street, near London Stone, 1662. A work published 
in VL parts. 

Collation — (cxxviii) 37 pp., Liber I ; (xvi) 169 pp., Liber II ; (viii) 226 pp., 
Liber III ; (vi) 83 pp., Liber IV ; (vi) 145* pp., Liber V ; (viii) 55 pp.^ 
Liber VI ; Index at end, xxix pp. 

This is an excellent work, f^nd by many considered his bes(. It starts with 
a Chemical Dictionary; then Book Ideals with philosophy; Book II Num- 
bers a reprint of his work, the R.c. *' Axiomata,'* with a fine plate (p. 161) ; 
Book III, Long Life ; Book IV, Virtue of Minerals ; Book V, Gold and 
Rosicrucian Medicines ; Book VI, The Rosie Cross Uncovered, with a 
most charming piece at the end, called " The Rosie Crucian's Prayer to- 
God." The whole of this book is virtually a reprint of the preface to his 
work, " The R.c. Axiomata," published in 1660, and which I have already 

237 The Wise Man's Crown : or, the Glory of the 

Rosie Cross, showing the \yonderful power of Nature,, 
with the full discovery of the true Coelum Terroe^or first 
matter of metals, etc. ; v^ith the Regio Lucis and Holy 
; IJou^ehold of Rosie-Crucian Philosophers. Commu- 
nicated to the world by John Heydon, 1664 

238 Theomagia, or the Temple of Wisdome in three 
parts^Spiritual, Celestial, and Elemental ; containing 
the Occult Powers of the Artgels of Astrpmancy in the 
Telesmatical Sculpture of the Persians and GEgyptians.. 
The Mystical Virtues of the Characters of the Stars with 
the Genii, Ideas, and'Tigures of Ge^om^ncy, &c. The 
Knowledge of the Rosie Crucian Physick and the Miracu^ 
lous Secrets in Nature, which have performed incredible^ 
extraordinary things . . . 8vo. Fine portrait of Author. 
Pub. by H. Brome at the Gun in Ivie Lane and Tho. 
Rooks at the Lambe at the East End of St. Paul's 
Church, 1664 

Collation— fcxii) 272 pp., Book I, 1664 ; (xii) 228 pp., Book II, 1662 ; (viii) 
249 pp., Book III, 1663 ; and Index VII. 

This work is very ably written and is entirely devoted to Geomancy, with 
Astrology and the Angels, corresponding to the Geomantic figures, their 
Sigils and influences for good and evil. Most of the modem Geomantic- 
works are taken from this and earlier books. Altogether, our author pre- 
sents the subject in a very exhaustive and lucid manner, and judging by 
the number of works he quotes, it must have taken him a considerable 
time to compile. A proof of this is the various dates to the parts, one 
being published each year. 

Bibliotheca Rosicruciana. 35: 

239 Psonthonphanehia : Being a Word in Season 
to the Enemies of Christians and an Appeal to the 
Natural Faculties of the Mind of Man whether there be 
not a God ... in five books. 8vo. London, printed 
by Tho. Mabb for Wm. Gilbertson at the sign of the 
Bible in Giltspur Street, 1664 ' 

Collation (x) i66 pp. 
Dedicated to Aubrey de Vere, Earl of Oxfora, Kt. of the Garter, etc., offering 
him this, work on "Rosie Crucian Philosophy.'* The second dedication is- 
to F. Hollis, Esq., and in it he appears to have incurred the enmity of the- 
Church by his doctrines, as this work is really a reply to charges brought 
against him by the Clergy, and, although he does not mention names, yet 
he quotes a sermon preached at St. Paul's Cathedral on 8th May, 1664, 
accusing him of Atheism. The work shows a more finished style and. 
maturer judgment, 

240 A Quintuple Rosie-Crucian Scourge for the Due 
Correction of that Pseudo-Chymist and Scurrilous 
Emperick, Geo. Thomson, being in part a vindication of 
the Learned Society of Physitians. 4to. London, 1665 

A pamphlet of 6 pp., in which the author inveighes in strong language- 
against his opponent's cribbing from his books and misrepresenting him. 

;24i EL Havareuna» or the English Physitians Tutor 
in the Astrobolismes of Mettals Rosie Crucian, Miracu- 
lous Saphiric Medicines of the Sun and Moon, the Astro- 
lasmes of Saturn, Jupiter . . . all harmoniously united 
and opperated by Astromancy and Geomancy, &c. Fine 
plates of author. 8vo. London, printed for Wm. Gilbert- 
son at the Bible in Giltspur Street, 1665 

' Collation (Ixx) 208 pp. 

This work contains some very choice alchemical mystical plates, and shews 
to my mind that he evidently got hold of valuable knowledge, which he 
gives out in a covert manner. A Mr. Fredk. Talbot also gives an account 
■ of John Heydon's life, mentioning that he was related to Sir Christopher 
Heydon, whom I strongly suspect was the cliannel through whom he ob> 
tained his R.c. knowledge, as he speaks so eulogistically of him in another 
of his books, although it is very possible be jmy have picked it up in his 
travels, as Talbot states that he went to Spain, Italy, Arabia, Egypt and 
Persia. He was descended - from Julius Heydon, the King of Hungary and- 
Westphalia, and CsQsar Heydon in Rome, and was articled to a Mr. Mic 
Petley, an attorney of Clifford's Inne, afterwards fighting for the king ; and,, 
after travelling, wrbte most of his books', — recounting a list of the 
wonderful predictions he made concerning his Majesty, etc He also appears, 
to have had a good deal of influence at Court, as when he got into trouble 
on one occasion we find that the Duke of Buckingham espoused his cause 
with great success. He was also not* without vulgar copyists, and others, 
who emulated his success. He appears to have been consulted by many 
high ladies about various divinations, but he di4 not marry, although of a 
handsome appeifrance. On the whole, from the intenfal e^dence of his 
writings, he appears to have goiie through the lower grade of the R.c. Order 
and to have given out much of this to the world. Whether he was chosen 
as a fitting instrument to do this at that time I am unable to say, but judg- 
ing that it came so shortly after the publication of the important Fama^ 
etc., in Germitny, I should not consider it unlikely that those who ruled 
such matters should deem it advisable to start a movement in England and. 

^6 Bibliotheca Rosicruciana. 

selected this man as their fitting instrument. Contemporaneous with him 
was the famous Astrologer, John Gad bury. 

-2+2 Hamqieguleh Hampaaneah, or the Rosie Crucian 
Crown, set with Seven Angels, 7 Planets, 7 Genii, 12 
Signes, 12 Ideas, 16 Figures, and their Occult Powers 
upon the 7 Mettalls and Miraculous Virtues in Medicines ; 
with the perfect full discovery of the Pantarva and Elixirs 
of Mettalls prepared to cure the Diseased ; whereunto is 
added Elhavareuna Presoria, Regio Lucis, and Psonthon 
books .. . 8vo. London, printed for Samuel Speed at 
. the Rain-bow in Fleet Street, 1665 

Collation— (xlviii) 54 pp., Books I and II ; (iv) 44 pp. Book III. I am un- 
able to be certain of thid Collation as the copy to which I had access was 
very imperfect. 

This Hork deals chiefly with alchemy. The author has not forgotten to insert 
his life by F. Talbot, which has already appeared in some of his former 

243 Higgins (Godfrey) Anacalypsis : An Attempt to 
draw aside the Veil of the Saitic Isis, or an Inquiry into 
the Origin of Languages, Nations, and Religions. 2 vols, 
4to. London, 1836 

This monument of learning and lesearch could hardly be complete without a 
reference to the Rosicrucians. He makes mention of the Society in several 
places, and states his opinion that this and other Secret Orders existed long 
before Christianity. He further states that ** The Papist Convocations and 
Councils had always endeavoured to suppress these Orders because they 
were Christians before the rise of Romish Christianity. Verb. Sap. 

244 Hintnem (Johannem) Speculum Ambitionis das 
1st Spiegel des Ehrgeizes in welchem zu sehen wie der 
Teufel von Anfang der Welt durch diss . . . Auff etliche 
ausgesprengte Schriflflen des Newerstanden sect F.R.C. 
genannt zur Refutation angestellt . . . 8vo. N.P. (1620) 

Collation 96 pp. 
A work written against the Order. 

245 [Hirsch (Chro,)] Pegasus Firmamenti sive intro- 
ductio brevis in veram sapentiam quae olim ab i£gyptiis 
et Persis Magia: hodievero a venerabili frat. R.C. Pan- 
sophia recte vocatur . . . conscripta a Joseph Steliato 
secretions philos alumno. 8vo. 1618 

246 Hisaius sub Cruce. Strasburg, 16 19. 8vo. 

(i) Septem miracula Naturae, oder sieben iiberaus 
trefliche Wunderwerke der Natur von der Bniderschaft 
der R.C. an den Tag gegeben 

(2) Miraculum Artis octavum bis anhero von der hoch 
Briid Kabb Weise vorgestellt hunmehro zur Rettung 
der Ehren, entdeckt wider das Tract Iren Agnosti Coll. 
Rhod. Notarii Tintin Philos. 

Bibliotheca Rosicruciana. 37 

247 Hoernerus (Joh.) Problema summum Math, et 
Cabalisticum das ist eine hohe versiegelte . . . Samt 
einem colloquio die Frat. R.C. bjetreffend. 4to, Niirnberg^ 

248 HoSSbaeh (Peter W. H.) J. Valentin Andrea und 
sein Zeitalter dargestellt von W.H. 8vo. Berlin, Reimer,. 

Collation (xvi) 296 pp. 
A fine work' on Andrea's life and times. 

249 Houpreght (J. F.) Aurifontina Chymica, or a 
collection of 14 small treatises concerning the First Matter- 
of Philosophers for the discovery of their (hitherto so 
much concealed) Mercury^ which many have studiously 
endeavoured to hide, but these to make manifest for the 
benefit of mankind in general. I2mb. London, W. 
Cooper, at the Pelican in Little Britain, 1680 

Collation (xxii) 272 pp. 
A most charming collection of valuable alchemical treatises. The reason,, 
however, I inserted it in my Catalogue was on account of one piece in par- 
ticular, called *' A letter communicated by Prince Frederick, Duke of Hoi- 
satia and Sleswick, concerning an adept, and relates things strange and un- 
heard of.*' This contains a relation of such marvellous things that I have 
hardly heard their equal elsewhere. Only a Rosicmcian Adept could have 

Srformed them. 
urd (Dr. William) A New Universal History 
of the Religions, Rites, Ceremonies, and Customs of 
the Whole World : or a Complete and Impartial View 
of all the Religions in the various Nations of the Uni- 
verse, both Antient and Modern, from the Creation down 
to the Present Time, etc. Folio, plates. London, Alex^ 
Hogg. N.D. 

This work contains a short account of the Order on pp. 699 to 701. 

251 Hunnius (Nic) P.P. Witteb. Betrachtung der 
neuen Paracelsischen und Weigelianischen Theologie. 
8vo. Wittenberg, 1622 


252 Vicus (Eneas) Vetustissimae hoc est Sacris quern 
ex Torquati edidit nunc Tabula JEnea ^Egyptiorum 
Literis Bembi Musseo Anno m.d.lix iEneas . . . Jacob! 
Franci. Folio. Venetus A.M., M.D.c. 

Collation— Title and 1 1 folding plates of tablet ; no letterpress. 
The first edition was published A.D. 1559 at Venice. I have been unable ta 
inspect a copy. 

253 Plgnonus (Laurentius) Vetustissimae Tabulae 
iEneae Sacris iEgyptiorum Simulachris ccelatae accurata 
Explicatio, in qua antiquissimarum superstitionum Ritus 
. . . enarrantur. 4to. Venice, Jacobi Franco, 1605. 

38 Bibliotheca Rosicruciana. 

Fine vignette title, folding plates of the tablet, and wood- 
cuts, &c. 

Collation (xii) 43 (x) pp. 
This is the first edition by Pignorius of this rare and curious work. 

-254 PignoriuS (Laurentius) Characteres ^Egyptii hoc 
est Sacrorum, quibus ^gyptii utuntur simulachrorum 
accurata delineatio et explicatio . . . omnia in ses pul- 
cherrime incisa per Jo. Th. et Jo. Isr. de Bry. 4to. 
Francofurti, Mat Beckerus, 1608 

Collation (vi) 43 (xviii) and 5 plates of the tablet (3 of which are folding). 

This is the second edition. Brunet says that the engraving of the tablet is 
wanting in both the ist and 2nd editions. My copy of this second edition 
contains the plate, and it does not appear to have been inserted, especially 
after what the title page says (see above). 

255 PignoriuS (Laurentius) Mensa Isiaca qua 
sacrorum apud iEgyptios ratio et simulacra subjectis 
tabulis aeneis simul exhJbentur et explicantur, accessit 
. . . de Magna deum Matre discursus et sigillorum 
. . . ex Kirchero Chifletioque interpretatio. 4to. 
Amstelodami and Frisius, 1669 

Collation (x) 97 (xi) ; Magna Deum (viii^, 96 pp. 
The third and best edition. 'J he frontispiece is a beautiful specimen of work, 
and indeed all the plates and cuts are executed in the best style by Enea 
Vico. As regards the Isiac Tablet itself, I stayed at Turin when travelling 
abroad on purpose to see this most interesting piece of antiquity. It is 
made of hammered bronze inlaid with silver, and although portions have 
been removed by some vandal, yet considering its antiquity it is in a good 
state of preservation. The following authors have written about it and 
several have reproduced copies of it : — J. G. de Hohenburg, B. de Mont- 
faucon, Dr. S. Shuckford Wm. Warburton, P. E. Jablonski, A. Kircher, 
Count Caylus, Abbe Banier, &c. For a critical dissertation and a modern 
account of it on Hermetic lines, I cannot refer my readers to a better 
authority than my worthy colleague. Dr. Wynn Westcott. Particulars of 
his work are to be found m my present catalogue under his own name. 

256 J.B. TT/oo(r^oi/>/<7£9 s Epistola ad ill et rev Frat. r.c. 
8vo. Francofurti, Bringen, December, 1615 

Collation 8 pp. 

257 J.B.P. Medicus, Sendscnreiben an die christliche 
Briider vom R.c, datum den \2 Januar, 1614 

258 J.D.Z.L. An die hochlobliche Briiderschafft derz 
erleuchten und viel begnadetenedlen und teuren Manner 
des Rosen Creuzes vertrauliches wolmeinendes Send- 
schreiben. 4to. N.P. J 61 5 

Collation 7 pp. 

259 J.P.D.A.S. Rosa Jesuitica oder Jesuitische Rott- 
gesellen. Das ist : Eine Frag ob die zween Orden der 
genandten Ritter, von der Herrscharen Jesu, und der 
Rosen Creutzer ein einiger Orden sey . . . von einem 
getreuen Patrioten . . . Per J.P.D.A.S. Jesuitarum pro- 

Bibliotheca Rosicruciano. 39 

tectorum (J. Themistius de Melampage) Prag, in v^r- 
legung dess Authoris. 8vo. 1620 

Collation 22 pp. 

260 J.M.O.H.C. a S. Antwort oder Sendschreiben 
an die von Gott hocherleuchte Briiderschaft von Rosen- 
kreuz auff ihre Famam und Confession der Frat, &c., zu 
Philadelphia (?). 4to. 1630 

Collation 8 pp. 

261 J.R.V. (M.D.) Drey Curieuse Chymische Tract- 
atlein das erste betitelt Guldene Rose , . . Fine plate, 
8vo. Franckfurt und Leipzig, 1706 

Collation 70 pp. 
This is a curious collection of alchemical processes, and I believe the author 
to have been a Frater of the R.c. Fraternity, both from internal evidence 
and also the fact that he ends up with the words " Soli Deo Gloria." This 
was a very common way amongst the fraternity of finishing their writings, 
and as a general rule is a pretty sure index to identify them by, whenever 
you meet with it. 

^62 J.S.N(otarius), etc. Ara Foederis Theraphici 
F.X.R. der Assertion Fraternitatis R.C. consecrirt A.C. 1617. 
Von einem Bruder dieser Societet erstlich in Latein 
beschrieben, nachmals verdeutschet und in Druck gege- 
ben, durch J.S.N. P. und Poet Cormat. 4to. Joh. Kauber, 
Neuenstad, 1618. The date at end is 1616 

Collation 19 p.p. 
Vide Art. Eglino (R.), No. 136, of which this is a translation. 

263 Jennings (Hargrave) The Rosicrucians : Their 
Rites and Mysteries, &c. 8vo. London, J. C. Hotten, 

-264 ,, Second Edition, revised, corrected, and 
considerably enlarged. 8vo. London, Chatto, 1879 

-265 „ Third Edition, newly revised and cor- 
rected, and greatly enlarged. Royal 8vo, 2 vols. London, 

We have here a work of a most discursive character. It contains a mass of 
ill-digested information upon Rosicrucians, Antiquities, Legends, etc. His 
remarks hardly crystallize ; they are more suggestive than positive, and deal 
too much with the physical aspect of our subject. In the second and third 
editions he has deliberately cribbed the occult plates from Welling' s Opus^ 
published at Franckfurt, 1760, without any acknowledgment whatever. The 
same remark applies to the Gnostic gems in the 3rd edition, which are taken 
from an old work issued by the famous Plantin Press at Antwerp, 1657, It 
was written by J, Macarus^ viz., *' Abraxas seu Apistopistus . . . de Gem- 
mis Basilidianis, etc.," and published in quarto, the plates being exceptionally 
fine ones of " The Gnostics," etc. 

266 Jennings (Hargrave) One of the Thirty : A 
Strange History, now for the first time told. Illustrated, 
8vo. London, N.D. (circa 1871) 

It is not generally known that the plates in this work are drawn by Geo. 
Cruickshank. The work is a collection of fine mystical tales founded on 

40 Bibliotheca Rosicruciana. 

mystical Rosicrucian truths, and are well worth reading ; some are of a 
terrifying character. 

267 Jennings (Hargrave) The Rosicrucian, or 
Curious Things of the Outside Worid, by H. J., with 
contributions by two other writers. 2nd Edition. 2 
vols, 8vo. London, 1863 

268 Judicia Clanss aliquot ac doctiss virorum, de 
Statu et Religione Frat celeb, de R.C., partim soluta par* 
tim ligata oratione conscripta ... quibus accessere epis* 
tolae duae germanicae ejusdem argument! parti ingenut 
acumine et judicii matutitate commehdatae. 8vo. Franco- 
furti, J. Bringerus, 161 6 

Collation pp. 28 
A collection of Rosicrucian Works bound up in one Volume. 

269 Kalbe (Otto) Katalog der gemeinschaftlischen 
Maurerischen Buchersammlung der Freimaurer Logen, 
&c. 8vo. Hannover, 1880 

This is a fine catalogue of books, containing a number on the R.C. Order, bat 
frequently only one line b given to each. The sizes are omitted altogether^ 
and in many cases dates as well. The numbering is not consecutive and 
sometimes wanting altogetlier, so that there is a good deal to be desired in 
the work. It appears to me to have been cut down to economise space. 

270 Kazauer (Chri. S.) resp. J. Ludwig Wolf Disp. 
Historia de Rosicrucianis. 4to. Wittebergae, 171 5 

Collation 54 pp. 

271 Keppler (Johannis) Harmonices Mundi Libri V 
. . . appendix habet comparationem hujus operis cum 
Harmonices Ci Ptolemaei Lib III cum que Roberti de 
Fluctibus, dicti Flud Medici Oxoni^nsjs speculationibus 
Harmonicis operi de Macro et Microcosm! insertes. 
Folio. Lincii, Austriae, J. Plancus, 1619 

Collation (viii) 255 pp. 
This work was written attacking Fludd's work, " Utriusque Cosmi," on 
Natural Philosophy, which was replied to by the latter in his work, '' Veri- 
tatis Proscenium, etc." 1 62 1, which Kepler replied to in his turn by his 
" Prodromus Dissert, etc, 1622 " (see next work), to which Fludd again 
responded by issuing his " Monochordum Mundi, etc.," in the same year, 
4to, and which was reprinted in the following year as a folio at the end of 
his " Anatomise Amphitheatrum." 

272 Keppler (Joannis) Prodromus dissertationum 
cosmog. continens Mysterium Cosmog . . . Apologia ad* 
versus Demonstrationem Analyticam C.L.V.D. Roberti de 
Fluctibus Med Oxon ... In qua ille se dicit respondere 
ad append icem dicti operis. Folio. Francofurti, G. 
Tampachii, 162 1- 1622 

The 3rd part contains Keppler's Apologia. 

273 Ketmia Vere. Der compas der Weisen, von 
einem mitverwandten der innern Verfassung der achten 
und rechten F.M. beschrieben ... in welcher die Ges- 

Bibliotheca Rosicruciana. 41 

chichte dieses erlauchten Ordens von anfang seiner 
Stiftung andeutlich und treulich vorgetragen . . . 8vo. 
Berlin und Leipzig, C. Ringmacher, 1779 

Conation (iv) 386 pp. 
The second and best edition, published Berhn, 1782, purports to be by Ada 
Mah Booz (i.e., Adam Virkholz). 

:2 74 King (C. W.) The Gnostics and their Remains, 
Ancient and Mediaeval. 2nd edition, royal 8vo. London, 

The 1st edition appeared in 1864, but this one has been considerably enlarged. 
The author devotes a number of pages to our subject, and has raised a storm 
of abuse from the Masonic Fraternity by venturing to assert that that Order 
had its rise from the R.C., who, after the fuss in Germany in the 17th cen- 
tury, came to England and started Freemasonry, Phcenix-like, out of its 

2y$ [King (Dr. W.)] The Dreamer, dealing with the 
Rosicrucians, or Knights of the Rosy Cross, Temple of 
Hercules, &c. 8vo. London, 1754 

Pages 64 to 72 are devoted to a reference to the Rosicrucian Order, which is 
valuable evidence of tlie continuity of its existence at that time. Although 
some of the a lusions to its members are not of a very complimentary 
character, yet it undoubtedly constitutes a link in the chain of evidence of 
its existence in that day. * 

276 Kisewetter (Karl) Vide Periodical Publications, 
" The Theosophist," Vol VII 

J277 KIOSS (Dr. Georg) Bibliographic der Freimaurerei 
und der mit ihr in Verbindung gesetzten geheimen Gesell- 
schaften, systematisch zusammengestellt. 8vo. Frank- 
furt am Main, J. D. Sauerlander, 1844 

A monument of labour and research. It contains entries of upwards of 5,393 
works, and I am indebted to this authority for many German works on the 
Rosicrucians, which I should have been obliged to omit otherwise. It is a 
marvellous compilation, and of late years has become quite unobtainable, as 
it has long been out of print. 

1278 Kochheim (J. H.) von Hellrieden, Tractatus 
errantium in rectam et planam viam reductio das ist 
Bestandiger unwider sprechlicher und ganz griindtlicher 
Bericht von der wahren Universalmaterie, &c. (i Dec). 
8vo. Strasburg, E. Zetzner, 1626 

279 Kurt Sprengel, Versuch einer pragmatischen 
Geschichte der Arzneykunde. 2nd edition. Halle, 
Gebauer, 1801. (Another edition, 1827. 3 parts) 

280 Kurt^er Discurs yon der Fratrum r.c. Confession 
Oder Glauben. 8vo. 1617 

.281 Kurze jedoch grUndliche Antwort auf alle 
Schrfften so wider die R.C. ausgegangen. 8vo. Niirn- 
berg, 1618 

42 Bibliotheca Rosicruciana. 

282 Kurzgefaszte Geschichteder r.c. oder etwas von 
ihrem Ordensstifter, Alterthum, Veranderung ... von 
einem wahren Freimaurer. 8vo. 1784 

Collation (viii) 32 pp. • 

283 L.C. Helias Artista, das its wolmeyndtliches 
Urtheil von der neuen Brliderschafft des Ordens vom 
Rosenkreutz genannt. Zur Antwort auffderoselben zwo 
schrifften deren die erste Fama die andere Con- 
fessio intituliert 4to. Franckfurt, Joh. Hofmann, 1619 

Collation 12 pp. 

284 L.G.R. Alia Epistola Metroligata ad eosdem 
Missa, ^ L.G.R. Philosophise Hermeticae Aniatore. 8vo. 
Francofurti, 161 5 

285 LH.J.V.H.J.D. Lud Cour Orvii Occulta Philo- 
sophia, oder Coelum sapientum et vexatio stultorum. 
8vo. 1737 

286 L.V. Einfaltige Antwort unnd Bittschreiben eines 
Lehen doch Liebhabers der Weisheit, &c., unterzeichnet 
L.V. 8vo. Frankfurt, Bringer, 161 5. (Another edition- 
was issued at Amsterdam, 161 5) 

Collation 16 pp. 

287 L'Arte Hermetique ou Nouvelle Lumiere 
Magique. i2mo. 1787 

288 Lafosse (Pierre de) Examen sur la nouvelle et 
inconnue cabale des Freres de la Rose Croix, habitude 
depuis peu en la Ville de Paris. Ensemble Thistoire des 
moeurs, coutumes, prodiges, et particularit^s de ceux. 
8vo. Paris, 1623 

Collation 14 p. 
See No. 388 by Neuheus, from which a good deal of this work is taken. 

289 Lawatz (H. W.) Angabe von (8i) Rosae Kreutzen 
Schriften, gesammelt von H.W.L., im Journal von und fiir 
Deutschland, 1788 

A fine bibliography of German books. 

290 Lebenswaldt (A. A.) Arzt zu Salzburg, Acht 
Tractatlein von des Teufels List und Betruge, &c. ... 
von den sogenannten Frat. R.C., &c. i2mo. Salzburg,. 
J. P. Meyer, 1680, 168 1, 1682 

291 Lenning (C.) Allgemeines Handbuch der Frei- 
maurerei Zweite vollig .umgearbeitete Auflage vonr 
Lenning' s Encyklopadie der Freimaurerei. 4 vols, royal 
Svo. Leipzig, F. A. Brockhaus, 1863- 1879 

First published in 1822 and now greatly enlarged. It contains a long im- 
partial account of the whole Rosicrucian work, and quotes largely from 
Kloss's biblic^aphy for its authorities. 


Bibliotheca Rosicruciana. 43 

292 Levi (Eliphas) (i.e., L'Abbe Alphonse Louis Con- 
^ stant) Dogme et Rituel de ia Haute Magie, deuxieme 

Edition ties augment^e, avec 24 figures. 2 tomes, ^8vo. 
Paris, 1861 

293 ,, Histoire de la Magie, avec une exposition 
claire et precise de ses procedds de ses Rites et de ses 
Mysteres, avec 18 planches (90 figures). 8vo. Paris, i860 

294 ,, Doctrines religieuses et sociales. 8vo. 
Paris, 1 84 1 

295 ,, La clef des Grands Mysteres suivant 
Henoch, Abraham, Hermes Trism^giste et Salomon, avec , 
planches. 8vo. Paris, 1861 

296 ,, La Science des Esprits, revelation du 
dogme secret des Kabbalistes, etc. 8vo. Paris, 1865 

297 ,, Le Sorcier de Meudon. Svo. Paris, 

- A romance embodying hermetic truths, it has of late years become scarce. 

298 „ Fables et Symboles avec leur explication 
on sont rev^l^s les grands secrets de la direction du 
Magn^tisme universel et des principes fondamentaux du 
grand oeuvre. 8vo. Paris, 1863 

299 ,, Le Livre des Splendeurs contenant le 
soleil Judaique, la Gloire Chretienne, et Tetoile flam- 
boyant. Etudes sur les origines de la Kabbale, avec les 
recherches sur les mysteres de la F. M. suivies de la Pro- 
fession de Foi, et des elements de Kabbale. Appendice 
par Papus (sur la Doctrine d'Eliphas Levi). Svo. Paris, 

' 1894 

300 „ Unpublished Writings of. The Para- 
doxes of the Highest Science, translated from the French 
MSS. by a Student of Occultism. 8vo. Calcutta, 1883 

A charming pamphlet of 1 15 pp., embodying some of the most advanced truths 
of occultism. It went out of print very shortly after publication, and is 
well worthy of another edition, 

301 ,, The Magical Ritual of the Sanctum 
Regnum, interpreted by the Tarot Trumps, translated 
from the MSS. oi EX., and edited by W. Wynn Westcott, 
M.B,^ with 8 finely coloured plates. 8vo. London, 1896 

' Dr. Westcott obtained this valuable MSS. from the late Edward Maitland, 
who in his turn obtained it from the autlior, also deceased. I have been 
unable to exclude these famous modem mystical works on account of their 
excellent teachings arid hennetic illustrations, as althoi^h the title 
Rosicrucian can hardly be applied to them, yet their mysticism rukis so 
closely on similar lines of thought that I feel justified in finding a place for 
them here. Some further entries are also to bie found under ArUcle " Manu« 



44 Bibliotheca Rosicruciana. 

302 Libavius (Andreae) D.O.M.A. Examen Philo- 
sophiae novae quae veteri abrogandae opponitur . . . De 
Philosophia harmonica magica Fraternitatis de Rosea 
Cruce. Folio. Francofurti ad Moenum apud P. Kopff, 

This work is contained in a larger one, with the title " Arcanorufftf* or 
" Syntagmatis Selecionim^^^ as two editions were published in 16 13 and 
1660. Its pagination is separate, and pp. 262 to 306 are headed 
"D,0»M,A. l^\txc\XsX\o Paracelsica nova de notandis ex scripto fraternitatis 
De Rosea Cruce/' which contains an exhaustive criticism of the harmonic 
and magical philosophy of the Rosicrucian Fraternity. The rest of the 
work deals chiefly with alchemical processes. 

303 Libavius (Andrea) Analysis Confessionis Frater- 
nitatis De Rosea Cruce pro Admonitione et instructione 
eorum, qui, quid judicandum sit de ista nova factione, 
scire capiunt Folio. Franco, 1615 

This work is also contained in the same volume as the preceding one. 

Collation 28 pp. 

304 Libavius (And.) D.O.M.A. Wolmeinendes 
Bedencken von der Fama und Confession der Briider- 
schafft des R.C. eine Universal Reformation und Umbkeh- 
rung der gantzen Welt von dem Jungsten Tag zu einem 
irrdischen Paradehss . . . 8vo. Franckfurt bei E. Emmel, 
Peter Kopff, 16 16. (Another edition appeared at Erfurt, 

. 1617) 

Collation 294 (vii) pp. 
Our author in this work has evidently been placed in possession of further in- 
formation since his former ones, as he shifts his ground entirely. He now 
admits that the Order does exist, and points out the advantages to be gained 
by joining it, as there is much wisdom and learning to be obtained by so 
doing ; and this is all done under the cloak of a csitic — rather different to 
that of the position of Doubting Didymus taken up in his earlier works. 

305 Libellus Theosophiae de Veris Reliquiis seu 
semine Dei in nobis post lapsum relicto, quo Sancti 
Patres et Prophetae. in tantos viros excreverunt. Das ist 
Ein Buchlein der Gottlichen Weisheit . . . 4to. Lucas 
Jennis, Neustadt, 161*8 

Collation ii and 38 pp. 
Four pages are devoted to a sermon by Paracelsus on Purgatory, The work 
is printed in German and Latin. Author unknown. 

306 Liber MutUS in quo tamen tota Philosophia Her- 
metica figuris hieroglyphicis depingitur, ter optimo 
maximo Deo misericordi consecratus, folisque filius artis 
dedicatus authore cujus nomen est Altus (j\e,, Saulat^ 
Jacob), Folio. [Rupellae, 1677.] 1 5 Large emblematical 
plates, with 2 pages of dedication to King Louis XIV of 

It is said that the whole of the physical Rosicrucian art of alchemy is shewn 
in these 15 plates. They are certainly an exceedingly curious production, 
and those wno have hitherto been ignorant of the existence of such a work 

Bibliotheca Rosicruciana. 45 

should make a point of inspecting them whenever an available opportunity 
offers. My copy is bound up with Manget's large work on Hermetic 
Chemistry (vide Article, Manget, J. J.) 

307 Lindner (J. G.) Ganz besonderer und merk- 
wiirdiger Brief an die H.H., Hohen unbekannten obern 
Gold und R.K. Alten Systems in Deutschland und andern 
Landern. 8vo. 18 16 

Collation i6 pp. 
This letter was written in 1768^ but was not issued in print until 1816. 

308 [Luchet (Marquis J. P. L.)J Essai sur la Secte des 
Illumines. 8vo. Paris, 1789. (Three editions in all 
appeared in the same year. This, however, is the 

Collation (xv) 127 pp. 
In this work, published anonymously, Luchet attacked Illuminism. The 
third and fourth editions, slightly altered, and attributed to Mirabeau, were 
published under the title of *'Histoire Secret delaCour de Berlin," a work of 
extreme rarity, which was ordered to be burnt at the hands of the 
Common Executioner. 


309 Abrahami Eleazaris. UraltesChymisches welches 
ehedessen von dem Authore theils in Lateinisch und 
Arabischer theils auch in Chaldaisch und Syrischer 
Sprache geschrieben . . . der ejtflen Hermetischen Philo- 
sophic. Jacob. Bern, Fran, Ec(<heirt, 1774 

A fine work, full of most carefully exiscuted hand-coloured drawings, 
which appear to be reproductions oi Nicholas FlameVs '* Book of Abraham 
the Jew." They are not exactly the same in design, although intended, 
without doubt, to convey the same ideas. See, in connection with this. 
Article '• Westcott',' re " Nicholas Flameir 

310 Abraham Juif (Les Figures d') et les figures des 
fables avec celles du Christianisme. 

A curious MSS., marked on the cover, '* Ex libris Camille Pichon herfneticse 
scientite amatoris," and also sealed with his seal, c.p. It is a small folio of 
43 ps^cs, and appears to be a commentary on FlamePs famous work. I 
should assign its date as being about a.d. 1800. It is without any illustra- 

310^ Admission of Dr. Sigismund Bacstrom into the 
Society of Rasa Cmiix by Le Cotnte de Chazaly 12th 
September, 1794 

This is a most interesting work, as it gives in full the terms of admission 
which were in use at that date and refers to the existence of the Order in 
1490. The copy that I saw was one executed by the late well-known 
Mystic, Frederick Hockley, and his finely coloured frontispiece is a repro- 
duction of the seal of the Society, which is also the seal of the Red 

511 Adrianyi (Emil) Extracts from the Oesterr Frei- 
maurer, Zeitung, 1879, on Rosicrucian Rituals, Grades, 
Ciphers, and Secrets, translated by E^A. Folio. 1894 

There is some very valuable matter in this MSS., but it is hardly of so much 
importance as some of our others. 

46 , Bibliotheca Rosicruciana. 

312 Brahe (Tyc-onis) et F. B. Grosschedel ab Aicha. 

Calendarium Naturale Magicum perpetuum profundis- 
simam Rerum secretissimarum contemplationem totiusque 
Philosophiae cognitionem cQmplectens, lo. Theo. de Bry, 
excudeb. A large engraving (39 by 22 inches). 1582 

A very great curiosity ; excessively rare and nearly unique, not more than 
three copies being known. This is preserved in- a volume called " Musseum 
Hermelicum et artis Cabalistica." There are several other magical pieces 
with it, which hardly bear mention in this place as they have reference to 
knowledge contained in the higher grades. 

313 Levi (Eliphas) Le Grand , Arcane, ou TOccuItisme 
d^voil^. En tfofs Ijvres, folio. 1868-9 

314 ,, Le Livre des Sages ; douze dialogues 
avec un Resume General, par Definitions et par Apho- 
risnies. 4to. 1870 

315 ,, Les Portes de I'Avenir, ou Dernieres 
paroles d'un voyant. 4 to. 1870 

These three valuable MSS. are in the custody of the M.W. Supren>e Magus 
and have never been published. 

316 Malczovicll (Ladislas de) A Translation of Von 
Chr-st Brud. Wahl w und Gevvalt bestattigten Eingang 
zur ersten Classe des preiswlirdigsten Ordens vom 
Goldenen Rosen Kreuz nach der lezten Haupt Reformat 
Convention errichtet. Folio. X^^J 

This MSS. is in the handwriting of Fratef'L. de M. It is carefully written 
and, as the name implies, of the utmost importance. It is preserved in the 
archives of the English Order by the Worthy Chief, Dr. Wynn Westcott. 

317 Pike (Albert) The Symbolism of the Blue Degrees 
of Freemasonry, a thick folio MSS. in the private library 
of the *' Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia." Its date is 
about 187 s 

This MSS. has never been published. It contains, in addition to its Masonic 
work, a great deal of Rosicrucian matter not to be found elsewhere. 

318 Rituals of the Four Grades of the First Order of 
the Societas Rosicruciana Republicoe, Confederatione 
Americana. Folio, 1881 

This MSS. is written in coloured inks and contains the American rituals, which 
are somewhat different to those employed in other Continents. This was 
done at their special request. The difference is more apparent than real, as 
the knowledge and beliefs are identical.- 

319 Salomon. La Clavicule Magique et Cabalistique 
du Roy Salomon avec les PentacuIeS Talismaniques In- 
vocations Conjurations des Esprits Celestes 

A carefully written 8vo MSS. of 310 pages, copied, a.d. 1732, from the 
original in the Florence library. The numerous diiigrams are beautifully 
executed and are the work of an artist. The contemporary binding, is 
whole morocco. ■ , ^ 

3^6 ^ Splendor Solis. 

This magnificent MSS., which is to be found in the British Museum (llarl., 
5,469), contains 22 highly illuminated plates representing emblematically 


Bibliotheca Rosicruciana. 47 

the processes in the search for the Philosopher's Stone. This is one of the 
most important MSS. possessed by that Institution. The work is written 
in High Dutch and was executed in a.d. 1582. The Library of the Order 
in England possesses a translation of this MSS. that has never yet beep 

321 Tabula pro concordantia Frat. Roseae etAureae 

There exists in Paris, in the archives of the ^^ Philosophical Lod^e" sl very 
curious diagram or table under the above title. It is written in German, 
and S.A.S. Prince Bernard of Saxe Weiniar examined this MSS. with 
great interest during his visit in t8t2j and was obliging enough to take the 
trouble to translate it himself into French. This piece of work is also most 
carefully preserved with the other as a monument of the Masonic zeal of 
S.A.S., and also for its valuable knowledge (vide Thory Acta, Vol. I., p. 85). 

322 M.A.O.T.W. Frater Crucis Rosatae, Rosen Creutz 
Bruder das ist fernerer Bericht was fiir ein Beschaffenheit 
es habe rtiit den R.c. Briidern, welcherley Leute siesehen 
Sonderlich welcher unter ihrem Orden seyn Konne und 
welcher nicht Sampt angehengten zwoen fragen . . . 8vo. 

Collation 51 pp. 

323 M.H. und J.J. Epistola und Sendbriefif an die 
Herren Fratres R.c, gegeben den 14 August, 1614 

324 Mackenzie (Kenneth R. H.) Leaves from the 
Diary of a Rosicrucian. Published in the Jcurital, " TIte 
Rosicrucianr Commenced in April and unfinished in 
October, Ih79 

This rather important narrative contains some very interesting Rosicrucian 
truths, and I have thought fit to enter it here as it might be overlooked. 
It has never been published separately, although well worthy of so doing. 

325 Mackenzie (Kenneth R. H.) The Royal Masonic 
Cyclopaedia of History, Rites, Symbolism, and Biography, 
edited by K.R.H.M. (Cry ptonymus). 8vo. London, 1877 

A most important work ; much fuller than Mackay*s and containing much 
deeper research and knowledge. It has lately become very scarce and 
copies are difficult to obtain. Vide Art. " Rosicrucian," etc. 

326 Mackey (Albert G.) An Encyclopaedia of f^ree- 
masonry and its kindred sciences . . . Royal 8vo. Phila- 
delphia. 1874 

This Encyclopaedia would scarcely be complete without making mention of 
the subject-matter of this work. Out of 947 pages, only three are devoted 
to Rosicrucianism ! ! ! Even the most case-hardened critic, would smile if 
one called this a representative review. This is better, however, than the 
subsequent edition ; vide Lexicon of Freemasonry^ 8th Ed.', London, N.D., 
which only contains one and a half pp. of matter on the subject and indig- 
nantly repudiates any association with the Masonic Fraternity. This ip 
rather hard on the Rosicrucian Society of England, whose ranks are re^ 
cruited entirely from Master Masons of good repute. Verb, sap, 

327 Mackay (Chs.) Memoirs of Extraordinary Popu^ 
lar Delusions and the Madness of Crowds. Illustrated* 

4^ Bibliotheca Rosicruciana. 

3 vols, 8vo. London, 1841. (Second Edition, 2 vols: 

A sketchy article was published in the above work on the Order. It is flimsy 
and superficial, and only worthy of a passing notice. 

328 Madathanus (Hier) Aureum seculum redivivum 
das ist die vhralte entnichene Guldene Zeit, so nummehr 
wieder aussgangen lieblich gebliihet und wollrichenden 
giildenen samen gesetzet, &c., by H.M. Thesophus Medi- 
cus et tandem Dei gratia aurae crucis Prater. 8vo. N.P, 
1 62 1. (Several other Editions were issued) 

Collation 43 pp. 
The Author states at the end of the Preface that he executed his Essay " ini 
Monte Abiegnus " — a palpable crib from the Fama and Confessio. 

329 Magnum interest totius Reip Hern sive Epist. II 
Buccinatoria ad /. O, Helbigy Job. de Monte Hermetis- 
Anon ac caeteros Magnates hermeticos data Duumviris- 
Hermeticis fcederatis, &c. 4to. Gedani, B. L. Tanck^ 

Vide ** Helbigius," No. 229, to which this is an answer. 

330 Arcana Arcanissima hoc est Hieroglyphica 

iEgyptio-Graeca ... ad demonstrandum falsorum apud 
antiquos deorum . . . originem . . . 4to. [Oppenheim, 
1614 ?] 

Collation (xii) 285 (xiv) pp. 

331 De Circulo Physjco hoc est auro ejus que virtute 
medicinali sub duro cortice instur nuclei latente ; an et 
qualis inde petenda sit, Tractatus haud inutilis. 4to, 
Vignette Title. Oppenheimii apud Lucse Jennis, 1616 

Collation 79 pp. 

332 LuSUS Serins quo Hermes sive Mercurius Rex 
mundanorum omnium sub homine existentium . . . 4to. 
Oppenheimii, L. Jennis, 1616 

Collation, 79 pp. 

333 „ Idem in 4to. Francofurti, 1617 

334 „ Idem in 4to. Oppenheimii, 1619 

335 Apologeticns, quo causse clamorum, seu Revala- 
tionum Fratrum Roseae Crucis et silentio, sive non red- 
ditse responsionis, una cum malevolorum refutatione,. 
traduntur. 8vo. Francofurti, 1617 

336 JExamenfucorumPseudo-Chymicorum detectorum 
et in gratiam veritatis amantium succincte refutatorum. 
Vignette Title. 4to. Francofurti, Theodor de Bry, 1617 

Collation 47 pp. 
Dedicated to a Dr. J. Hirschbergerus. 

Bibliotheca Rosicruciana. 49 

337 JOCUS Severus, hoc est Tribunale sequum, quo* 
noctua regina avium, Phoenice arbitro agnoscitur. Fine 
Vignette Title of the Birds. 4to. Francofurti, Theo. de 
Bry, 1617 

Collation 76 pp. 

338 Symbola Aurese Mensee duodecim nationum hoc: 
est Hermoea seu mercurii festa ab heroibus duodenis 
selectu, artis Chymicae usu, sapentia et authoritate paribus 
celebrata . . . 4to. Francofurti, L. Jennis, 1617. (Fine 
Portrait of Author at page viii) 

Collation (xx) 621 (xliii) pp. 

339 Silentium post clamores, hoc est tractatus apolo- 
geticus revelationum Fraternitatis Germanicae de Rosae 
Crucis et silentii eorum. 8vo. Francofurti, L. Jennis, 

Collation 142 pp. 
In this work the Author professes to explain why the Rosicrucian Order treats- 
its applicants with silence. This was translated into German by r.m.f. and 
pubhshed by L. Jennis, 1617. (Collation 190 pp.) Another Edition in Latin 
appeared in Frankfurt, 1624. (Collation ioo pp.) 

340 Tripus Aureus hoc est Tres tractatus chymici,. 

(i) Basilii Valentini Practica ... ex Germanico ; 
(ii) Thomae Nortoni, Crede inihi seu ordinale in* 

Latinum translatum ; 
(iii) Cremeri Testamentum . . . 
4to. Francofurti, L. Jennis, 16 1 8. (Fineportrait of Author 
at p. 6) 

Collation 196 pp. 
Thomas Norton, of Bristol, wrote his Ordinal of Alchymie about 1477, it 
was first published in English by Ashmole in his " Theatrum Chimicum,'*" 
A.D. 1652 ; an English work with a Latin title. However, Maier seems to- 
have anticipated Ashmole, as it first appeared in print in the ab6ve work. 
The Tripus Aureus is also published in Latin in the 1678 Edition of the- 
Museum Hermeticum. 

341 Atalanta fugiens hoc est Emblemata nova de 
secretis naturae chymica . . . figuris cupro incisis, adjec- 
tisque sententiis . . . plus minus 50 fugis musicalibus 
trium vocum, &c. 4to. Oppenheimii, Joh. Theodori de 
Bry, 1618 

Collation (iii) 211 pp. 
These fifty plates and the epigrammatic descriptions of them supply to the 
Adept who holds the Clavicula a complete view of the system of the 
Universe, the essential unity of all things, the possible transmutation of 
matter and the highest form of Theosophy able to be conceived by earthly 
mortals (Quod Scis Nescis, 1866). 

342 Themis Aurea, hoc est de Legibus, Fraternitatis 
Rosce Crucis. Tractatus quo arum cum rei veritate con- 
venientia utilitatis publica et privata nee non causa neces- 

,5Q Bibliotheca Rosicfuciana. 

saria enoluuntur et demonstrantur. 8v6. Francofurti, 
L. Jennis, 1618 

Collation 192 pp. 
This important work contains the Laws of the R.c. Order. It was' repub 
lished at Frankfurt, 8vo, 1624, as a continuation of No. 339 (Silentiiim, &c.). 
Collation pp. loi to 236. It was translated into German by R. M. F. a.d. 
1618, 8vo, Frankfurt, (242 pp.), and again translated into English in 1656 
(see No. 358). 

.343 Viatorlum, hoc est de MontiJ^us planetarum 
septem seu metallorutn ... 4to. Oppenheimii, Joh. 
Theodori de Bry, 1618 

Collation 136 pp. 

344 De Rosse-Cruce. 4to. Francofurti, 16 18 

345 EmblematSl nova Chimica. 4to. Oppenheimii, 

346 Encomium Mercurii, in Amphitheatro SapientiaB 
et Stultitiae Casp Dornavius. Folio Danielis ac Davidis 
Aubriorum. Hanoviae, 1619 

Vide pp. 604 et seq. 

.347 Tractatus de Volucri Arborea absque patre et 
matre in Insulis Orcadum forma Anserculorum pro'- 
veniente seu de Ortu miraculoso potius, quam naturali 
Vegetabilium, animalium, hominum, et supranaturalium 
quorundam, &c. 8vo. Francofurti, L. Jennis, 16 19 

Collation 180 pp. 

J48 Verum inventum hoc est munera Germaniae, ab 
ipsa primitus reperta et reliquo orbi communicata . . . . 
tractatu peciiliari evoluta et tradita. 8vo. Francofurti, 
L. Jennis, 1619 

Collation (xvi) 249 pp. 

349 Verum Inventum das ist von den hochnusslichen 
herzlichen Erfindunoren und Kunsten . . . alles in einem 
sondern Tractat erstlich Lateinisch beschrieben durch 
Michaelem Maieriim. 1 2mo. Franckfurt, L. Jennis, 16 19 

Collation 254 pp. 

350 Septimana Philosophica, qua ^nigmata 
Aureola de omni naturae genere a Salomone . . . et 
Arabiae Regina Saba, nee non Hyramo, Tyri Principe . . . 
4to. ' Francofurti, L. Jennis, 1620. (Fine portrait of 
Author at p. xii) 

Collation (xxxiv) 228 (Hi) pp. 

J51 CivitaS Corporis humani a tyrannide arthritica 
vindicata : hoc est Podagrae Chiragrae, et Gonagrae, quae, 
velut tyranni immanissimi artus extremos obsident, et 
excruciant, &c. 8vo. Francofurti, Lucae Jeanis, 162 1 

' ■ Collation 216 pp. 
" A wotk on M6dicine,^Therapeutics, 6tc. ' ... ■ 

Bibliotheca Rosicruciana. 51 

352 Ciantilense intellectuales, in triadas novem dis- 
tinctae, de Phoenice redivivo, id est Medicinarum pretiosis- 
sima, quae mundi tpitome et speculum est, et Clavis 
ternarum irreserabilium Chimiae Arcanorum. i6mo. 
Romae, 1622. (Another Edition appeared at Rostock, 
A.D. 1623) 

Both of these Editions are exceedingly rare and are said to be the scarcest of 
this Author's works. This was also translated into French by Le Mascrier 
(see No. 363). 

.353 Ulysses seu Tractatus posthumus, id est sapientia, 
seu intelligentia . . . Una cum annexis tractatibus de 
Fraternitate Roseae Crucis. 8vo. Ffaiicofurti, L. Jfennis, 

• ' ; 1624 . .': ,:./:■■ ■ ■'" 

Collation 274 pp. 

-354 ChymischerTractatThomae Nortoni eines Engel- 
landers Crede Mihi seu Ordinale genandt : vor ungesehr 
und erthalbhundert Jahren in Engellandischer Sprach 
Reimenweiss beschrieben, Nachmaln auss demi MSS. so 
zuvor niemals in Truck Ronnmen von M. Maiero 
Lateinisch vertirt, &c. 8vo. Franckfurt am Mahn, 
Lucae Jennis, 1625 

Collation 238 pp. 
This is a German reprint of Thomas Norton's "Ordinal of Alchemy," which 
first appeared in print by M. Maier in his '^Tripus Aureus," A. D. 1618. It 
contains seven fine Alchemical plates after De 3ry, which were not published 
in the. former editions. . r 

355 Maieru (M.) Vom Egerischen Schleder Sawer* 

bronneus. i2mo. Nurnberg, 1637 
.356 Viatorium hoc est de Montibus planetarum septem 
seu Metallorum . . . 8vo. Rothomagi, J. Berthelin in 
arae Palatii, 165 1 . 

' Collation 224 pp. ' 
De Bry's plates in this edition are charming examples of the beauty of his 

.357 LuSUS Serius, or Serious Passe-time : a Philo- 
sophical Discourse concerning the superiority of creatures 
under Man, written by M. Maierus, M.D. (translated by 
J. de la Salle)., 32mo. London, printed for Humphrey 
Moseley at the Prince's Arms in St. Paul's Churchyard, 
and Tho.Heath in Covent Garden, neere the Piazza, 1654 

Collation (viii) 139 (xvi) pp. , 

Speeches by all the animals seated around him. ' 

.358 Themis Aurea. — The Laws of the Fraternity of 
the Rosie Crosse, written in Latin by Count Michael 
Maierus, and now in English for the Information of those 
who seek after the Knowledge of that Hono\irablie and 
Mysterious Society of wise and renowned philosophers. 

52 Bibliotheca Rosicruciana. 

i2mo. London, printed for N. Brooke at the Angel mi 
Cornhill, 1656 

Collation (xxx) 136 pp. 
The Dedicatory Epistle is addressed to Elias Ashmole and signed by two- 
persons under the initials 

T. S. ( "• ^• 

359 Subtilis Allegoria super secreta Chimise perspicuse 
utilitatis et jucundae meditationis. 4to. Francofurti, 1677 

This was published in the " Museum Hermeticum." 4to. 1678. Pages 701 
to 740. 

360 Secretioris Naturae Secretorum Scrutinium 
Chymicum per Oculis et Intellectui accurate accom- 
modata figuris Emblemata, &c. 4to. Francofurti, G- 
H. Oehrlingii, 1687 

Collation (viii) 150 pp. 
A re-issue of " Atalanta Fugiens/' but omitting the Music. 

361 Viridarium Chymicum, das ist Chymisches Lust 
Gartlein in sich begreiffend, etlich und fiinffzig Philo- 
sophische Suinenbilder deren Beschreibung in teutsche 
Reimen gef asset durch einen Liebhaber deren Wissen- 
schaft. Oblong 8vo. Franckfurt am Mahn, 1688 

Collation 112 pp. 
A collection of 51 plates taken bv an enterprising German from Maier's- 
various works, reduced in size and edited with a German commentary. 

362 Chymisches Cabinet derer grossen Geheimnissen 
der Natur durch Kupfferstiche und Emblemata ... in 
das Hocliteutsche ubersetzet von G. A. K. 4to. Franck- 
furt, 1708 

Collation (iv) 153 pp. 
A German version of " Secretioris Naturae " (No. 360). 

363 [Mascrier (M. L. Le)] Cantilene Intellectuales 
de Phcenice redivivo ou Chansons intellectuelles sur la 
resurrection du Phoenix par Michel Maier par M,L,L.M. 
8vo. Paris, 17 18 

This is a French translation of No. 352}. Another edition appeared in Paris,. 

364 Maier (J. A.) Ueber Jesuiten, Freymaurer, und 
deutsche Rosencreutzer. i2mo. Leipzig, 1781 

365 Mangetus (Jo. Jacobus) Bibliotheca Chemica 
Curiosa seu Rerum Alchemiam pertinentium Thesaurus 
Instructissimus ... 2 vols. Folio. Fine portrait oF 
Author. Genevae, 1702 

A fine lx>ok, and a perfect storehouse of works on Alchemy, with valuable 
Bibliographical Notes. There are 133 Treatises in all. A detailed list is> 
to be found in Du Fresnoys Catalogue, where he says, ** C'est quant li 
present le moins commun des ouvrages de M. Manget il contient lesauteurs 
les plus curieux, les plus estim^, et moins suspects en Matidre de Chimie- 
Metallique," etc. 

Bibliotheca Rosicruciano. 53 

366 Marci (Fried) Rosenkreutzer Astronomia inferior, 
Oder septem planetarum terrestrium spagyrica recensio, 
&c. 8vo. Niirnberg, Endters, 1674 

367 Mederus (David) Judicium Theologicum ob ein 
Christ mit gutem Gewissen sich in diese Fraternitat 
begeben konne. 8vo. 16 16 

.368 Menapius (F. Gentdorp sive Gomez) Cento 
Virgilianus de fratribus R.C. 16 18, also : — Cento Ovidanus 
de fratribus R.C. 8vo. 161 8 

Collation 32 pp. 

369 ,, Anticrisis ad responsum /^ de Valentia 
das ist Kurtze DupHc unnd Defension auff die Widerant- 
wort Replic oder Confutation der Missiven. 8vo. 
(Colonic, 29 Nov. 1617) 1618 

Collation 32 pp. 
See also in connection with this Author the Tracts at the end of the following 
works : — 

Agnostus (J.) Fons Gratis, (i Januar) 1619 

Thesaurus Fidei (2 Martii) 16 19 
Frater non Frater (16 Marz) 1619 
Epitimia Fr. R.c. (25 August) 16 19 
Schweighardt (T.) I Menapius R.c. (April) 16 19 

370 Mersenne (F. Marin) Questiones Celeberrimse in 
Genesim cum accurata textus explicatione in hoc 
volumine Athei et Deistae impugnantur et expugnantur, 
&c. Folio. Paris, 1623 

The author in this work accuses Fludd of dealing with Magic, and was 
answered by the latter in his work, ** Sophise cum Moria Certamen," pub 
lished in 1629. (See also Art. Gassendus in connection with this contro- 

371 Michelspacherus (Stephanus) Cabala, Speculum 
Artis et Naturae in Alchymia . . . Rosece Cruets Frater- 
nitati dicata edita. quo hac in materia amplius nil deside- 
ratur. 4to. 1654 

Collation 14 pp. and 4 plates. 
A translation of a German work published anonymously, 16 15. (Vide 
" Sendtschreiben mit Kurtzer Pnilosophischen Discurz.'* 

372 Missiv an die Hocherleuchtete Briiderschaft des 
Ordens des goldnen und Rosenkreuzes : nebst einem 
noch nie im Druck erschienen voUst historisch-critischen 
verzeichniss von 200 R.K. Schriften vom Jahr 1614 bis 
1783. 8vo. Leipzig, Bohme, 1783 

Collation 126 pp. 

373 Missive an die Hochw Fraternitet des r.c. (Insulaa 
Beatorum Tutissimae). 8vo. Gedruckt im Jahr, 161 5 

Collation 16 pp. 

374 Moltherius (Dr. Geo.) Relatio de quodam Pere- 

54 Bibliotheca Rosicruciana. 

grino qui anno superiore Wetzlariam transiens, 6e fratrenn 
R.C. confessus est, et mira fecit. i2mo. Franco., 1616 

Collation (iv) 27 pp. 

375 Monopolii Philbsophorum. — Die Loblich Bruder- 
schafift zum Leichtschiff. Verteutscht auss einem Latein 
Exemplar so allem Ausehen nach eben so alt als die 
Brliderschafft zum R.C. seyn will. 8v6, 1617 

Collation 16 pp. 
This is a free make-up from the Latin work m.p, 1489. 

376 Mormius (Peter) Arcana totius naturae secretis- 
sima, nee hactenus unquam detecta, a collegio Rosiana 
in lucem produntur. 24mo. Lug. Bat, 1630 

377 Mosheim'S Institutes of Ecclesiastical History, 
Ancient and Modern, translated from the Latin hy /as^ 
Murdocky revised by/. S. Retd, 12th Edition. 8vo. 
London, 1849 

On pp. 732 et seq., also p. 808, contains a notice of the Order, but, as one 
would expect in a book of this description, it is biassed by the views of 
of Orthodoxy. He depends largely upon Arnold's work for his matter.. 
(Vide Art. Arnold.) 

378 Murr (Christoph Gottlieb von) Uber den wahreri 
Ursprung der Rosenkreuzer und des F.M. Ordens : nebst 
eniem Anhange zur Geschichte der Tempelherren. Svo.- 
Sulzbach, J. E. Seidel, 1803 

Collation 160 pp. 

379 Musaeum Hermeticum omnes Sopho-Spagyricae 
Artis Discipulos Fidelissime erudiens quo pacto summa 
ilia veraque Medicina . . . inveniri, ac haberi queat, &Cr 
4to. Francofurti, L. Jeenis, 1625 

Collation (xvi) 483 pp. 
This work contains one of De Bry's Engraved Title Pages, executed in his- 
usual excellent style. It contains Nine Alchemical Treatises — less than the 
succeeding editions. It is a much rarer volume, however. 

380 Musaeum Hermeticum reformatum et Amplifi- 

catum . . . continens tractatus Chemicos XXL 4to. 
Francofurti, Hermannum k Sande, 1678 

Collation (xii.) 864 pp. 
This Edition is enlarged to 21 Treatises, and contains Four fine folding. 
Mystical plates at end, symbolical of The Rosicrucian Philosophy. 

38 1 Hermetic Museum (The) Restored and enlarged 
most faithfully; instructing all the Disciples of the 
Sopho-Spagyric Art how that Greatest and Truest 
Medicine of the Philosopher's Stone may be found and 
and held . . . containing XXII most celebrated Chemical 
Tracts. 2 vols, 4to. London, 1893 

We have here the only English translation of this important Hermetic work. 
It is edited by the well-known Author, A. E. Waite, who, however, states 
in the Preface that the translator prefers to preserve his anonymity. The 
work has been well done and is a highly creditable production, whoever is- 

Bibliotheca Rosicruciana. 55 

responsible for it. . I notice that there is one more Treatise in this Edition- 
than in the former. This is because there is a Key to the four Emblematical 
Plates alluded to in my last notice of the 1678 Edition. This Treatise now 
appears under the title of '*The All-Wise Doorkeeper," and is a most 
desirable addition. 

382 MyliuS (J. D.) Anatomia Auri sive Tyrocinium 
Medico-Chymicum continens in se partes quinque. 4to. 
Francofurti, L. Jennis, 1628. Finely engraved Title 

Part V contains such excellent plates (5) of che process that I thought fit to- 
include this with the others. 

383 Mysteries of the Rosie Cross, or the History of 
that curious sect of the Middle Ages known as the Rosi- 
crucians, with examples of their pretensions and claims 
as set forth in the writings of their Leaders and Disciples. 
8vo. London, 1891 * 

A modern work of little importance, it is a digest chiefly of John Heydon's- 
works, who was only advanced to the lower degrees of the R.c. 

384 Mysterium Arithmeticum sive Cabalastica (sic) 
et philosophica Inventio, nova admiranda et ardua .... 
cum illuminatisslaudatissFrat. R.C. Famae viris humiliter 
et syncere dicata (per J. F. Ulniens, Sept., 1615). 4to. 

/ Collation 16 pp. 

. ^."385 Naude (Dr. G.) Instruction a la France sur la 

n ' veritd de Thistoire des Freres de la /^ose Croix, 8vo. 

Paris, chez Frangois Julliot au troisiesme pillier de la 

grand Salle du Palais, 1623.''''^ ^Another Edition. 4to. 

Pa^ris, Chevalier, 1624) 

Collation (xxiv) 117 pp. 

This work was reprinted in German in a book called "Ueber Geheime Wissen- 
schaften Initiationen und neuere Verbindungen." 2 vols. Alienburg, 1786- 
(Collation 247 and 349 pp.). 

Nand6 in this work upbraids his countrymen for their readiness to take up 
with new and ridiculous ideas, and the whole of it is written disparaging 
the idea of any such Brotherhood ; but then one must remember that he • 
was Librarian to Cardinal Mazarin, and the teachings of the Romish 
Church have always sternly repressed any rivals or freedom of thought, and 
Nand^ had his reputation to sustain and his living to earn, and who could 
better reply to the two Affiches, which appeared in Paris in 1623, ^^an the 
Cardinal's Librarian? Yet in spite of this he might have translated "/£>j/ 
centum viginti annos Patebo^* in a better fashion than ^^Apres six vingts ans 
je feray descoutrverte* (Vide p. 38.) 

Tnere is also usually another part bound up with this work, called " Avertis- 
senient au sujet des freres de la Rose Croix" 

386 ,, Examen sur la Cabale des Freres de la 
Croix Ros^ habituez depuispeu de temps en la Ville de 
Paris. 8vo. Paris, 1623 

387 Neuhusius (Dr. Henrico) Pia et utiHssima admo- 
nitio De Fratribus R.C. nimirum, an sint > quales sint .^ 
unde nomen illud sibi asciverint ? et quo sive eius modi 
famamsparserint.^ Conscripta et Publicae. 8vo. Dantiscv 

56 Bibliotheca Rosicruciana. 

C. Vetterus, i6i8. (Other Editions appeared in 1622 
and 1628; 

Collation 63 pp. 
See Art. ** Cygnajo/' who attacks this work. 

388 Neuheus (Dr. H.) Avertissement pieux et tr^s utile 
des Freres de la R.C. : escrit et mis en lumi^re pour le 
bien public, par H.N., de Dahtzic. 8vo. Paris, 1624 

389 Nicolai (F.) Versuch iiber die Beschuldigungen 
welche dem Tempelherrenorden gemacht >\orden und 
iiber dessen Geheimniss : nebst eineni Anhange iiber das 
Entstehen der F.M.G. Fine plate of Gnostic figures. 8vo. 
Berlin, 1782 

Collation (vi.) 216 pp. 

389* Nicolai (F.) Das Entstehen der Freymaurer- 
gesellschaft. 8vo. Berlin und Stettin, 1782 

This Treatise considers the question as to how far the Rosicrucians are a 
possible origin of the Freemasons. 

.390 Nicolai (Fredk.) Essai sur les Accusations in- 
tentdes aux Templiers, et sur le secret de cet Ordre : 
avec un^ dissertation sur Torigine de la Franc-Maconnerie : 
traduit de T Allemand. 8vo. Amsterdam, D. J. Changuion, 
1783. Plate 

Collation (iv) 224 pp. 
This Author's opinion is to the effect that, after having made a study of the 
greater part of Andreas*s works and others that have written on the subject, 
he is of opinion that Andreas, being only 28 years old, when the Famd first 
appeared, and a young man full of ardour and enthusiasm, hoped to spread, 
by means of poetical fiction^ his moral and political vtews (page 176 et seq.) 
and also purge the defects which existed in Theology, Science, etc., of his 
day ; but finding that his fiction was taken literally by the majority of 
people, and also the persecutions he suffered at their hands besides to his 
disgust, the misrepresentations and abuses his teachings received at their 
hands, induced him to abandon and relinquish his wriyect ; and to suggest 
that the Order was non-existent and only imaginary. Vide Andress's Articles 
" Menippus" and " Mythologia Christiana." 

J91 Nicolai (Fredk.) Einige Bemerkungen iiber den 
Ursprung und die Geschichte der r.k. und F.M. ; 
veranlatzt durch die sogenannte Hist. Krit. Untersuchung 
des Hei rn H. Buhle iiber diesen Gegenstand. Plate. 8 vo. 
Berlin, 1806 

Collation (xvi) 180 (68) pp. 

392 Nigrinus (Chro.) Sphynx Rosacea das ist der 
Entdeckung der Brliderschafft dess lobl Ordens dess R.c. 
unnd deren Famae und Bekendtnuss ohnge fahrliche 
Muthmassung. 8vo. Frankfurt, S. Schaumberger, 1618. 
(Another Edition, 161 9) ' 

Collation 120 pp. 

393 Nouvelles authentiques des Chevaliers et Freres 
initios del *Asie traduit de TAllemand. Berlin. 8vo, 

Bibliotheca Rosicruciana. 57 

394 OnuphriuS (Francisco) Lux HermeticaCIarifica,ta 
seu circulus Quadratus sapientum Opus Hermeiicum cte 
vero ac probato Lapide Philosophorum Comite F. 
Onuphrio de Marsciano Authore. . . . 4to. Coloniae, 

Collation 284 (iv.) pp. 

395 Onuphrius (Francisco) Clavis Arcis Hermetis 
Epistolae Tres responsiviae. ... ad Comitem Coesarem 
de Kulmiski. . . . 4to. Coloniae, 1743 

Collation 134 ^ii.) pp. 
Both of these are excellent works on Hermetic Philosophy, the latter ends 
up with Soli Deo Gloria. 

396 Ordre Kabbalistique de la Rose Croix. An 8vo. 
Pamphlet of 16 pp., dated (Aout, 1891), and signed by 
S. de Guaita, J. Papus and others: it was privately 
issued and had to do with internal disagreements with 
one of their Members. This is a Modern French Order, 
whose members have chiefly been directing their efforts 
to republish KhunratKs works and others, under the 
title of ^^ Btbliotheque Rosicrucienne*' in Paris 

397 Osterfeld (D. M.) Judicum theologicum von der 
Fama und Confessione . . . ob ein Christ mit gutem 
Gewissen und ohne Verletzung der ehre Gottes sich in 
dieselbe Fraternitet begeben Konne (.?) gestellt, 8vo. 
Dantzig, A. Hiinefeldt (27 January), 1616 

Collation 58 pp. 

398 P.K. — Sendschreiben an die von Gott hocher- 
leuchte Manner der Fraternitat des R.c. 8vo. 1615 

399 P.P.P. — Denen Widergebornen unnd durch den 
heiligen Geist erneweten Bruder R.C. Friede in Freunde, 
Gegen und Heil, durch den, der da war, ist und Kommen 
soil. 8vo. (1617). At the end — Sigillum Triunitorum, 
H. Bildtz. 

400 Pantheus (Jo. Augustinus) Voarchadumia contra 
Alchi'miam : Ars distincta ab Archimi'a, et Sophia : cum 
additionibus : Proportionibus : Numeris et Figuris oppor- 
tunis. 4to. Venice, 1530 

Collation 69 pp. 
One of the most valuable works in my Library. It contains some early wood 
blocks on the treatment of metals. The Title Page is a fine example of 
coloured wood block printing of that age. It is dedicated to Pope Leo X, 
and Pantheus is reputed to have disclosed the art of making gold to the 
Republic of Venice. 

401 Parny (Evariste) Les Rosecroix, Po^me en douze 
Chants. 8vo. Paris, 1808 

Brunet does not appear to know of any separate edition of these poems. He 
only mentions sets of this Author's works. 

58 Bibliotheca Rosicruciana. 

402 Pauli de Didis <ro0ta Travapcros qua spiritu et ritu 
^ gratiqsi Ordinis F.R.C. ad beatam et bonam vitam itur et 

pervenitur. 8vo. 16 14 ' 

•Without Author's name or place. . 

403 Pega (Theop de) Sylloge an hostia sit verus panis 
a Fratribus R.C. donata descriptio Frat. R.C. 4to. 161 8 

404 Peladan (Sar M^rodach Jos) Comment on devient 
Mage. Ethique. (Portrait.) 8vo. Paris, 1892 

405 „ Comment on devient F^e. Erotique. 
(Portrait.) 8vo. Paris, 1893 

406 ,, L'Art idealiste et mystique doctrine de 
rOrdre et du Salon annuel des Roses-Croix (du Temple 
et du Graal). i2mo. Paris, 1894 

Some other works have been published by this French Author, but I have 
quoted sufficiently from his list to shew in what manner he treats the Rosi- 
crucian subject. It appears to me to partake more of voluptuous estheticism 
than philosophical study. 


407 ArS QuatUOr CoronatOrum, being the Transac- 
tions of the Lodge Quatuor Coronati^ No. 2,076, London. 

This work is issued privately to Members of the Lodge — the first volume 
appearing in 1887— and consists of Papers on Freemasonry. Amongst 
these, however, have been numerous References, Articles, and Papers, on 
Rosia ucianismy of which I give a list up to date, viz. : — 

Vol. I. Page 28. Freemasonry and Hermeticism, by Rev. A. F. Wood- 
ford. Page 54. Rosicrucian Society of England, by Dr. W. 
Wynn Westcott. 

Vol. V. Page 67. Rosicrucians in Denmark in 1484, by R. F. Gould. 

Vol. VI. Page 202. Address by Dr. W. Wynn Westcott. 

Vol. VII, Page 36. *' Rosicrucians : Their History and Aims," by Dr. W, 
Wynn Westcott. Page 83. "Rosicrucians," by J. P. Vaillant. 
Page 145. " Medical Profession and Freemasonry," by R. F. 

Vol. VIII. Page 46. ** The Rosiecross," a Review by W. J. Hughan. 

Vol. . XI. Page 5. Elias Ashmole and his Diary, by W, J. Chetwode 

408 Anubis. — The Occult News and Review. 8vo. 
London, 1902 — 1903. Vol L all published. 

Articles appeared in Nos. III. and VII. of Rosicrucian interest. This is now 
being continued under a new Title ** Out of the Silence." 

409 Bizarre Notes and Queries (The). Svo. Pub- 
lished by S. C. and L. M. Gould. Manchester, New 
Haven, U.S.A. 

Vol. VIII., page 214, contains an account of " The Laws of the Brotherhood 
of Rosicrucians." This is a very entertaining article and is worthy of serious 
consideration. There is also some other Rosicrucian matter scattered 
through the volume, but of not so much importance. 

Bibliotheca Rosicruciana. 59 

410 Book Lore.— A Magazine devoted to Old Time 
Literature. Folio. London, 1884 to 1887 

Vol. III., page 14, contains a very brief notice of little over 2 pages of the 
Order, and is virtually a review of Jennings's work. 

411 Freemasons' Magazine and Masonic Mirror. 
(New Series.) 4to. London, 1859- 1868. XIX. Vols. 

Vol. IV., p. 187 (1861) ; VI., p. 65 (1862) ; VIII., p. 245 (1863) ; IX., p. 40 

(1863) ; XII., p. 180(1865) ; XVI., pp228, 446 ; XVII., pp. 210, 327 ; 

XVIII., p. 66 ; XIX. contains reference to the Order on pp. 89,291, 309, 

Some of the correspondence is of a very flippant character, whilst others treat 

it in a studious manner. 

412 Kneph (The) Official Journal of the A and P 
Rite of Masonry, edited by K. R. H. Mackenzie and 
others. 4to. London. No. i, January ist, 1881. The 
last Number issued that I know of was Vol. VIII., Years 
XIV, XV., August, 18 ^S 

Besides the Masonic matter there are a quantity of other articles dealing with 
Mysticism which are not to be found elsewhere. There is an excellent 
translation of that ^^'ork on Initiation in Egypt called " Grata Repoa," from 
the German ; also a translation of the " Chymical Wedding " — the Cubic 
Stone of the Philosophic Rose Croix ; and a number of Hermetic works. 

413 LondonMagazine(The) Vol IX. 1824. Pages 

S, 140, 256, 652 

Contains accounts and references to the Order in the usual Magazine style 

414 Masonic Examiner (The) Only 6 Numbers of 
this publication were issued. 4to. London, July to 
December, 1871 

Number III. contains a reference to the Order and the Symbolism of the Rose. 

415 Masonic Magazine (The) Vols. I. to IX. (all 

published). 8vo. London, i§73 to 1882 

Vol. IX. No. 105, for March, 1882, contains an article on the Order by the Editor. 

416 Metaphysical Magazine, devoted to Occult, 
Philosophic, and Scientific Research, Mental Healing 
and Pyschic Phenomena. Edited by Z. E. Whipple, 
8vo. New York. (Vol I., Jan. 1895) now publishing 

Vol. III., No. 6, June, 1896, contains an article by Alex. Wilder on ** The 
Rosicfucian Brotherhood." 

4 1 7 Notes and Queries. 4^0. London 

First Series. Vol VII (1853), p. 619 ; VIII (1853), PP- 106, 175. 

Fourth Series. Vol III (1869), p. 590 ; V (1870), p. 333. 

Sixth Series. Vol VII (1883), pp. 296, 437, 475 ; VIII (1883) pp. 168, 

317, 377 ; X (1884), pp. 389, 477. 
Eighth Series. Vol IV (1893), p. 87. 

418 Path (The) A Magazine devoted to the Brother- 
hood of Humanity, &c. 8vo. Vols. I. to XII. 1887 
to 1898. New York. All published. 

Vol I, page 217, contains a rough sketch of the fundamental doctrines of the 

6o Bibliotheca Rosicruciana. 

419 Rosicrucian Society of England.— Rules and 
Ordinances. 8vo, wrappers. London, 188 1. (Dr. W. 
R. Woodman, S.M.) 

Collation 12 pp. 

420 „ Ordinances of the Societas Rosicruciana 
in Anglia, or Rosicrucian Society of England. Revised. 
8vo. London, 1882. (Another Edition, 1892.) (Dr.W. 
Wynn Westcott, S.M.) 

Collation 16 pp. 

421 ,, Transactions of the Metropolitan College, 
with abstracts of the Essays read before the College. 
Privately Printed. 8vo. London 

These Transactions were first issued in 1885, and have been and are con- 
tinned yearly up to the present day. They contain Essays and Papers of 
great Hermetic interest, amongst which are the following, viz. : — 
The Occult Origin of the Zodiacal Signs. 

The Analogy between Magianism, Alchemy and Rosicrucianism. 
The Ever-Burning Lamps of the Ancients. 

Explanation of the Rosicrucian Certificate . . . with Kabbalistic Notes. 
The Reconciliation between the Chemistry of the Future and the Alchemy 

of the Past. 
A Note on the " Geheime Figuren der Rosen Kreiizer," aus dem i6ten 

und lyten Jahrhundert. 
A Lecture on the Fama Fratemitatis Rosee Crucis. 
Rosicrucian Secrets, " The Chymical Wedding," &c., &c., &c. 

422 „ Transactions of the Newcastle College^ 
Province of Northumberland and Durham. Privately 
Printed. Vol. I, Parts i to 3. Royal 8vo. Newcastle- 
on-Tyne, 1 891-4. All published 

Contains articles by Dr. Wynn Westcott, W. J. Hughan, Wm. Davidson, D. 
R. Clark and others. 

423 ,, Provincegf Northumberlandand Durham. 
The Newcastle College Roll, D 37. Reproduction and 
Transcript. Privately printed at Newcastle-on-Tyne. 4to. 

424 „ Province of Northumberlandand Durham. 
The Alnwick MSS., No. E 10. Reproduction and Tran- 
script. Privately printed at Newcastle-upon-Tyne. 4to. 

These two works are reprints of old Masonic Manuscripts, with Introductions 
by W. J. Hughan. 

425 ,, West of Scotland College. — Papers read 
before this Branch. Vol I, Part I, called " The Rosie- 
cross. Privately printed by order of the College. Glasgow, 

426 ,, York College. — Journal of the York 
College since its foundation in 1879. Published for the 
use of Members. Part I. 8vo. York, 1887 

Bibliotheca Rosicruciana. 6i 

Rosicrucian Society 

of the United States of America 

427 „ Massachusetts College. — Ordinances of 
the Soc. Ros., Mass. Coll., U.S.A., chartered June 5th, 
1880 .... Boston . . • 1885 

All of the following Papers are Svo. and were read before 
the Massachusetts College Soc. Ros. in U.S.A. 

428 Bowen (Dr. Seranus) The Pantheon at Rome. 
Boston, U.S.A., 1885 

429 „ Memphis and the Tombs at Sakkarah. 
Boston, U.S.A., i8th December, 1885 

430 „ The. Coliseum at Rome. Boston, U.S.A., 
4th Sept, 1886 

431 „ The Meaning of the Rod Boston, U.S.A., 
March 7th, 1887 

432 ,, The Druses. Boston, U.S.A., 17 May, 

433 „ Jerusalem. Boston, U.S.A., 5th Sept., 

434 „ Rosicrucianism. in the Early Days. 
Boston, U.S.A., 5th December, 1887 . 

435 „ The Pyramids of Egypt. Boston, U.S.A., 
1st June, 1888 

436 Chapman (A. F.) The Relations of the Several 
Grades of Freemasonry in the York Rite. Boston, April 
1st, 1882 

437 Dadmun (Rev. J. W.) Biblical Archaeology. 
Boston, U.S.A., 5 December, 1887 

438 Gould (S. C.) The Masters Mallet, or The 
Hammer of Thor. Boston, U.S.A., 7 June, 1886 

439 M Alcyone in the^ Pleiades, the Grand 
Central Sun. Boston, U.S,A., 6th September, 1886 

440 ,, The Staff of Adam, and the Shem- 
Hammephorash. Boston, U.S,A., 2nd June, 1887 

441 „ The Path of Rectitude, or Ye Samian Y. 
Boston, U.S.A., 5th September, 1887 

442 ,, Catechesis Arcani. Boston, U.S.A., 
January, 1892 

443 Maflfey(John) Fountain Abbey and the Cistercian 

444 Marvin (W. T. R.) The Alchemists and the 
Philosopher's Stone. 8vo. Boston, U.S.A. 

62 Bibliotheca Rosicruciana. 

Philadelphia College, Soe. Ros. in U.S.A. 

445 Meyer (Chs. E.) The Masonic Hall on Filbert 
Street, near eighth, Phila. The Second in Pa., and the 
oldest in the U.S.A. Fine Photo of Hall. Philadelphia, 
30th January, 1880 

446 Sartain (John) The Four Elements. Read be- 
fore the Philadelphia College, 8 April, 1879. Svo. Phila. 

447 Rosicrucian (The) A Quarterly Record of the 
Society's Transactions, with occasional Notes on Free- 
masonry . . . Edited by R. W. Little and Dr. W. R. 
Woodman. First Series, Vols I and II, all published, 
July, 1868, to November, 1874 (26 Parts) 

This, the First Series of this publication, is much better than the later ones. 
There are many articles of very great interest by the following Authors : — 
W. J. Hughan, R. W. Little, Kenneth Mackenzie, Dr. Woodman, Wm. 
Carpenter, &c. 

448 Rosicrucian (The) and Masonic Record. Edited 
by R. W. Little, assisted by Dr. W. R. Woodman. New 
Series (Second), Vol I, all published, isth January to 
October, 1875 (4 Parts) 

The best article in this Volume is one by K. Mackenzie, called " A Letter 
from the Brotherhood of the Rosie Cross." It is a translation, I presume, 
from the German. 

449 Rosicrucian (The) and Masonic Record. Edited 
by R. W. Little and Dr. W. R. Woodman. New Series 
(Third), Vols I and II, all published, ist January, 1876, to 
October, 1879 (16 Parts) all published 

This is the last publication of this Magazine. It contains important articles 
by K. R. H. Mackenzie, Dr. Wm. Bell, Fk. Hockley, W. T. Hughan, T. B. 
Whytehead, R. Went worth Little, D. Fearon Ranking and others. 

450 Spectator (The) Nos. 379, 574. 6 Vols. Svo. 

Edinburgh, 1839 

451 Theosophist (The) A Magazine of Oriental 
Philosophy, Literature, and Occultism. Madras 

Vol VII (1886), p. 451, coiTtains a long article, translated from the " Sphinx" 
by Karl Kisewetter, on " The Rosicrucians." He contributes some impor- 
tant facts, as his great-grandfather, who belonged to the Order, bequeathed 
to him his R.c. Papers. 

Vols VIII and IX contain a series of articles on " Rosicrucian Letters," 
purporting to be translated from the German and signed F. H(artmann). 
If this is the Author of the ** Secret Symbols of the R.C." one must be 
guarded in accepting evidence of this description. 

Vol XV contains a long article by Dr. Westcott taken from " Theosophical 
Siftings," called " Christian Rosenkreuz and the Rosicrucians." 

452 Unknown World (The) A Magazine devoted to 
the Occult Sciences, Magic, Mystical Philosophy, 
Alchemy, Hermetic Archaeology and the Hidden 
Problems of Science, Literature, Speculation, and 
History, edited by A. E. Waite. No. i appeared 

Bibliotheca Rosicruciana. 6^ 

August IS, 1894, and it finished with No. 5, Vol II, 
_• June 15, 1895. 4to. London 

The Editor has contributed some fine iarticles upon the! Ofder, and 'it Is also 
illustrated with some excellent Mystical Pio"tures by the well-knojvri artist, 
Mme, de Steiger. A good deal of space, however, is occupied by articles 
on the notorious "Lake Harris ^ of ** Laurence Oltphant" idjsxit,. 

• etc., a fact which may haVe had something to do 'with it,s downfall. 

453 Wirtemberg[ Magazine (The) No. HI, p. 523 

454 Petersen (J. W.) Leben Job. Valentin Andrea's 
Vom Bibliothecar J.W.P. zu Stuttgardt im Wurtemberg, 
Repertorium der Literatur. 8vo. Stuttgardt, 1782 

455 Philadelpho(Cbri.) Eulogistica e Symbolo patris 
primarii Roseae Crucis qui dicitur ejusnam sint religionis, 
scj-ipta a C.P. pansophiae amatore. 8vo. Francofurt, 
Bringer, 161 6 

456 PhilaretUS (Theopbilus) Pyrrbo Clidensis Redi- 
vivus das ist . . . Consideration Von der'Hoch benihmbten 
newen Briiderschaft derer von R.C. . . . durch XP. ex 
Philadelphia. i2mo. Leipzig, 16 16 . : I 

Collation (ii) 64 (iv) pp 

The Author is evidently "assuming a nom-de- plume, saying he comes from 

Phcebron (Bruder). See Eckhoffen (Hans Carl 
von Ecker) 

457 Q>^^\'oQ^ovp^a,v^^^ i.e., Rediritegratio an die Frat. 
vom R.C. das man sich mit gutem Gewissen derselben 
mag theilhaftig machen. Svo. 1^19 

Collation 31 pp. : 

458 Pleiades pbilosophise , Rbsianae Oder pbiloso- 
phisches Sieben-Gestirn derRosenkreutzer. Svo. Leipzig 
und Norhausen, 1738 and 1759 

459 Potier (M,) Novus tract cbyrnicus de Vera 
Materia veroque processu Lapidis Philosophici, cui acces- 
sit sub Calcem, ut verum ita sincerum de Frat. R.C. 
judicium (12th Sept., 1617). Svo. Frahcofurti, H. Pal- 
thenius, 1617. (Other Editions appeared 1619 and-1629). 

Collation 79 pp. ^ . . 

460 Praeludiuill de castitate, etc.; scriptum ad Ven 
Fratres R.C. Svo. Dantzig, A* Hunefeldt, 1617 . 

461 Probierstein fur acbte; Freimaurer, ein Denk- 
zettel fur Rosenkreuzer, Jesuiten, Illuminateh/ und 
irrendeRitter (Copenhagen, Bonnier). Svo. 1786. 2 Vols 

Vol I (xxxviii) 514 (i) pp. ; Vol II (xvi) 342 (i) pp. 

64 Bibliotheca Rosicruciana. 

462 R:C.N.N. — Antwort an die lobwiirdige Briider- 
schaft der Theosophen vom R.C.N.N., von Adam Hasel- 
meyer. Cassel, 16 16 

463 R.M.T. — Silentium Post Clamores Das ist Apologi 
und Verantwortung wieder etlicher ungestlimer Cla- 
manten (so sich in die Fraternitat R.C. auffzunehmen 
begehret aber ihres Gefallens Keine Antwort erlanget) 
Verlasterungen und Schmachreden welche sie wider 
dieselbige aussgegossen . . . dahren weingers dieselbe zu 
ihren gesell$chaft aufTzunehmen Bedenckens getragen. 
Durch R.M.F. 8vo. Franckfurt apud Lucae Jennis, 1617 

Collation 190 pp. 
Translated from Latin into German. 

464 [Radike (J. F.)] Geheime Geschichte eines r.o. 
aus seinen eignen Papieren. Edited by G. C. Albrecht. 
8vo. Hamburg, Bachmann, 1792 

Collation (iv) 294 pp. 

465 Randolph (P. B.) The Rosicrucian Dream Book, 
&c. Small 4to. Boston, Mass., 187 1 

I have thought fit to include this work owing to its title. The Author, how- 
ever, was a Pseudo Rosicrucian, and his works are unimportant and of but 
feeble interest to the student. 

466 Randolph (P. B.) The Wonderful Story of 
Ravalette . . . being the Rosicrucian's Story. 8vo. 
Toledo, Ohio, 1887 

This Pj^udo Rosicrucian Author has skilfully woven into a magical tale some 
of the R.C. mysticism. It is worth reading. 

467 Renatus (Sincerus) Die Wahrhaffte und voU- 
kommene Bereitung des Philos. Steins der Brtiderschafft 
aus dem Orden des Gulden und Rosen Kreutzes, darinne 
die Materie zu diesem Geheimniss mit seinem Nahmen 
genennet, etc. 8vo. Breslau, 17 10 and 17 14 

Collation xvi and 126 pp. 
A work on Alchemy, containing numerous processes. This Author has pub- 
lished several others, but this is the only one that mentions the R.c. 

468 Renatus (S.) Die Wahrhaffte, etc. Breslau, 17 14 

Collation (xvi) 126 pp. 

469 Regulse et Confirmatio novae Sodalitatis in Ger- 
m^nia cujus scopum detegit sequens epistola intercepta. 
4to. 1622 

470 Reparation des Athenischen verfallenen Gebaudes 
Paladis (sic) samt vorhergehenden prooemium und fol- 
genden angehangten Appendice, zu einer Responsion des 
titulirten Biichleins Reform, etc. .8vo. 16 15 

Collation 46 pp. 

Bibliotheca Rosicruciana. 65 

47 1 Responsio Fraternitatis r.c. Vermahnung aus Prag 
an die Fraternitat, dass sie wollen fortfahren in ihren 
Sachen. 8vo. 161 7 

472 Responsiones duae ad Fratrem r.c. ad quosdam 
suos Clientes. 

Vide theatrum Chem,, Vol VI, p. 393 

473 Responsum ad Fratres Rosaceae Crucis Illustres. 
Heus Leo Cruce Fidis. Lux sat Hodie. Nam quando 
Fide curris, onus propulsans ecclesiae, vigebit. 8vo. 1618 

Collation xiii pp 

474 Rosinfarben Creutzes (Des). i2mo. Parthe- 
nopolis, 1620 

475 Rostius (Geo.) Prognosticon Theologicum oder 
Theologische Weissagung vomjungsten Tage darinnen 
mancherley schone, liebliche und anmutige fragen, von 
den letzten handeln dieser Welt werden erortert, was von 
der Computation dcr Rosen Cruzer^ und M. Paulli Nangelii 
Prognostico Astrologo Cabaltstico zuhaltersey. . . . 4to, 
Rostock Jochim Fuesz, 1621 

Collation 207 pp. 

476 Rostius (Geo.) Heldenbuch vom Rosengarten, 
Oder grlindlicher und apologetischer Bericht von den 
Newen himmlischen Propheten, Rosenkreutzem, &c. 4to. 
Rostock, 1622 

An able apology for the Order by various Authors, viz., Valentine Weigel, 
Paul Neigel, &c. 

477 S.V.S.P. — Ein wolgemeyntes Antwort schreiben 
an Die hochwiirdigen und weitberiimbten Herrn Briider 
des hochpreisslichen Rosen Creutz Ordens, Beschrieben 
vori einem Philotheosopho : darinn auszfiihrlich ursachen 
die alle fromme hertzen auff der Fraternitet seit bringen 
mogen angezogen werden, 4to. Franckfurt. J oh. 
Hofmann, 16 19. 

Collation 8 pp. 

478 Salmon (Dr. Wm.) La Bibliotheque des Philo- 
sophes Chimiques, ou Recueil des auteurs les plus 
approuvez, qui ont dcrit de la Pierre Philosophale. 
2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1672 — 1678 

Another Edition was issued by f. M. D. R. (Jean Mangin de Richebourg) 
in 4 volumes, much enlarged, 8vo, Paris, 1741 — 54. The last volume is 
very scarce as it was not issued for 14 years after vol III. A portion of it 
was also published at London, 1692, under the title of '* Medicina 
Praciica," or " Practical Physick " : and again in 1707, It contains 
a ycry passable collection of Alchemical Works, although Du Fresnoy says 
that this translation of Geber is very bad, as he failed to choose the best 
edition of this author for his work, which is that of Danzic, 1682. 

66 Bibliotheca Rosicruciana. 

479 Sammlung der merkw Begebenheiten die sich 
mit Adepten und ihrer philosophischen Tinctur zuge- 
tragen. 8vo. Braunschweig, SGhroder, 178 1. 

480 Schalling (Jac) Winshem-Franchi, Opthalmia, 
sive disquisit hermetico-Galenica de natura oculorum^ 
etc. Folio. Erfurt. Bisclioff, 161 5. (Another Edition^ 
Erfurt. Birkner, 1 61 7) 

Collation 169 pp. 

481 Schlegels (J. S. B.) Tagebuch seines mit 
J. G. Schrepfer gepflogenen Unigangs nebst Beylagen, 
vielen Briefen, &c. 8vo. Berlin, 5806 

Collation (viii) 213 pp. 

482 [SchleiSS (Hof.)] Der im Lichte der Wahrheit. 
strahlende Rosen Kreuzer alien lieben Mitmenschen 
auch dem Magister Pianco (pseud) zum Nutzen 
hingestellt von Phoebron (pseud). 8vo. Leipzig. C. G. 
Hilscher, 1782 

Collation 348 pp. 
See also article Eckhoffen (pseud Pianco). 

483 Schmieder (K. C.) Geschichte der Alchemie 
8vo. Halle, 1832 

This is a fine work on the R.c. Order and Alchemy. It was written by a 
Professor at Cassel to establish by Historic Proofs the truth of the trans-, 
mutation of metals. It contains many valuable Bibliographical notes. 

484 Schnitger (F. F.) Discovered Fragments of 
Initiation in the Egyptian Secrets, translated by 
Frater ** Nee Aspera Terrent." 4to. Newcastle-on- 
Tyne, 1890 

485 Scholasterium Christianum seu ludus creden- 
tium quo toedium horarum seu temporis molestia 
abigitur et levatur. 8vo. 1624 

A good many of M. Maier*s Works are reprinted in this volume. • 

486 Schroder (W. F. von) Nothwendiger Unterricht 
vom Goldmachen denen Buccinatoribus oder sich so 
nennenden Foederatis Hermeticis auf ihre drei Episteln 
zur freundlichen Nachricht. 8vo. Leipzig, i6«4 

Collation 219 pp. 

487 Schweighart , (Theo.) Sub umbra alarum 
tuarum Jehova ! Pandora sextae Aetatis sive Speculum 
Gratiae, das ist Die ganze Kunst und Wissenschaft der 
von Gott hocherl Frat. C.R. ... 8vo. 16 17. 

Collation 74 pp. 
See also Art. No. 499, " Sendschreiben," and " F. de Valentia.* ' 

488 Schweighardt (T.) Speculum sophicum Rhodo- 
Stauroticun das ist Weitlauffige Entdeckung dess 
CoUegii und axiomatunii von der sondern erleuchten 

Bibliotheca Rosicruciana. 67 

Frat Christ R.C. All^n der wahren Weisheit begifigen. 
. . . durch T.S. Gonstantiensem. 4to. 1618 

489 „ Menapius (F. G.) Rosae Crucis das 
ist Bedencken der Gesatnbten Societet von dem verdeck- 
ten und angenandten scribtore (sic) F. G. Menapio ob er 
pro Fratre zuhalten. 8vo. April, 1619 

Collation 54 pp 
Albfrti^ who was a friend of Andreas, wrote under the assumed name of 
Menapius i and the name oi Schweighardt is affixed to the third part in fun. 
According to Kloss he also assumed the following pseudonyms, viz.: 
Gometz, /oh. Procopius^ Georg Odaxus, and it is conjectured that Agnostus 
himself might also belong to this collection. 

490 Scriptum amicabile ad venerandam, Frat. f.c, 
in quo pietas eorum contra impostores defenditur. 8vo. 
Francofurti, 162 1 

491 Semler (Dr. J. S.) Zusatze zu der Deutschen 
Uebersetzung von Fliidds Schutzschrift fiir die Rosen- 
kreuzer. 8vo. Halle (Gebauer), 1785 

Collation 212 pp. 

492 Semler (Dr. Joh. Salomo) Unparteiische Sam- 
lungen zur Historie der Rosenkreuzer. 4 vols. 8vo. 
Leipzig, Beer, 1786 

Collation :— Vol. i [xxiv]. 182 (1786); Vol. 2 [xxviii], 179 (1787) ; Vol. 3 
[xii], 204 (1788) ; Vol. 4 [viii], 196 (1788). Chronological Register [xviii]. 

An Impartial Collection from the History of the Rosicrucians, with some fine 
plates, by a most erudite writer. He adopts the view that the order existed 
long before the 17th Century, and proves the existence in the 14th Century 
of " An association of physicians and alchemists, who united their know- 
ledge and their labours to attain the discovery of the Philosophic Stone." 
(A. E. Waite, Real History ^ &c., p. 211). 

493 ,, Briefe an einen Freund in der Schweiz 
iiber den Hirtenbrief der unbekannten obern des F.M.O. 
alten Systems. 8vo. Leipzig, (Grasse), 1786 

Collation (xxxvi.) 156 pp. 
This was answered by an Anon, writer. Vide Art. No. 149, " Etwas^'^ 

494 „ Von achter hermetischer Arzenei an 
Herrn Leopold Baron Hirschen in Dresden. Wider 
falsche Maurer und Rosenkreuzer. 3 vols. 8vo. Leipzic, 

495 Sendivogius (Mich.) Cosmopolite ou Nouvelle 
Lumiere de la Physique naturelle, traictant de la consti- 
tution generate des Elements simples et des composez 
tradiut du Latin en Frangois par De Bosnay, 8vo. Paris, 
A Pacard, 1618. (Another Edition, with a Second 
Title, Paris, 1691, also in Latin, in Mangefs Work, 
Bib. Chym,^ 1702) 

Collation (xiv.) 152 pp. 

496 Sendbrief an die Herren des Decern virats der 

68 Bibliotheca Rosicruciana, 

Frat. des R.C. vom geheimen Schliissel des fast uner- 
offentlichen Schlosses. 8vo. Murr 

Collation 37 pp. 

497 Sendbrief an alle, welche von der Briiderschaft 
des ordens vom R.C. geschrieben. 8vo. Leipzig, 161 5 

498 Sendebrief an die von Gott hoch und begabte 
der natur verstandige sehr vortreffliche Herren des 
Decemvirats der Frat. des sogennanten R.C., &c, 
4to. 1705. (Another Edition, 1786). 

This is the same Mrork as the preceding one. 

499 Sendschreiben an die Briiderschaft des hochl 
Ordens der R.C. mit einem Kupferstiicklein auf der aller- 
seeligsten Frat Famam und Confession 

Collation 205 pp. 
The reputed author of this, and probably the 3 preceding works, is 7%. 
Schweighard^ alias Florentinus de Valentia, Both of these authors works 
may be considered herewith. 

500 Sendschreiben an die erhabenen Unbekannten, 
oder die achten und rechten Freimaurer. Svo. Berlin^ 
Stahlbaum, 1781 

Collation 200 pp. 

501 Sendschreiben an die glorwurdije Briiderschaft 
des Hoch Ordens vom R.C. von einem derselben besondern 
Liebhaber gestellet (geben zu Camposaia den 29 Januar, 
161 5). Svo. 1615 

502 Sendschreiben an die r.c., In centro Germaniae. 
Svo. Kazauer, 1617 

Collation 40 pp. 

503 SendtSChreiben mit Kurtzen Philosophlschen 
Discurz an die Gottweisse Fraternitet des loblichen 
Ordens des Rosen Creutzes ; auff derselben Famam 
uund Confession einfaltig gesehen, durch einen der 
Gottlichen von Natur Weisheit trewlich zugethanen 
(10 July, 1615). 4to. N.A. orP., 1615 

Collation (viii) pp. and 4 Folding Plates. 
The Plates to this Work are charmingly executed, and exhibit some very fine 
Rosicrucian Symbolism on its Alchemical side, they remind one of the 
Mutus Liber of which I have made mention elsewhere. It has also been 
translated into Latin (vide No. 371 " Michelspacherus"). 

504 SendtSChreiben oder einfeltige Antwort an die 
hocher Briiderschaft dess hocl ordens dess R.C. Auff Die 
von ihnen ausgefertige Famam uund Conf. Durch einen 
Liebhaber der volkommenen Weissheit gestellet uund 
aussgesandt (12 Januar, 1615). Svo. Frankfurt, Bringer, 

Collation 16 pp. 

Bibliotheca Rosicruciana. 69 

505 Senhold (C,) Selbstbiographien merkwurdiger 
Manner, herausgegeben von CS. Zwei Thiele Winterthur 
8vo. 1 796- 1 797 

The second part has the separate Title, J. Val. Andrea, selbstbiographie, &c. 

506 Shelley (Percy Bysse^ St. Irvyne, or The 
Rosicrucian : a romance by a Gentleman of the Uni- 
versity of Oxford. 8vo. London, J. J. Stockdale, 
41 Pall Mall, 181 1 

Collation (iv) 256 pp, 
A fine work of fiction founded on f&cts obtained from the Order. 

507 [Siebenstern (C. F. Sendemir von)] Chry Ferd 
von Sabbr, Practica Naturae vera, oder sonnenklare 
Beschreibung der Naturgeheimnisse, &c. Gedruckt auf 
Kosten der R.C. Briiderschaft. 8vo. 172 1 and 1735. 
and others 

508 Siles (Dr. A. B.) Helias Tertiusdas ist Urtheil 
oder Meinung von dem hoch Orden der Brliderschafft des 
R.C. zur antwort auff deroselben zwo unterschiedene 
schriffiten deren die Erste Fama die andere Confessia 
intituliret worden. Gestellet durch A.B.S. der Artznei 
Doct. 8vo. N.P. 1616, (Several other Editions were 
published in 161 8 and 16 19 

Collation (it) 102 pp. 

509 Sivertus (Joh.) Entdeckte Mummenschantze 
oder Nebelkappen das ist Shriftliche Wicderlegung der 
nebst von Cassel ausgeflogenen Stimpel confession der 
newen Krugs-Bruder oder wie sie sich nennen R.C, . . • 
8vo. Magdeburg, 161 7 

Collation 32 pp. 
See a reply to this, Art. No. 219 " II. S. F." 

510 Soane (George) New Curiosities of Literature 
and Book of the Months. 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1847. 
(Second Edition, with plates, 2 vols, 1849). 

In Vol II., p. 35, a chapter is devoted to Rosicrucianism and Freemasonry 
and the positions very fully reviewed, the author coming to the conclusion, 
however, that the " Fama " was not intended to describe a Society really 
existing, although he adduces some excellent evidence to shew that 
it was put forward by Andreas, there being nothing to show on the face of 
it by whom it was written. This author has got the date of the 1st 
Edition of the " Universal Reformatiion " correct as being A.D. 1 6 14, but he 
is hopelessly out in his subsequent dates : he evidently had a meagre library 
at his disposal. 

511 Speculum Constantiae, das ist Nothwendige 
Vermahnung an die R.C. Briider. 8vo. Ntirnberg, 

512 Spence (Revd. Joseph,) Anecdotes of Books 
and Men, collected from the conversation of Mr. Pope 

yo Bibliotheca Rosicruciana. 

and other eminent persons of his time, now first 
pubh'shed by 5. W. Singer. 8vo, London, 1820 

On page 403 of this work will be found a most interesting letter from Spence 
to his mother, written at Turin, August 25, 1740, in wliich he details at 
some length, a meeting, he alleges to have had, with an Adept who could 
transmute Gold and was possessed of the Great Elixir. 

513 Sp[erber] (J.) Echo der von Gott hocherleutchten 
Fraternitet des lob ordens R.c. das ist Exemplarischer 
Beweis, das nicht allein da jenige was ist in der Fama und 
Confession der Fraternitet R.C. ausgebotten, &c. 8vo, 
Gedrucht zu Dantzig bei A. Htinefeldt, 1615 

Collation 68 pp. 
A Second Edition .was published In 1616, greatly enlarged to- (xxii) 
T 14 pp., and more carefully printed ; for a fuller accocnt of this work than 
I can find space for here see A. E. Waite's " Real History of the Rosi- 
crucians." London, 1887, page 254, et seq. 

514 Starke Erwiese aus den eigenen Schriften des 
hoch ordens Gold und R.K. fiir die wahrheit, das seine in 
Gott ruhende Vater von ewiger That und Wirksamkeit 
sind. . . . Rom. 5555. Zweiter 71?V^/ Von obrist briider- 
licherWahl. . . . ordens vom gtldnen R.C. nach der 
letzten Haupt und Reform Convention errichtet. . . 
Cum Concordia Fratrum erlassen im Jahre des Herrn, 
1777. (Leipzig Goschen). 8vo. Wien, Regensburg, 

Collation 148 pp. 

515 Staurophorus (Rhodophilius) Raptus Philoso- 
phicus das ist Philosophische offenbarungen ganz simpel 
und Einfaltig gestellet und an die Hoch und beriihmte 
Frat. R.C. unterthanig geschrieben. 8vo. N.P. 1619 

Collation 15 pp. 
This work is mostly printed in Black Letter and the Author signs himself 
r . R. , R. C 

516 Stellatus (Joseph) Pegasus firmamenti sive 
intro brevis in veram sapientiam, quae olim ab iEgyptiis 
et Persis magia ; hodie vero a venerabili frat. R.C. pan- 
sophia recte vocatur. in piae ac studiosiae inventutis 
gratiam conscripta a J. S. secretions philos alumno. 8vo. 

517 Stellis (Dr. G. Amandum de) von Stern 
Geistlicher Discurs und Betrachtung was fiir eine Gott- 
feligkeit und Art der Liebe erfordert wird das ist Wie 
dieselbe eigentlich beschaffen seyn will, wenn man die 
in aller Welt verachte. . . . Frat. der rechten R.c. Briider auf 
besteste Theil zuerreichen begehret. . . . 4to. Oppen- 
heim. H. Galler, 1618 

Collation 40 pp. 
Another Edition appeared ut Regensburg, 1681. 

Bibliotheca Rosicruciana. 7 1 

518 Stender (Gott F.) Wahrheit der Religion wider 
deii Unglauben der Freigeister und Naturalisten. 8vo. 
Leipzig, Hilscher, 1782 (also Mitau, 1772 ?) Wurde 
von den R.K. zur Vorbereitung empfohlen. Albrecht, 
Geschichte eines R.K:. 

Collation 135 pp. 

519 Stephen (Leslie) Dictionary of National Bio- 
graphy. 8vo London, 1889 

Article Fludd (Dr. Robert) page 348, and others, 

520 Theatrum Chemicum^ praecipuos selectorum 
auctorum Tractatus de Chemiae et Lapidis Philosophici 
Antiquitate, veritate . . . et operatonibus continens. . . . 
6 vols. 8vo. H. E. Zetzneri, Argentorati. 1 659-61 

Collation— Vol I, 749 (xxx) pp ; II, 549 (yii) ; III, 859(xiii); IV (viii) ; 
I0i4(xxxiii) ; V (viii), 912 (xxix) ; VI (xviii) 772 (xxv;. 

The First Edition was issued in 1613-22 by the same publisher, but it only 
consists of five vols, and is inferior to this present one : this is an impor- 
tant collection ot 209 Treatises on Alchemy, by the principal authors, and 
a detailed account will be found in " Du Fresnoy*s " Catalogue. 

521 Theoretischen BrUder (Die) Oder zweite Stuffe 
der Rosenkreuzer und ihrer Instruction das erste- 
mahl aus Licht herausgegeben von einem Profanen nebst 

. . einem Anhang aus dem dritten und fiinften Grad, als 
Probe (Regensburg Montag und Weiss). 8vo. Athen, 
1785. 2 Folding Plates and Mystical Vignette Title. 
(Another Edition, 1789) 

Collation (ii.) 278 pp. 
On the half Title there is a note that "The First, or Junior Grade has 
already appeared in the work, * Der Rosenkreuzer in seiner Bl6sse* " 
Vide No. 132 ; it would thus appear that this is the second work 
published by a Renegade Frater, It certainly appears to be genuine, and 
according to Kloss the Editor is Count von Ldhrbach, at Munich. 

522 Theosophi eximii Epistola ad Anastasium Phila- 
retum Gosmopolitam. 4to, Francofurti, 1619 

522* [Tong (Ebenezer)] The Northern Star ; The 
British Monarchy, or the Northern, the fourth Universal 
Monarchy ; Charles II and his successors, the Founders 
of the Northern, last, fourth, and most happy Monarchy. 
Being a collection of many choice Ancient and Modern 
Prophecies, &c. Folio. London, 1680 

Collation (vii) 54 pp. 
A work containing a number of various Prophecies purporting to show that 
they designated the Monarchy of Great Britain as being the ruling one in 
the North. Reference to the R.C. Confession is made in Chap. IV., but it 
is of little consequence. 

523 Tractat von den ersten Elementen in einem 
geheimen Unterricht eines Adepten an seinen Sohn, 
Aus einem Franz MSS. dem beigefuLit ist : Der unter- 

72 Bibliotheca Rosicruciana. 

richt fur den Adeptengrad. Herausg von einem Verehrer 
der edlen Schmelz und Maurerkunst. 8vo. Leipzig^ 
Hilscher, 1784 

524 Tractatus Chymicus antiq et vere aureus in quo 
spectare licet Fundamenta Chymiae, etc., cum curiosis 
quatuor Epistolis cujusdam adepti, &c. Agustae Vind, 
D. R. Matz. 8vo. 172 1 

Collation (viii) 52 pp. 

525 Treuherziges Schreiben eines Layen-Bruders im 
Reich an den Magum in Norden oder doch in Europa. 
N.P. or A. 8vo. 1762 

Collation 28 pp. 

526 Treuldw (Just) Academia Universalis Phila- 
delphica seu Collegium Samarit oder Zusamm etlicher in 
Gottlichen natiirlichen Wissenschaften getibter Personen 
in ein Collegium und Societat, &c. . . . (Frankfurt, J. M. 
Gotz). 8vo. 1669 

Collation, 40 pp. 

527 Trismosin (Salomon) La Toyson d'or ou la fleur 
des thresors en laquelle est traict^ de la Pierre des Philo- 
sophes, de son excellence, effects et vertu admirable . . . 
enrichies de figures et des propres Couleurs . . . 8vo. 
Paris, 161 2, chez C. Sevestre 

Collation (16) 219 pp. 

I have inserted this volume on account of its beautiful plates, which are very 
similar to many others contained in other works on the Rosicrucians ; it is 
translated from the German, and this Adept was the one who furnished 
Paracelsus with the " Philosopher's Stone." 

528 Trithemius (Joan) De Septem Secundeis, id est, 
intelligentiis, sive Spiritibus morentibus orbes libellus 
sane preciosissim, &c. 4to. Nurnberge, J. Hafelbergs, 


Collation 19 pp. 

Another Edition, Francofurli, 4to, 1545 (30 pp.) Also Colonise, 8vo, 1567 
(175 pp.) 

529 Trommsdorff Taschenbuch fiir Aerzte, Chemi- 
scher, und Pharm, auf das Jahr, 1803. i2mo. Erfurt, 

Contains an article called '* Kurzgefatzte Geschichte der R.C." 

530 TschirnessuS (Valent) Schnelle Botschafft an die 
Philosophische Frat. vom R.C. durch V.T. Gorlicerum Germ 
Phil. et. Med. Licent. 8vo. Gorlitz, J. Rhambaw, 1616 

Collation 15 pp. 
This was published with No. 48 A.D. 1617 at Dantzig. 

Bibliotheca Rosicruciana. "j^^ 

531 Tubicinium convivale et hermeticum, sive Epis- 
tola III buccinatoria, qua Duumviri hermetici foederati 
curiosos onines ad sui foederis societatem invitant. 4to. 
Gedani, B. L. Tancken, 1642 

532 Tumulus Hermetis Apertus (Hermes Tomb Dis- 
played;. i2mo. Norimbergae, 1676 

TzSChoppe (J. M.) vide Heinrich (J. M.). 

533 UnterSUChung des vermeintlichen Manifesto der 
sich so nennenden unbekannten Obern eines gewissen 
Ordens an die Mitglieder der geheimen Grade und 
Systeme dieses Ordens. 8vo. 1794. 

Written in French and German. 

534 Ueber Jesuiten, Freymaurer und deutsche Rosen- 
creuzer. 8vo. J. A. Maier, Leipzig, 1781 

Collation 128 pp. 

535 Urbigerus (Baron) ApkoHsmi Urbtgerani, or 
certain rules clearly demonstrating the three Infallible 
ways of Preparing the Grand Elixir, or Ctrculuni Majus^ 
of the Philosophers discovering the Secret of Secrets . . . 
8vo. London, for Hy. Faithorne at the Rose in St. 
Paul's Churchyard, 1690 

Collation (x) 86 pp. 
This work contains a finely engraved symbolical plate, and is one that is 
highly spoken of by those conversant in these matters, so that I have 
decided to include it in my list. Another Edition was published at 
Hamburg, in 1705, in Gennan. 

536 Utilissima Admonitio de f.r.c. nempe an sint, 
quales sint } etc. 8vo. Francofurti, 161 8 

537 V.D.B.S. D.d.M.A.— Crux absq Cruce das 1st 

Wolvermeynte Defension deren inter Mundi calumnias 

bliihenden Teutschen Gesellschaft ad S. Sanctum genannt 

vom RosencreuM: Auctore Vito del capo de la bona 

speranza. 8vo. N. P. 161 8 

Collation 15 pp. 

538 Valentia (F. de) Jesus Nobis Omnia! Rosa 
Florescens, contra F. G. Menapii (J. V. Alberti) calumnias 
Das ist Kurtzer Berichtand Wider antwort auff die sub 
dato 3 Junii, 1617, ex agro Norico in Latein und dann 
folgends den 17 JuHi obgedachten Jahres Teutsch pub- 
licirte unbedachte calumnias F. G. Menapii, wider die 
R.C. Societet. 8vo. N.P. 161 7 

Collation 44 pp. 
Another Edition appeared in 16 18, 46 pp. See also Articles "Sendschreiben," 
and "Th, Schweighard." Arnold suggests that J. V. Andreas was the 
author, under the nom de plume (F. de V.), and if so he also possibly wrote 
under the two other pseudonyms. Murr contends that J. V. Alberti used 
this also as his pseudonym. 

74 Bibliotheca Rosicruciana. 

539 Vaughan (R. A.) Hours with the Mystics : A 
Contribution to the History of Religious Opinion. 2 vols, 
8vo. London, 1856. (Another Edition i860, and several 
subsequent ones) 

Contains a chatty article on the order, amongst a quantity of other 
Mystical Groups of all ages : it is written in the fomi of a dialogue 
which does not commend itself to n any readers. 



540 ABrief Natural History, intermixed with a variety 
of philosophical discourses ; and observations of the burn- 
ings of Mount iEtna, with refutations of such vulgar 
errours as our modern authors have omitted, by Eugenius 
Philalethes. 32mo. London, printed for Matthew Smelt, 
next door to the Castle, near Moor Gate, 1669 

Collation (xiv) 120 (i) pp. 

54 1 Anima Magica AbSCOndita : or, a Discourse of 
the universall Spirit of Nature, with his strange, obstruse, 
miraculous ascent and descent, by Eugenius Philalethes, 
32mo. London, printed by T. W. for H.B., 1650 

Collation (xiv.) 56 pp. : — i leaf by H. B. 

542 Anthroposophia Theomagica: or, A Discourse 

of the Nature of Man and his state after death ; grounded 
on his Creator's Proto-Chimistry, and verified by a prac- 
tical examination of principles in the Great World, by 
Eugetiius Philalethes, 32mo. London, printed by T. W. 
for H. Blunden, at the Castle in Corn-hill, 1650.. (Fine 
Portrait of Cornelius Agrippa, page 52) 

Collation (xvi) 70 pp. 

543 Observations upon Anthroposophia Theomagica 
and Anima Magica Abscondita, by Alazonomastix Phila- 
lethes. Printed at Parrhesia, but are to be sold by O. 
PuUen, at the Rose in Paul's Churchyard. 8vo. 1650 

Collation (x) 94 pp. 
Henry More (The Platonist) wrote under the name of Alazonomastix 
Philalethes \ Vaughan could hardly expect his publications to pass 
unnoticed, and he aroused the ire of this Cambridge Scholar. Later on 
however he retaliated in the work called, ** The Man Mouse, etc.," which 
in its turn called forth More*s reply, " The Second La*»h, etc." ; but our 
worthy Adept was not to be outwitted, and wishing to have the last word, 
issued another counterblast in his work, *' The Second Wash, or the 
Moore scoured once more^ etc. " which ended the matter. 

544 The Man Mouse taken in a trap and tortured to 
death for gnawing the margins of Eugenius Philalethes, 
32mo. Printed in London and sold at the Castle in 
Corn-hill, 1650 

Collation (ii) 116 pp. 

Bibliotheca Rosicruciana. 75 

545 The Second Lash of Alazonomastix, containing 
a Solid and Serious Reply to a very uncivill Answer to 
certain Observations upon Anihroposophia Theomagica 
and Anima Magica Abscondita, 32010. Printed by the 
Printers to the University of Cambridge, 1651 

Collation 208 (v) pp. and Index. 

546 The Second Wash : or, the Moore, (i.e., Henry 
More), scour'd once more, being a Charitable Cure for the 
Distractions of Alazonomastix, by Eugenius Philalethes, 
32mo. London, printed by T.W., and are to be sold at 
the Castle in Cornhill, 1651 

Collation (xviii) 188, and Page of Errors. 

547 Aula LuciSy or the House of Light, a Discourse 
written in the year 1651 by S.N., a modern Speculator. 
i2mo. London, sold by Wm. Leake at the signe of the 
Crowne in Fleet Street, between the Two Temple Gates, 

Collation (x) 39 (xii) pp. 
This is a work treating of Alchemy. 

548 Aula Lucis oder das Hauss dess Liechts durch 
S.N. einen der Kunst zu dieser Zeit Beflissenen in Eng- 
lischer Sprache beschrieben . . . durch J.L.M.C. 8vo. 
Franckfurt, 1690 

Collation 38 pp. 
A German edition of the foregoing. 

549 Euphrates, or the Waters of the East ; being a 
Short Discourse of that Secret Fountain, whose Water 
flows from Fire ; and carries in it the Beams of the Sun 
and Moon, by Eugenius Philalethts, 32mo. London, 
printed for Humphrey Moseley at the Prince's Arms in 
St. Paul's Church-yard, 1655. (Fine Mystical figure 
from R. Lullie, on page 31) 

Collation (xvi) 124 pp. 

550 Lumen de Lumine : or, A New Magicall Light 
discovered and communicated to the World, by Eugefiius 
Philalethes. 321110. London, printed for H. Blunden at 
the Castle in Corne Hil, 1651 

Collation (xviii) loi pp. 

551 Magia Adamica: or the Antiquitie of Magic; 
and the descent thereof from Adam downwards, proved : 
whereunto is added a perfect and full discoverie of the 
Coelum Terrce, or the Magicians Heavenly Chaos, and 
first matter of all things, by Eugenius Philalethes, 32mo. 
London, Printed by T. W., for H. Blunden, at the 
Castle in Corn-hill, 1650 

Collation (xxxii) 140 pp. 

76 Bibliotheca Rosicruciana. 

552 The Fame and Confession of the Fraternity 

of R.C. commonly, of the Rosie Cross : with a Preface 
annexed thereto, and a short Declaration of theirPhj sicall 
Work, by Eugenius Philalcihes, 3?mo. London, Printed 
by J. M., for Giles Calvert, at the Black Spread Eagle, 
at the West end of Paul's, 1652 

Collation (Ixviii) 64 pp. 

553 Velde (J. van de) Alleen sprache tot Godt van 
de Brcederen des Rosen Cruyces, by J. Van de Vclde 

Printed in AtnolcCs Work, Part IV., p 899. 

554 VerSB Sapientiae Filiis, Fratribus r.c. salutem 
aternam in Deo. . . . Signabam in Museo meo secreto. 
Oblong folio of one leaf. 17 Sep., 161 5. H.R. 

555 VersammlungS. — Rede der R.c. des alten 
Systems. 8vo. Wienn, Ghelen, 1781 

According to Lenning " W6llner " is the Author. 

556 [Villars (Abbe de)] Le Comte de Gabalis, ou 
entretiens sur les Sciences Secretes. 8vo. Paris, Claude 
Barbin, au Palais sur le Perron de la Ste., Chapelle, 1670 

Collation (iv) 327 pp. 
The First Edition of this work, which treats of the Rosicrucian ideas 
of Elemental Spirits, " Gnomes," " Undines," &c. The chief figure in it 
is said to be taken from G, F, Borri, who is the imaginary Count de 
Gabalis ; although written in a satirical vein yet it contains profound 
truths ; possibly ihe author found it necessary in those days to disseminate 
knowledge in this fashion. It is also stated thai Pope in his work, *' The 
Rape of the Lock" obtained his ideas of the lilementaries and the 
general outline from this work. 

557 ,, The Count de Gabalis, or the Extra- 
vagant Mysteries of the Cabalists exposed, in five 
pleasant discourses on the Secret Sciences. Done into 
English by P A. Gent, with short Animadversions. 1 2mo. 
London, Printed for B. M., Printer to the Cabalistical 
Society of the SageSy at the Sign of the Rosy-Crucian^ 1680 

Collation (viii) 183(12) pp. 

558 ,, The Count de Gabalis, a diverting 
history of Rosicrucian Doctrine of Spirits, viz. : Sylphs. 
Salamanders, Gnomes and Daemons, shewing their 
various influence upon human bodies. 8vo. London, 1714 

559 ,, Le Comte de Gabalis, ou entretiens 
sur les Sciences Secretes, renouvell^ et augument^ 
d'une Lettre sur ce sujet. i2mo. Cologne, chez Pierre 
Marteau, N.D. (circa, 1690) 

Collation (ii) 161 pp. 

560 „ Nouveaux Entretiens sur les Sciences 
Secretes, ou le Comte de Gabalis^ nouvelle edition aug- 

Bibliotheca Rosicruciana. j"] 

ment^e d'une Lettre sur ce sujet. i2mo, a Cologne, 
chez Paul de la Tenaille, 1693 

Collation 155 pp. 

561 ,, Comte de Gabalis, ou entretiens sur les 
Sciences Secretes, renouvell^ et augniente d'une Lettre 
sur ce sujet. 8vo. Amsterdam, chez Pierre le Coup, 1775 

Collation 155 pp. 

562 ,, La Suite du Comte de Gabalis, ou 
nouveaux Entretiens, etc. Amsterdam, 1715 

Collation (ii) 152 pp. 
A Burlesque on the original work, and presumably only written to enable it 
to be sold on the reputation enjoyed by the re-issue of the original one. 
Another edition of this Burlesque was published at Amsterdam by P. 
Mortier, but contains no date (circa 1780). Collation (ii) 150 pp. 

563 ,, Les Genies Assistans et Gnomes irrecon- 
ciliables ou Suite au Comte de Gabalis. A la Haye, 17 18 

Collation (ii) 176 pp. 
Another work of no Occult merit, and which appears to me to have been pub- 
lished to profit by the success of the original. 

564 ,, Le Comte de Gabalis . . . Nouvelle 
Edition par L'Abbe de Villars. A Londres chez lesFreres 
Vaillant, 1742, in 3 Parts 

This contains the " Nouveaux Entretiens ** and Les Genies Assistans in one Vol. 

Collation— Part I, (ii) 193 ; II, (ii) 212 ; III, (iv) 236 

Several other Editions have appeared of this work in many languages. 

Virkholz (Adam) pseud Ada. Mah. Booz. Vide 
Article No. 273, " Ketmia Vere " 

■ • 

565 Vulpius (C. A.) Curiositaten. — Uber Rosen- 
kreuzer und Rosenkreuzerei in Deutschland. 1821 

The articles referred to are to be found in Vol IX, Part 3, pp. 247-250, and 
Part 4, pp. 353-369, with two fine plates. 

566 Wadzeck (F.) Leben und Schicksale des beruch- 
tigten Franz Rudolph von Grossing, eigentlich Franz M. 
Grossinger genannt, nebst der Geschichte und Bekannt- 
machung der Geheimnisse des Rosm-Ordens . . . 8vo 
Frankfurt und Leipzig, 1789 

Collation (xvi) 271 pp. 

567 Wahrhaftige Historie, so sich zu Wezlar mit 
einem Bruder des o. der R.C. zugetragen. 8vo. 1815 

568 Waite (A. E.) The Real History of the Rosi- 
crucians, founded on their own manifestoes and on facts 
and documents collected from the writings of Initiated 
Brethren. Illustrated. 8vo. London, 1887 

This work contains a translation of the " Universal Reformation'^ ; also the 
" Ckymical Wedding" and a general survey of the whole movement. I 
cannot, however, do better than quote an extract concerning it from the 
privately printed Transactions of the Metropolitan College of Soc, Ros. in 
Anglia for 1891-92, page 10, viz. : — " He compiled this work and wrote 
his comments on Kosicrucianism when entirely an outsider to the Hermetic 

78 Bibliotheca Rosicruciana. 

Orders, but since that date he hns made the amende honorable to this Society 
and has entered into the studies by a recognised portal, and hns expressed 
himself well fatisfied to have done so." 

I will now further quote, in Mr. A. K. Waite's own words, from a magazine 
he edited, ** The Unknown World," Vol. I, No. T, 1894, page 29, viz. : — 
" Much has come to light in these matters since the year 1887, and the 
work as it stands is in need of a thorough revision." 

It would be superfluous for me to add anything further. 

569 Waite (A. E.) The Doctrine and Literature of 
the Kabalah. 8vo. London, 1902 

In contains a chapter on the Rosicrucians. 

570 Wasserstein der Weysen das ist ein Chymisch 
Tractatlein darin der weg gezeigt die Materia genennet 
und der Process beschrieben wird, zu dcm hohen geheim- 
niss der UniversalTinctur zukomnien von diesem nienialen 
gesehen . . . Nemlich. i, Johan von Mesung ; 2, Via 
veritatis der einigen warheit. Zuni vorschuh in offenen 
truck gefertiget. Francofurti, L. Jennis, IC19 

Collation 272 pp. 

571 Webster (John) The Displaying of supposed 
Witchcraft. Folio. London, 1677 

The Author speaks of R. Fludd in a highly complimentary manner and 
alludes to Mersenne and others as ** Snarling Animals," p. 9 

572 [Wehe (Zimpertus)] Miracula Naturae das ist 
sieben uberaus treffliche sonderbare und bisher unerliorte 
Arcanen . . . Neulich von der Hocherl Briiderschafft des 
R.C. . . . verdunkelt, an Tag geben ; durch Hisaiam sub 
Cruce Ath. 8vo. Strasburg. P. Ledertz, 1619 

This work was written against No. 9, Agtiosius, being especially directed 
against J. Faulhaber. I expect Wehe was associated with the Jesuits, as 
Agnostus cut up the work issued by them (vide No. 103, Christophorus, and 
Agnostus's reply) ; hence their furious onslaught in the present work. 

573 [Wehe (Z.)] VIII Miraculum Artis das istGrund- 
liche volkommcne und endliche offenbarung vieler 
Geheimnussen . . . Der niehrer Theil zu rechter Erkla- 
rung des letzten Tract Irencei Ag. " Tintin Soph^ Durch 
Hisaim sub Cruce Ath. 8vo. (18 August) Strasburg, 1619 

Collation 76 pp. 
A reply to Agnostus's work, No. 13, " Tintin Soph" 

574 Weiss (John A.) The Obelisk and Freemasonry 
according to the discoveries of Bclzoni and Commander 
Gorringe, also Egyptian Symbols compared with those 
discovered in American Mounds. Svo. New York, 1880 

On pages icx), loi and 109, a referen e is made to the order with a statement 
that it has been traced back to Ormus A.D. 46, without, however, giving 
any authority. 

575 Weitlauftige Entdeckung des Collegii und Axio- 
matum von der Societat C.R. zum Spott denen unver- 
stiindiger Zoilis. 4to. Frankfurt, 1618 

Bibliotheca Rosicruciana. 79 

576 Welling(Georgius von) Opus Majo-Cabbalisticum 
et Theosophicum darinnen der Ursprung, Natur, Eigen- 
schafften und Gebrauch des Saltzes Schivefels^ und 
Mercurii, . . . Andere Auflage. 4to. Franckfurt und 
Leipzig, 1735. (Another Edition, 1760. Same collation) 

Collation (viii) 582 (xxi) pp. 
This learned work contains 15 fine Cabbalistic Plates, some of which Hargrave 
Jennings has reproduced in his work on the Rosicrucians, without any 
acknowledgement of their authorship. 


^^^ AeSCh Mezareph, or Purifying Fire, a chymico- 
kabalistic Treatise from the Kabala Denudata of Knorr 
von Rosenroth^ translated by a Lover of Philalethes, 
1 7 14: Notes, &c., by " Sapere Ande," Edited by 
W.W.W. 8vo. London, 1894 

578 Arcanum Hermeticse Philos Opus . . . Opus 
Authoris Anonymi, Penes Nos Unda Tagi, 1623. 8vo. 
London, 1893 

This is an excellent English Translation of this old Rosicrucian work by 
Jean d Espagnet^ wha also wrote the " Enchiridion Physicse." The notes 
are by ** Sapere Ande " and the work is edited by w.w.w. This is Vol. i 
of his " Collectanea Hermeticay 

579 Chaldsean Oracles of Zoroaster. Edited and 
revised by Sapere Ande, with an Introduction by 
L(evavi) O^culos), edited by W.W.W. 8vo. London, 1895 

** It has been believed by many, and not without good reason, that these terse 
and enigmatic utterances enshrine a profound sys!em of mystical philosophy, 
but that this system demands for its full discernment a refinement of faculty, 
involving as it does a discrete perception of immaterial essences" (Introduc- 
tion by L.O.). 

This is a charming work. The notes are by an advanced student and exhibit 
a rare view of spiritually refined ideas. Would that we had a few more 
such to leaven our present materiality. 

580 Egyptian Magic, by S.S.D.D. Edited by w.w.w. 
8vo. London, 1896 

This work is one of the ColU Hermet. Series, edited by w.w.w., and could 
have been better dispensed with It consists of little more than selections 
from the Sixty-fourth chapter of the Book of the Dead, the Han is Magical 
Papyrus, Petrie's Egyptian Tales, and the Gnostic Bruce Papyrus. Accord- 
in-j to G, Ji, S, Mead*s able review of this work in Lucifer, Jan., 1897, 
**The faulty transcript of Woide has been followed, instead of the critical 

text of Schmidt y in Amelinean's text of the Bruce Papyrus " ; and a doubt 
is cast as to the originals being in Greek, which point g.r.s.m. says has 
been definitely settled ; also that there is an absence of Notes or Explana- 
tions in the book, which is of a suggestive rather than critical nature. 

58 1 Euphrates, or the Waters of the East, by Eugenius 
Philalethes, 1655. A Reprint of this old work, edited by 
W.W.W. 8vo. London. 1896 

582 Flammel (Nicholas) His Exposition of the Hiero- 
glyphical Figures . . . upon an Arch in St. Innocents in 

8o Bibliotheca Rosicruciana. 

Paris, concerning both the theory and practise of the 
Philosopher's Stone. Translated from the PVench and a 
Preface by W.W.W. A Reprint of the Edition of 1624. 
Bath 4to. 1 889 

583 Hermes, The Divine Pymander of. With a 
Preface by the Editor, W.W.W. 8vo. London. 1894 

'I'his contains the English translation of Dr. Everard, published A.D. 1650, of 
Seventeen Tracts attributed to this Philosopher. 

584 History of the Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia, 
by the M.W. Supreme Magus, Dr. W.W.W., P.M., P.Z. 
30°. 8vo. London. Privately Printed, Dec. 30th, 19CX) 

This important work contains the History of the English Temple, which was 
founded in 1866 by Frater R. W. Little, an Eminent Freemason, essentially 
well qualified to undertake such a task. He was assisted in his efforts by 
Fratres Hughan, Woodman, O'Neal Haye, Irwin and others, who in their 
turn have been succeeded by literary men of high standing, notably Fratres 
Hockley, Woodforde, Benjamin Cox, Kenneth Mackenzie, Jas. Lewis 
Thomas, Theo. B. Whytehead (York), and Dr. Wynn Westcott. 

585 Magical Ritual of the Sanctum Regnum, inter- 
terpreted by the Tarot Trumps. Translated from the 
MSS. of Eh'phaz Levi and edited by W.W.W. Coloured 
Plates. 8vo. London, 1896 

586 Numbers : Their Occult Power and Mystic 
Virtue, &c. Folio. London, 1890. (A second and 
enlarged Edition, Svo, London, 1902) 

587 Rosicrucians (The) : Their History and Aims, 
with reference to the alleged connection between Rosi- 
crucianism and Freemasonry 

This is a mosc important paper read by the Author before the Masonic 
Lodge, No. 2076, London, 2nd March, 1894, and contained in their 
Transactions, Vol VII. (vide Art. Ars Quaium Coronati), 

588 Rosicrucian Thoughts on the Ever-Burning 
Lamps of the Ancients (reprinted from The Freemason). 
Svo. London, 1885 

Contains some very acute suggestions on this interesting subject. 

589 Sepher Yetzirah. — The Book of Formation and 
the Thirty- two Paths of Wisdom, translated from the 
Hebrew by W.W.W. 4to. Bath 1887. (Edition limited 
to ICO copies.) A second and enlarged edition, Svo, 
London, 1893 

590 Short Enquiry (A) concerning the Hermetic Art, 
by a lover of Philalethes. Svo. London, 17 14. Reprinted 
189s, and edited by W.W.W., with a Preface by Non Omnis 

The Ancient Mysteries have ever rivetted the attention of the woild's most 
earnest thinkers, and this Book is a valuable contribution along that line of 
thought. As the author justly points out, " The Hermetic Doctrine 
explains the identification of the Spiritual and Immortal Being with tlie 

Bibliotheca Rosicruciana. 8 1 

Impermanent and Fleeting Nature, which is overcome by purification, 
undergone in the ceremonies of the Initiation." This is one of the best 
works of Dr. Westcott's series. 

591 Somnium Scipionis. — Translated into English, 
with an Essay, " The Vision of Scipio considered as a 
fragment of the Mysteries/' by L(evavi) O(culos), &c. 
8vo. London, 1894. Edited by W.W.W. 

592 Tabula Bembina sive Mensa Istaca. The Isiac 
Tablet of Cardinal Bembo, its History and Occult Signi- 
ficance. Oblong Folio. Bath, R. H. Fryar, 1887 

A learned disquisition on this most Ancient work ; with a fine plate of the 
Tablet. [See Article No. 253, Pignorius (Z.)]. 

593 Theosophical Siftings. Vol VI. 4to. London, 
'^93-4 ... 

No 15 of this Series contains an Article on ** Christian Rosenkreuz and the 

594 [Wezel] Kakerlak oder Geschichte eines Rosen- 
kreuzers aus dem vorigen Jahrhundert. 8vo. Leipzig, 
1784. (Another Edition in Latin, 1784) 

Collation 170 pp. 

595 Wigston (W. F. C.) Bacon, Shakespeare, and 
the Rosicrucians. With two plates. Svo, cloth. London, 

Amongst other things this author endeavours to shew that Bacon was the 
founder or head of some secret society as prefigured by his "New 
Atalantis ; " that the Rosicrucian manifestoes, fame, and rise correspond 
with Bacon's life and death ; that John Heydon identifies Bacon's ** New 
Atalantis " with the land of the Rosicrucians, and many other details of a 
similar character, some of which are unworthy of attention. 

596 Wohlgemeyntes. — Antwort-Schrieben an die 
Frat. vom R.c. Svo. Frankfurt, 1619 

597 Wohlgemeyntes Ausschreiben, an die Hochw 
Frat. des R.C. zweyer ungennanten Biederleuth. 4to. 
Oppenheim, H. Balthenius, 1617. (Another Edition 
appeared at Regensburg, 1781) 

Collation 115 pp. 

598 [Wollner (J. Chro. von)] Die Pflichten der g. und 
R.c. alten Systems in Juniorats-Versammlungen abge- 
handelt von Chrysophiron, nebst einigen beigefugten 
Reden Anderer Briider (Berlin). Svo. 1782 

Collation (xl) 232 pp. 
Another edition appeared in 1792, Svo. Munich (Altona, Hammerich), 
without the author's permission, edited by F. Munter, with his remarks 

599 Woodford (The Rev. A. F. A.) Kenning's 
Masonic Cyclopaedia and Handbook of Masonic Archae- 
ology, History, and Biography. Svo. London, 1878 

This contains several references and an article on the Order. It was originally 

82 Bibliotheca Rosicruciana. 

intended to issue this work in 1874, but when Mackey brought out his 
larger and fuller work in that year, it was decided to discard its publication 
However, in 1878, the Editor plucked up heart enough to issue it at 
one-fourth the price of the larger work, and I believe the result has 
justified his enterprise. 

600 Wormius (O.) Philos seu Laurea philos summa 
in Hafniensi Acad. XV philos candidatis tributa; Adjecta 
est ejusd Oratio de Frat. R.C. philos refor conatu. 4to, 
Hafniae, Waldkirch, 1 6 19 

601 [Wiirtemberg (Eugen Prinz von)] Freimaurer- 
ische Versammlungsreden, herausg von einem innigen 
Verehrer der Wahrheit und aufrichtigen Erforscher 
derselben und mitverwandten der achten Maurerei. 
2 Parts (Breslau Lowe). Frankfurt und Leipzig, 1784, 
1785, and with a fresh Title, 1 794 

Collation Part I (xx) 116 pp. 
„ Part II (xvi) 158 pp. 

602 Yarker, Junr. (John) Notes on the Scientific 
and Religious Mysteries of Antiquity, the Gnosis, and 
Secret Schools of the Middle Ages; ModerPi Rosi- 
crucianism, etc. 8vo. London, 1872 

The author says in his preface that it is not " a complete work upon the 
subject/' but a pioneer for a larger one, which up to the present time has 
not yet appeared. 

603 Zufalllge naturgematze Gedanken von der 
Gewissheit der edien Chy. und Alchymie, und was von 
dem jetzigen R.C. Orden zu glauben sei. 8vo. Wolfen- 
bilttel, Meissner, 1762 

604 Zwei Sendschreiben an die glorwUrdige Briider- 
schaft des R.C. 8vo. Frankfurt, 1616. (Another Edition,